The Nuer Pogrom In Juba Genocide!


Yien Lam,


A tank rolling on the street of Juba in December after the president declared a curfew following what the government believed was a military coup(photo: file)

A tank rolling on the street of Juba in December after the president declared a curfew following what the government believed was a military coup(photo: file)

Jan 5, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — As an individual who know the meaning of the word genocide as it was coined by Raphael Lemkin’s in 1933 and finalized in 1943 in his book title “Axis Rule” where the genos (for Greek meaning Tribe, family, or race) and cide (Latin for killing). This word is define “as violence crime committed against groups with the intent to destroy the existence of the group or systematic extermination of cultural group”

In this particular case, yes, Nuers killings in Juba was absolutely a genocide that the world is hesitance to publicize as the tribe appear in its definition. As the definition delineated, is this not a genocide in your view? To me, it is absolutely a genocide. It is so because it has two explicit elements of any genocide that had been witnessed everywhere in the world. Namely, intention to destroy Nuers as the ethnic group or tribe in the country as well as action taken to kill them. What else does the world want to know other than this?

Believe it for certain, Kiir and his sycophants had planned this for many years to eliminate Nuers in the face of the world. Fortunately, God forbid it,and will never be the case as the regime moronically thought to be. Nuers are created by God as anybody else. Therefore, they cannot be eliminated by anyone due to his/her power. Power of the ones who created them is above human power. I worried less for Nuers extirpation as the tribal leader has tried to do so. This will never be the case ever.  This was tried by Hitler to Jews and Turkish government to Armenian. But did not result in their extinctions and will not be the case for Nuers either.

Back to the topic, the regime began this by talking out 1991 on the media. But most political moron who were in fact, Nuers by nature did not see it as the threat of extermination rather than DR.Riek Machar’s political issue. The orchestration of the Nuers killings, originated from what so “call 39 laws”. If anyone knows that read it again and you will know exactly what it says about the elimination for Nuers and what happened to the targeting individuals within the Nuers as it clearly delineated in the articles?read it yourself!

This later followed by heartfelt demotion or retirement of the most loyal Nuers officers in the Army. For instance, Gatduel gatluak known as Gatduel nyakuay was the senior officer who fought fearlessly with Khartoum in higlig.When the supposed promotion came, Gatduel was retired and his deputy was promoted to the rank of Lt.General.This is just an example. There are countless others as most of you may have known. As the matter of fact, what in the world is this if you inquisitively see without booze in your eyes? Do you think the dedicated officer be relegated while he has accomplished the very work that his boss wanted him to do? Be the judge if you are not blindfolded by kiir’s blood money in your view if you have any! To me, I would promote the one who did his job without prejudice if I were Kiir.Unfortunately that was not the case because he had obliterated plan in mind to expunge Nuers in their ancestral land.

Nevertheless, when kiir knew that there was no reaction on whatever he did, he took out the power that he invested on his vice president. This was the step that he and his hoodlumism folks did to get rid of DR.Riek with his vulnerable Nuers. This was in fact, done with the advice of very Nuers who naively thought it will be good for them when DR.Riek exited from the leadership in which I think was the miscalculation on the part of those who think they were smarter then. This was successful done by the regime and it’s allied with in the Nuers people who were/ are  still blindfolded by their interests than the interest of the community they served.

Immediately after that, the very president of the country trained 15,000 private militias secretly from his own village to be his aid during the executional plan to kill innocents Nuers who have nothing to do with politics. These individuals were savage whose knowledge of the outside world is limited to Nuers. They were rustic dwellers who did not know anything about the civilization rather than being Dinka and carryingout the plan injected to their heads by supposed to be the president of them not the Country’s. These individuals were neither spoken an Arabic nor English. They were purely Dinka villagers whose job was to exterminate anyone with six marks in his foreheads or speaks the Nuers language. This is the only thing they knew at the time of Nuers massacre in Juba.Interestingly enough, if not planned in this tragic death of Nuers, why Some of the Dinkas who have six marks like Nuers were   executed by these savage militias for the first two days? believe it or not, This was  well organized. the only problem at the time was, the savage did not  know that there are Dinkas who shared such a marks with Nuers.

Moreover, On July 23/2013, the crowned emperor of Dinka unleashed his plan by sacking the entire government of south Sudan in which had never happened in the history of any country that is being considered as the democratically elected government. This was the beginning of the worse and the execution of the clandestine plan to annihilate the entire Nuers community in the face of the earth and only few knew that at the time. The bloodsuckers thought it was good for them. But not really! It may be good for them in short. But they will ultimately gnashed their teeth at the end of this mess.

In this situation, however, DR.Riek Machar did not react because he putted his attention to the election of 2015 in which was seen as irony to most in South Sudan.  It was so because most people in the country were thinking that how it would be possible for the elections to be held successful while it was not so in Yau Yau and George Athor cases? What would make 2015 any different with those? This was a very concern to many people in the country myself included. But DR.Riek had a self-confident to stick on his gun to wait 2015.

At the end, kiir and his sycophants unleashed their premeditated plan by using 1991 and the coup that did not materialize to this day in order to execute their heinous crimes against the Nuers. He ordered the curfew to leeway him to target killings the Nuers in juba on 16, 17, 18 of 2013 and so forth. This resulted in the killings of more than 20,000 Nuers civilians who had No crimes in this war rather than being Nuers. Nothing less or more. If that is a case as we all know, how are we going to have a genuine peace with the president who killed innocents Nuers in the first place,  and whose crimes were just being Nuers while he still in power?  What would make anyone believes that the beast will stop killings the Nuers this time around? If you are someone joking and trying to take advantage of Nuer’s blood, you are playing with fire. We don’t want peace that will kill more Nuers. We want peace with accountability and justice. Therefore, we will not allow anyone who wants to swallow as alive. We will defense ourselves as much as we could. Slaughtered as again as it was the case in Juba will not happen naively ever again. We will remain as vigilant as we could to defense ourselves from this regime. Anyone who is telling us to join the bogus government without listening to him/herself will not be taken seriously. Our lives matter to ourselves if not the IGAD. We deserve to live as other in the world. We would not allow any to bluff us to join the cobra with its venom hanging around.But we will however, accept organization who is willing to table accountability and justice instead of politics and interests in this matter.

Finally, the world needs to act collectively and gives this pogrom its proper name as genocide because kiir has intentions and actions to eliminate Nuers on  their ancestral land. If the world continues watching this case as it usually does, it will otherwise drag the whole east Africa into the fight.

The author is concerned south Sudanese as well as an independent thinker that can be reached at

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  1. January 5, 2015 at 9:34 pm

    Salva KIIR JOK must go.


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