How The Americans Support For Salva Kiir Regime Falls Apart!

Obama welcomes Salva Kiir at the Whitehouse...

US president Barack Obama meets with South Sudanese president Salva Kiir Mayardit in New York on 21 September 2011 (Photo: AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

 March 4, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) –While Salva Kiir administration has predominantly over emphasized its legitimacy as “people elect democratic government” against their rivals in the conflict, the democrats of Barack Obara of the United States finally cast doubts on Salva Kiir’s  legitimacy.

In the latest press release of the US Secretary of States, John Kerry, who has strongly backed Salva Kiir government in the past few months, Kiir’s government has neglected its responsibilities, and therefore, loses its mandates to legitimacy.

“Legitimacy is not a presumed right of any government. It is conferred by the people, and it is sustained only by demonstrating leadership to protect and serve all citizens—responsibilities the government has neglected.” Kerry Said.

According to various analyses, commented by Former MP National Assembly, Hon. Timothy Tot Chol, South Sudan-US rifts, due to anticipated incompetence leadership, goes back to pre-independence encounters between the leadership of president George W. Bush and that of Salva Kiir.

The administration of former U.S. president George W. Bush had serious doubts over the ability of South Sudan leader Salva Kiir to lead his nation after independence, according to a report that appeared on Foreign Policy (FP) magazine.

FP report titled, “Unmade in the USA” also highlighted disparities in handling of South Sudan by the Bush administration and his successor Barack in the years leading up to South Sudan independence.

The report included an account of the last meeting which took place in the White House in 2008 between Kiir and Bush before he left office.

Kiir was accompanied by the then Sudanese foreign minister Deng Alor Kuol and Secretary General of the Sudan People’ Liberation Movement (SPLM) Pagan Amum Okiech.

Bush’s team in the meeting included national security adviser Stephen Hadley, Assistant Secretary of State for African affairs Jendayi Frazer as well as Bush’s special envoy to Sudan Richard Williamson.

White House officials described the meeting as awkward, saying that the South Sudanese president was unable to explain to Bush his vision about an independent South Sudan and instead appeared “distracted”, deferring questions to his junior officials in “abdication of his responsibility.”

“The president [Bush] was trying to engage him on what they were doing internally, how they were building their ministries, how they were preparing for the referendum. But he [Kiir] kept just saying, ‘Pagan [Amum] will answer that,’ ‘Deng [Alor] will answer that,” the report quoted officials who attended the meeting.

Kiir remained quite throughout the meeting and allowed his aides to do most of the talking except at the end when he asked Bush to pledge that the US will defend South Sudan in case Khartoum attempted to disrupt the 2011 referendum.

“I need you, Mr. President, to say that you will defend South Sudan automatically if the north invades, that the referendum has to go on, and that South Sudan exists under the security umbrella of the United States,” recalled Cameron Hudson, who was then the director for African affairs on the National Security Council (NSC).

“And Bush just wasn’t going to make that guarantee; he couldn’t make that guarantee,” the official who attended the meeting further recalled.

Kiir, the report said, had grown increasingly paranoid about a northern [Sudan] plot to derail the referendum and he worried that the US was not doing enough to ensure that implementation of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) proceeded according to schedule.

But the US president as well as putting pressure on Khartoum to allow the referendum to take place, was also concerned about the future of South Sudan and whether or not its leadership had a vision for the country.

Once Kiir had departed with his team, Bush and his team of Africa advisers paused for a moment of reflection on what Kiir and his officials had said in the meeting.

“Oh, my God, like how the hell are they going to run this place [South Sudan]? This is crazy. They have no vision,” the report quoted Bush’s officials.

The officials also blamed president Kiir for “lying” to the incumbent president Obama denying the alleged support Sudanese rebels, which led to breakdown of trust between Washington and Juba.

When Obama raised the issue at a 2011 meeting, Kiir responded by suggesting the US check the accuracy of its satellites. “I tell you, I almost fell off my chair,” former US special envoy Princeton Lyman said. “All of us on the American side, we couldn’t believe it.”

Under pressure from former US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, Kiir sent a letter afterwards speaking of “new information” about the fighting across the border in Sudan.

But when Lyman and Denis McDonough, by then the deputy national security advisor, brought up the letter during a subsequent meeting in Juba, Kiir feigned ignorance. “What letter? What new information?” he asked, according to Lyman. “We don’t help them in South Kordofan or Blue Nile.”

“Denis was so angry,” Lyman recalled. “Having lost Obama, [Kiir] then lost Denis McDonough.”

“The above report is self-explanatory. But when you have finished reading it you will realize if you have not already done so that the South is being run by an idiot who have no idea of what government is. This is the dilemma our people in most of the Third World are facing. They come from cattle and fishing camps and impose themselves on the people that they want to rule. How humiliating is the report. If I were Salva Kiir I would just walk away with whatever I looted from the South and spend it in one of the Islands of the Pacific. Let South Sudanese choose their leader who have the capacity and not one like you confused by the complexity of governance and the outside world.” concluded the Former Member of South Sudan National Assembly, who served under Kiir’s leadership before defecting to new liberation movement, SPLM-IO.

  3 comments for “How The Americans Support For Salva Kiir Regime Falls Apart!

  1. Banak Kueth
    March 4, 2015 at 7:27 am

    What I consider to be extremely disturbing is the fact that the majority of Salva Kiir’s tribe men and women don’t see the reality because their hearts are deeply full of hate toward NUER tribe. Not to mention other tribes in South Sudan whose majority have no clue of nationalism. They all embrace the culture of us (our village). If South Sudanese were people who really care about their country, Kiir would have been ousted out of his throne long time ago. He proves to be unqualified primitive, backward individual whose brain is equivalent to monkey Baboon. He destroyed South Sudan because of his greed to lead in a dictatorship fashion that he does not understand how it works. I new it from day one that the man has no idea how to lead. If you recall his first cabinet, it was completely his tribe men and women who are close allies to him, is it not awkward? He was allowed to suck on national’s treasures unchecked. It is unfortunate that the inoccent South Sudanese people continuing suffering under a regime that can never offer anything than to kill and loot everything that the land produce. SHAME ON THEM. I hope one day, justice will prevail. All the culprits of primitive KIIR’S regime will be brought to court of law. Everything they robbed must be returned to people of South Sudan. I am proud to be a South Sudanese.

    This is my personal view as an individual. I believe in democracy, human rights and freedom of self expression or freedom of speech.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Akech achiek jur
    March 4, 2015 at 10:36 pm

    Its clear that americans are the playmakers of south sudanese conflict, after drailing libya they switch their sights to other locations they will spoil, be responsible americans whatever you always do in darkness will one day be exposed to the light, stop killing innocent souls in the name of good governance, in reality, america has lost it mission, vision and legitimacy and i wish the world should standup against america. Shame on you obama administration,the world have never ever been like this before so you need to revise your characters, rebellions, ethnic tensions, bombings, religious tensions, infact every evil; why?why? All these during your regime “black headed” obama


    • chief defender
      June 1, 2015 at 2:01 am

      You are the problem yourself.


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