South Sudan: Lou Nuer Council Warns Officer Lul Ruai To Stay Off Their “Skin”, President Kiir Still illegitimate!!

Gabriel Yoal Dok, the Chairperson of Lou-Nuer Council(Photo credits: Nyamilepedia/G.A.K)

Gabriel Yoal Dok, the Chairperson of Lou-Nuer Council(Photo credits: Nyamilepedia/G.A.K)

Feb 25, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The Leadership of Lou-Nuer Council under the overall leadership of Lou-Nuer elders, led by retired seniors, Hon. Gabriel Yoal Dok (chairman) and Hon. John Jooyul Yol (Sec. Gen), warns the defecting lone brigadier, Mr. Lul Ruai Koang, to stop vandalizing the good image of Borchar community in the name of “Greater Akobo Community”.

“The leadership of Lou Nuer Community Council and the entire Lou Community residing in Lou –Nuer(Borchar) of Akobo, Nyirol, Uror and the Diaspora, – Those in the Refugees camps in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Khartoum[Sudan]; in the UNIMISS Camps of Juba, Bor, Malakal and Bentiu do hereby warn the young officer Brigadier, Lul Ruay Koang not – to take Lou Nuer as escape-goat.” Reads the Lou-Nuer Council Press Statement, signed by the chairman and his secretary general.

“Everybody knows what he maybe after!!” the elders exclaim .

The council warns Mr. Lul Ruai that the blood of the massacred Nuer is still fresh in the minds of the Nuer nation and must never be betrayed for personal gains

“The detecting officer, be reminded the deaths, the tears and the sorrow of the entire Nuer massacre and genocide in Juba, Bor, Ayod, Malakal and Bentiu are still fresh in the minds of Nuer community.” The elders speak out.

Following the remarks of Mr. Lul, which were aired on SSTV and picked up by media houses, the elders have been provoked to remind the “self-conceived” young general that the Nuer community did not plan to fight anybody but forced to retaliate after their beloved ones, young and old, were innocently massacred by Salva Kiir government, a chorus that Lul, himself, sang for one year before “surrendering to the regime”.

“The Nuer community are not out to fight anybody. They were not out there to fight their innocent brothers, the Dinkas, but rather being fought by the regime of Salva Kiir in Juba, the man who was voted to power by all the tribes in South Sudan and Nuer tribe was on the lead.” The Council reiterates.

“As leaders of Lou Community, we stand firmly, and very strongly condemn this self-proclaimed position taken by the self conceived officer in the name of so-called – “Greater Akobo Community”” the elders continued.

The elders pledge that Lou – Nuer will not be used as rubber stamp to fight wars but will remain united in solidarity to expedite processes of achieving lasting peace and reconciliation in the country.

“The Lou Nuer leadership would like to confirm to the entire community in South Sudan that we will not accept to be mobilized for war by any faction.” Said the elders.

“They will remain united only to play a crucial role in accelerating the quick achievement of lasting peace and reconciliation in South Sudan.” Lou-Nuer leadership strongly emphasizes.

The elders further caution the young Brigadier, and like-minded “self-fish individuals” that Lou-Nuer community will remain united, and continue to demand peace and justice as one people.

“The Lou Nuer Community will remain united to pursue peace and justice under one banner and not to be betrayed by one self-fish individual that is yarning for self-interest.” The Elders strongly emphasize

Salva Kiir Not Legitimate, Foreign Forces Must be Withdrawn!

The elders remind South Sudanese communities and well-wishers that the legitimacy of the incumbent president is wanting, given that he masterminds the massacres of innocent citizens in the country.

“It is a common knowledge that he [Kiir] had a heavy hand in the massacre hence his position as a legitimate president is now in question.”

Lou-Nuer Council calls on the regional block, IGAD, which mediates South Sudan conflict, to boldly admit and tell the whole world that the coup theory was concocted by Salva Kiir government to extend its lifespan.

“IGAD’s failure to come out and clarify to the whole world that there was no coup bid in South; and that the coup theory was a fabrication of the government side” Lou-Nuer Council Leadership demands.

According to Hon. Gabriel Yoal Dok, IGAD will not restore the most wanted peace and reconciliation in South Sudan without addressing and accepting the root causes of South Sudan conflict.

“IGAD is not categorically telling the world that there was massacre in Juba of the Nuer community.” Hon. Yoal said.

“The root cause of the conflict must be established and addressed without which the IGAD process will not be able to achieve the desired lasting peace in South Sudan.” Hon Yoal continued.

After IGAD countries disagreed on the root causes of South Sudan conflict, the regional bloc urged a similarly crippled Africa Union (AU) to take over and investigate the conflict in South Sudan; however, the continental body, which struggles with its own internal divisions, has shelved the report for now despite sharp cautions from the international community, United Nations, US, EU and TROIKA for the commission to urgently release their findings.

“Whether the commission of inquiry under the former Nigerian leader Olusegon Obasanjo is going to be part of the IGAD process since as it currently stands, the commission is operating independently” the elders belives.

While demanding justice and accountability, the elders reiterate that any peace agreement that retains foreign fighters in the country will not be accepted since it can’t last.

“That any peace agreement is unacceptable, if Ugandan People Defense Forces (UPDF), Sudan rebels and any other group fighting in South Sudan, must withdraw their troops from South Sudan.

“In totality, that is the position of the entire Nuer community demanding justice and the rights of people of South Sudan.” The Lou-Nuer Councile of elders justifies their position.

  5 comments for “South Sudan: Lou Nuer Council Warns Officer Lul Ruai To Stay Off Their “Skin”, President Kiir Still illegitimate!!

  1. February 25, 2015 at 10:07 pm

    Hey Mr.Lul Ruei! Please, please, please stay a way from Borchar affair, you are not from them anymore as you can see every body rebuke your rebellion that you abundance for only 24 hrs. Now you are still complaining to form rebellion around Lou Murle border but your plan is known to every body. Please accept to rest in peace!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Mary Pal
    February 25, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    God blessing you there all. I always praying for you.


  3. February 26, 2015 at 6:37 pm

    Mary Pal, are you praying for Lul Ruei or who? Lul Ruei Deserve Death and he will not go to Lou Nuer land again – going there just one bullet for his death period.


  4. February 26, 2015 at 6:48 pm

    And if you prayed for Gat-Dok and other Lou members who reacted for Lul defection, I am with you sister Mary Pal. God will guide Lou all the time as well as Nuer in general, God bless them and bless you too for your sweet words.


  5. Mary Pal
    February 27, 2015 at 12:21 pm

    Gatluak Nyuot, iam praying with my all father’s who’s released the statement like guandit gat Yol and guandit gat Dok. Sorry for my short comment, Lul himself i will pray evil about him.


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