South Sudan: Land of forgotten prophets

There is Ngundeng Bong, Dengdit of Bar El gazel, Abraham Chol, Dak Kueth and many others not mentioned but could Isaac Pal of Israel be amongst the long list?

By Elbow Chuol,


Ngundeng Bong's Pyramid at Wechdeng, Beih (Jonglei) state, South Sudan(Photo: extracted/Nyamilepedia)

Ngundeng Bong’s Pyramid at Wechdeng, Beih (Jonglei) state, South Sudan(Photo: extracted/Nyamilepedia)

Feb 11, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The history of mankind is full of men and women living amongst us but restrain some of the most widely rejected traits considered blasphemous. Every generation is blessed-cursed proceeding generation. And this practices not only silhouette the way people exist but help in developing multiculturalism as a part of humanity.

They are the minority amongst the dead and the living. Their lives are full of visions, missions and passions for what is planted inside them. They couldn’t share these mysterious secret traits with anyone else but themselves. They are called men and women of distinct characters. They are widely accepted as seers, saints, apostles. Indeed many categorized them into the name hated most throughout the centuries, the prophet. Their ability to foretell is amazing, the fulfillment of their prophecies too is disastrous both to their admirers furthermore critics. Whenever they come/came with this divine wisdom among the mankind, there are men who are standing by to brand them wacky.

This is how they entitle a man who allege appointed as a Prophet. Brother Isaac Pal Mun, the first ever living south Sudanese who fulfilled the prophecy of historic prophet Isaiah. According to the prophetic book of Isaiah, specifically chapters 18 from verse one to seven. This famous chapter is ever tested, experimented and the solution found, the cursed land in human history, children of Sudan, in particular the Nubians and black south Sudanese are found fitting into this theory.  I met Isaac Pal in the hospital while giving out some of the money sent to me by brother Panoum Khor Chagai, currently resideng in Australia, to give to freedom fighters in the hospital. This is where i catch up with the man. Panoum has been doing this for months now since the crisis started. Helping south Sudanese who needed help in the hospitals.

On July/9/2011 Prophet Isaac Pal Mun as broadly known lifted up the flag of south Sudanese in Mount Zion being witness by more than 3,000 south Sudanese along with countable of Israel Scribes fulfilling prophet Isaiah’s prophecy of people of Cush being advised to come to Holy Land to bring gifts to mount Zion. Many people believed this development. One just read about this famous verse but never takes time to find out when, who and how this prophecy will be fulfill.  Isaac Pal exactly made it on time frame to determine the fate of south Sudanese.

Who Is Isaac Pal Mun?

He is known as a mad man to many people. Prophet Isaac is soft spoken man when he is not on the mission. He hardly talks but mostly interesting in a discussion solely about God. Most of his listeners prefer asking him questions based on the stories they heard about him. When he spoke one begin to feel a deep certainty, actually a different force from nowhere engulfing his listeners.

Born in Yoy, Wanding a town closing to Nasir estimated a day and half footing. His passport accepted 1972 as the date of his birth. Something that would pleases current south Sudanese immigration officers. They don’t bother about your look to consider your ages. This practice is accepted all over the world. Many south Sudanese don’t know when they are born, anyway.

There he grew up knowing nothing about his fate in the near future. Now 43 years old, the man is afraid that he hasn’t preach enough good news to the captives in south Sudan. His message is very simply perhaps shocking. “Repents and God will have mercy on you”. Such a thing like repent is sarcastically to the ears of the listeners.

Love to wears a black T-shirt painted in a bold printed word; “Jesus Saves” one wonder what is going on with Prophet Isaac Pal whose words limited only to disasters be fallen the country. With Bible on his right hand and Israelite flag on the other side, his beard shaved now not extended forward than the last time you saw him. This suggests he got sense of admiration too. Everyone wanted to feel handsome for some unknown grounds restricted. So too, he is. He is a short man who loves to walks everywhere preaching the message of God. Whenever his sight approaches, people gather around him getting to hear mostly the most interested things about south Sudan crisis. He believed he saw everything about current crisis in south Sudan based on his prophecies. To prove this claim, evidences can to take us into conclusion.

Isaac Pal Mun is a normal man whose words never go unrewarded. He is from eastern Jikany Nuer growing up in south-eastern part of the Sudan now literally became Eastern Upper Nile in south Sudan. According to his acceptances, he is a poor man who never dreams of building wealth but his riches is builds upon the words of the living God, the God of Israel. This is according entirely to his ascertain. Other sources can confirm about his proposal.

Isaac Appointed As a Prophet?

The hitch with many prophets is that they only preach disaster befallen mankind. Last year south Sudan was blazed by the supposed man of God mostly known of being an apprentice of Prophet TV Joshua of Nigeria. Abraham Chol who decided to punished as well as prophesied against General Chief of Staff of SPLA to either give up fighting against him or risks his job or even his life. It wasn’t simple threat of prophetic power rather nobody took his words serious. Days later Gen. Malong Awan critically sick was rushed to Jordon seeking medical attention. The incident was widely received with fear and trust upon the man of God. Abraham Chol is known generally in south Sudan, Juba in particular of his vigorous outspoken language against the evil practice in country and his followers limited not only from his clan but across the country. His past prediction against Paul Malong Awan is an indication of attention and respect.

Just like Abraham Chol, Isaac is confident that almighty God of heaven appointed him to preach the message to south Sudanese about their fate coming upon them. Back in the days Mr. Pal was a normal man running his business activities between the borders of Ethiopia via south Sudan. That was more than 15 years ago. Jehovah began appearing to him when he was 28 years old and the first vision he received by that time was, God visualized him going to Israel in the near future to lift up the banner of south Sudan in the mount Zion. He was the only man in existence who made it to mount Zion purposely sent by God to lift up the flag of the newest nation on earth. The work was not easier as he hope; he was sometime beaten, goes a day or night without food just like the old bystander prophets. The vision took place back in the days in the year 2000. By then he was in Nasir as a young man enjoying his adulthood.

“God told me I will be going to Holy Land to lift up the banner which prophet Isaiah prophesied more 3,000 years before Christ. And when I informed people about this, they told me to see the Doctor that I was now going crazy talking of the things which can never be true”. Prophet Isaac announced the good news to me. Six years later extrasensory Isaac would make it to the Holy Land only to spend few years to return home.

“I have evidences that Jehovah appointed me as the last prophet to south Sudanese after Ngundeng” the name Ngundeng Bong is one of the most critics by Christians in western Gambella alongside those in Nasir. They don’t like Isaac mentioning Ngundeng in his preaching which they consider contradictory to his claims because many people perceived Ngundeng as an evil agent never fit in the Christians faith. But prophet Isaac Pal Mun believed Ngundeng is like any other prophets ever walked on earth practically because most of his predication came true.

His Prophecies!!!!!!!

Anybody else would feel reluctant of course offend by this man’s profess. There is something in us that seem automatically oppose to others people affirmation about the hidden mysterious typecast in the dark world. This attitude dismisses ever single claims. Why because these people are normal men/women living amongst us, knowing their families in fact some other time share some of the most memorable occasions together with them. They possess this amazing power that nobody else could dare perceive their ability to see the future. The skill to foretell about tomorrow’s tragedy or consent. This is the central idea of religion. Sometime we are complied to reject without confirming others people beliefs. Prophet Isaac is one case entirely isolated.

Early June 2001, Isaac saw a tarmac road all the way from Gambella passing through Kuergeng (Lare). When he told people about his finding the very next day some powerful men in the authority decided to challenge his prediction. They mocked him almost arresting him. Accusing him of being mad fitting to removes his clothes and walks naked. But Isaac disputes the notion of one being mad. By than he is off to consider the development he was just a villager who doesn’t know anything about America going to the moon.

“You can tell a mad man by the following; a mad man walks naked or with dirties clothes probably collecting them from the garbage. These mad men disorder what they say. They can say anything without knowing they say it. Third, a mad person stays where not acceptable”. Isaac would asks, now are you seeing these things in me? He is a normal man. Nine years later or so his words largely remembered by the few. Kuergeng as he compute ran one of the smoothest tarmac road in western Ethiopia.

There is something else. Thoorbadak in Nyieninyang, Western Ethiopia of Gambella, was one time an odd place where hundreds of people got killed by some Nuer thugs. Isaac announced in the same year that it would be one day a big market with the people around this place enjoying and living peacefully. Now it is. You visit this place; there are building, markets and cars something 15 years ago could not be forecast by the science.

“Many people can tell you about all these I foretold years back”. Prophet Isaac enlightens my doubtful nature. This would need more money for research definitely for another festive holiday, seriously not tomorrow or weeks from now.

Want to know a prophet?

One asks. How do we know a prophet? Next time you go to the bar and come across this question make sure you carry this into your note book. Consider the following mesmerism; a prophet walks with a Bible unless my English is different from the one you were told to accept. A prophet tells you anything about tomorrow even if it means lies. One of these example is found in the Bible were Elijah (please not the Elijah of Nyamilepedia) but that of Israel proved before hundreds of false “prophets” that only God of Israel and Elijah is his prophet. Another important thing to known about them is, they act like mad people in the eyes of beholders. Last but not the least, if you want to know more about prophets whether a doom or real, any of these their message comes to pass or failed.

An image believed to be Ngundeng Bong ....

An image believed to be Ngundeng Bong ….

Called him Isaac, just like Ngundeng or Abraham Chol or Dak Kueth, these men shared some of the most cast off persona in history of south Sudan. Isaac then is perhaps different from the rest. His calculation occurred in short period of time. For example, in 2011, when Nuer went to mount Zion to rise up banner more than 3,400 years ago talked about in the Good Book. If it is acceptable to say, Prophet Isaac announced that the Nuer in Israel will be deported back to their country. Months later, the president of south Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit signed a diplomatic package requesting the government of Israel to return the illegal immigrants back to their home country. Within the same year hundreds of south Sudan mostly Nuer ethnic were flush back to the country’s capitol, Juba. Isaac was among the victims. For those who have heard the message, his prophecies come to pass.

Warned South Sudanese of Dec/15/2013 Catastrophe

Upon his returned from Jerusalem. Isaac took the task of enlightening south Sudanese ahead the awaiting disaster. On 14 July 2013 at Jebel church, Juba south Sudan. It was on Sunday three days prior to removal of long time servicing south Sudanese Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar. The mass which was officially attended by the former Minister of Humanitarians and Disarmament, Simon Kok Ruei, Governor of Upper Nile, Simon Kun Pouch, Dr. Riek Machar and some of the most dignitaries other politicians. Isaac announced just like old testimony prophets began to foretell the disaster but immediately rejected.

“We were given a chance to say something only three of us. Brother Nyieth talks about the translation of Nuer dialect and it development. Simon Kun Pouc briefs the church about the peace in the country. I was the second to speak”. On this occasion Isaac Pal announced that,

“I have good news and bad news”. Many people hate his attitude of speaking very fast repeating words of threats and predicament. Which one do you prefer to come first? He questioned with firmed prophetic voice. The crowd chanted.

“Good news first Mr. Isaac”. Like something simple or kinder joke. He begun with the good news as demanded.

“The good news is that, Ngundeng is a prophet”. Some faithful believers around him felt embarrassed at the same time terrified. The name Ngundeng in the holy place to some righteous Christians amongst Nuer in Jebel church is pretty disturbing. But Isaac Pal was not amazed either. Nobody took him serious so far he was regarded mad man. “Ngundeng is a prophet because his words came true”. There was a simple but very powerful pregnant silent now as the boredom quickly develops clouding the entire congregation.

The second news considered bad news sound insulting. “The second news is that Juba is going to be on fire. People are going to kills each other in this city. Some people in fact will be staying outside the big towns in our nation. They will be in bush whether they like it or not. And these people are Nuer of south Sudan.”

“I can also see famine and diseases coming into this nation”. Famine is one word which is loved most by the Old Testament prophets. Not actually new here.

The silent now moved from murmurs to noise. Some people on spot decided to demand more elaboration on this particular calculation. Others were aroused with anger. Simon Kok Ruei was in the meeting known of speaking loudly in any gathering especially when accusing Dr. Riek Machar of getting married to White women instead of Black south Sudanese. Now begins to contributes something special.

“All these things will take place because God sent me to proclaim this truth and people should begin to repent from their sins. Amongst this practice is, too much drinking from top leadership to the simple men and women in the farm yards in Juba city. Second, there is an increase of prostitution in this town and God is not pleased about this immorality. Thirds…” the microphone was swiftly taken away before concluding by Kok Ruei.  Accusing him of speaking lies and “the problem with you south Sudanese is that, some mad people somewhere are allows and come to talks all sorts of unpleasant things here. Nothing is going to happen to our nation”.  Kok resorted to violent contrary to what he preaches. That was the end of his speech.

Isaac was disappointed and a certain young man who happens to walk outside of the church when the news of doom day was proclaims immediately stopped him. Asking mockery questions boasting of having cars how can he foot outside of this city affording to spend months in the bush. Prophet Isaac assured him of leaving his car, job, house and go to Nasir footing if possible. Teah was a right hand man of Riek Machar working in National Security. When they met in Nasir, April/2014, he became angry blaming the old man of cursing them.

Isaac would later retell the same prophesy warning the populace in Nasir of Kiir soldiers coming to the very town and all will still runs away. By this time Isaac made it to the street instead of Church to work out what he believed God given message with no payment. He did the same thing just like what he did in Juba but nobody took him serious until two months later when the very people he preach to them the message begins to listen to his words in Kule, where thousands of south Sudanese refugees allocated in Western Ethiopia.

Did they believe him?

Nobody up to the date takes what Prophet Isaac Pal seriously but I was interested to find out what he believes and where he received his message. Lately last year in Gambella his two flags that of south Sudanese and Israelite tore and burnt to ashes. Nothing feels more pain like a rejected prophet. He is among the unwanted.

When it shall end?

“The crisis in south Sudan will come to an end this year”. He continue referring to this year 2015, “God is not happy the death in this chosen nation. He told me, if it is about peace let all south Sudanese focus in peace instead of war. If they choose guns one side this year will be defeated for good and the whole thing will finally be off”. He also warns of, “if south Sudanese leaders will not compromise for the sake of peace something terrible is going to happen to any of them”. Whether he just resorted more on Ngundeng prophecies or his own finding is the test of time and his prophet-ship.

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  2 comments for “South Sudan: Land of forgotten prophets

  1. February 11, 2015 at 10:18 pm

    Dear Brother Elbow,

    Many thanks for bringing this Issue into being, I know Pal Muon physically and talked to him many times, all you said here are true about Isaac Pal Muon. You know very well that a divine power is not accepted easily by people because it fore told disaster. Now what surprise many people about Isaac Pal Muon is that, he don’t give a nice program of what he is doing. Let me be clear on this point, Isaac predicted many things as you mention, he even predict personal things i.e Some body (Bentiu from Panyijiar) provide Pal Muon with a tea at Nasir after being excited for a tea he told that man to leave that tea place immediately warning him that some thing is going to happen here soon. The man left and car incident occurred where this man was sitting. Then this man narrated the History in Gambella i was there at tea place. That man again give him some money after he narrated that history and warn Jikany saying that if this was our county we could worship this person as a prophet. suddenly his (Isaac Pal) uncle arrived after greeting he (Isaac Pal) narrated how he could not be seen as a mad man. Then his uncle asked him a very interesting question ” What do you want me to do for you to establish your prophecy? A man give Isaac three choices 1- To kill a cow for you so that you establish your prophecy? 2- To build for you a Church so that you preach to who ever like your preaching? or 3- To build a place for you so that a visitors come and get you in one place? Prophet Isaac Pal Muon did not agree with one of the above mention this leads me to a conclusion that, Isaac Pal Muon is one of Prophetic fulfillment of Ngundeng Bong when he said that, in coming generation God words will be preached using three ways, ”1- some will use them as jock 2- some will challenges them and 3- some will believe them, ”that is the way i will teach my people” Isaac fit as one of people who will preach them like jock, Dak Kueth and Abraham Chol believes them and I and others are challenging them.


    • Elbow Chuol
      February 12, 2015 at 12:18 am

      brother in life we have some gifted men and women.

      Whatever the case ppl can not just reject in seeing without proving


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