AU/UN Decision On Trusteeship Is Welcomed; Downfall of The Warring Parties!

By David Lony Majak.


African Union is an instrumental imperialist rule(Photo: Supplied)

African Union is an instrumental imperialist rule(Photo: Supplied)

March 7, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The AU/UN decision on placing South Sudan under trusteeship administration is highly welcomed, and may act as the downfall of the two warring parties led by the President Savla Kiir and his former vice president Dr. Riak Machar Teny, the chairman of the moment. It is very unfortunate that, the two warring parties of the ongoing conflict in the republic of South Sudan have failed to bring peace in the country. All activists, civil society’s organizations, religious communities in South Sudan, ordinary citizens, middle class men and the global citizens have had welcomed the AU, UN, African Union and United Nations’ decision to take over the power from the two warring parties (quoted AU, Reuters’ report dated 6th, march 2015 that AU inquiry wants KIIR excluded from translational leadership). This initiative will definitely save the lives of the innocent suffering civilians in the country, Mr. President Gen: Savla Kiir and his immediate rival former vice president Dr. Riak Machar Teny and their die hearts political supporters never thought of national interest in order for them to agree on certain common issues which may brings peace back to the people of the Republic of South Sudan.

According to the AU report on 6th, March 2015, Reuters, wants AU-appointed and United Nations (UN) backed three person panels to oversee a five years translation period and the creation of a translational executive thereafter; this is very considerate decision because it will help us in restructuring the old system of governance in South Sudan, it came as a result of failure from the two leaders to bring peace to the people of South Sudan.

The African Unions and United Nations’ suggestions to rule the interim period of translational government of national unity in South Sudan shall be a road map to the permanent peace building in South Sudan and there will be a equal distribution of national resources to the needy communities, especially the affected region and its states since the ongoing war broke out in December 2013, majority of South Sudanese civilians have been affected and being displaced from their homes of origins and they are now putting up under United Nations camps within the country. I believe the two leaders heading the current instability in the country may enjoy the sequences of not valuing the lives of their innocent people as leaders.

This decision of placing South Sudan under AU African Union and UN- United Nations Trusteeship shall only benefit the groups categorized below:

  1. Permanent ceasefire and peace building in South Sudan
  2. Ordinary citizens who do not know kiir and Machar in nature
  3. Non-political believers shall celebrate its functionality
  4. The technical knowhow groups
  5. Civil Society’ Activists challenging poor system of governances in the country
  6. The freedom fighters known as journalists and writers
  7. Youth and upcoming generations
  8. The religious communities being dictated by the system
  9. Foreigner diplomats and their communities in the Republic of South Sudan
  10. Equal sharing of resources and banning off corrupt groups.

Benefits and its positive impacts on the African Union/United Nations trusteeship to rule South Sudan for a period of five (5 years) shall reform the various unsolved issues and problems developed by Savla Kiir and Riak Machar’s regime from 2005- 2013 until the war broke out in the country: The following may benefit the people of the republic of South Sudan in different capacities if implemented by the African Union and United Nations panel body for the time of trusteeship as shall be agreed later on the final documents if the two leaders failed to bring peace completely.

Politics- There shall be no political self-attachment of running the country at the time of UN, AU United Nations and African Union trusteeship period. G10 politicians will die instantly once it is implemented, cabinets of the two leaders shall improve on the services delivery to the local population if assign under AU/UN trusteeship administration.

Equal Sharing of resources– distribution of country’s resources to the needful communities, improvement of economical factors like Agriculture and business sections.

Reformation of political ideology- Political transformation from tribal ideology to national ideology, South Sudanese politicians are known to be political brokers not national leaders to govern the country in right direction.

Military wings- Military reforms with its all security organs in the country, where there shall be national trained armies instead of the current existing individual doctrines armies of Gen: Salva Kiir and his colleague Dr. Riak Machar owning armies as theirs.

Eradication of poverty and common diseases affecting civil population- Reductions of poverty and diseases in South Sudan, national budgets for such programs were embezzled during Gen: Salva Kiir and Dr. Riak Machar’s regime from 2005-2013 until the war broke out, subject to corruption act under international law and anti-corruption bodies.

Development of national infrastructures- Infrastructural programs shall also be implements for the time of UN/AU trusteeship, this will helps in building schools, roads construction and government infrastructures reforms in the country. People are still using natural means of transportation, children are learning under trees better Khartoum regime before CPA-2005.

Education and communities’ compensation- Basic services delivery to the needy population and the affected civilians in the three (3) states of greater Upper Nile Region as a result of the current war. AU/UN administration shall definitely design projects relating to the developmental issues to rebuild the destroyed areas during the war.

Training on national interest and its values– This shall be a guiding principle for the people of South Sudan to know their national interests instead to keep believing in outsiders like Mr. President Museveni of Uganda and the rest of East African con-men who claimed to be regional leaders, the so called IGAD administration.

Reconciliations and forgiveness- Re-unifications of South Sudanese ethnics groups to reconcile and to reunite themselves once again as one citizens of one nation is a very crucial issue. This means there shall be national reconciliations programs of appealing to the affected victims during the war, and may also help in building national identity for the people of South Sudan.

Freedom and justice for all kinds- Promotion of freedom of speeches, from civil societies’ groups, religious groups, journalists, ordinary citizens and the opinions writers. This will help in promotion of free speeches in the country; so many people in south Sudan are dying with positive information in their minds which may be of national constructions if given freedom of speeches.

Improvement of cheap politics in South Sudan; it shall also act as a guiding principle to the future politicians to play their balls in the scope of world standard instead of sub-standardizing their politics at the tribal sentiments, to avoid inciting greater equatoriains, people of greater upper Nile and confusing people of greater BGS as die heart supporters. This ideology will completely die under UN/AU trusteeship for the period of five (5 years).

Regime change and parliament dissolution- The death of the current cabinets, G10 and their regime is also an important role to consider since they have worked for the downfall of their people while they were only fulfilling individual’s interests as political post holders from 2005-2013. If the AU/UN trusteeship administration is given chance, there shall be a call for the new parliamentarians to be sent from their respective constituencies and the old parliament under Mr. President Kiir and Dr. Riak Machar the then will be dissolve amicably for the period of trusteeship. This will correct the immature political ideology of South Sudanese politicians to improve on their parallel politics and to value the country first.

This analysis is subject to the failure of the two leaders leading the current ongoing war in the country and that they had failed to compiles with national interest, especially the incumbent president of the republic of South Sudan and his political rival PHD holder Dr. Riak Machar the rebel chairman. I still recalled the fact that SPLM/SPLA not the two newly created SPLM/SPLA-IO and SPLM/SPLA- juba has been a bad party for the people of Southern Sudan since its formation and begun tribal sentiments and killing of its civil population in 1983, 1991 and 2013.

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  6 comments for “AU/UN Decision On Trusteeship Is Welcomed; Downfall of The Warring Parties!

  1. March 7, 2015 at 8:28 pm

    I Personally disagree with what is so called placing this country under AU Trust while some of them are currently the ones pouring the blood of the innocent,
    all the south Sudanese rather die that blindly handing this country back to foreign powers while we have just recovered it from the hands of foreigners,
    southerners may not all be the same if Dr. Riak and Kirr are the problem, then what is wrong with the other people within and outside south Sudan
    Remember we have not yet open our case against the British and the Arabs on the way they handle this country before God could intellectualizes . No people,. we are not all killers, there must be some people who can handle the country well and leave the killers aside
    No and unless we have accepted to be slaves in which slavery started long time ago with our ancestors
    it is well understood by all that all what we have in south Sudan is wrong and need correction internally not amounting to handing over of a nation to the trust of a former and present enemy of the people who is praying day and night for decisions like these to come up
    the people who killed innocent nuer are the problem, that is the problem which we should address and put aside the killer or he can also be killed and then the country can move ahead
    why do people of south Sudan always think that without kirr they cannot live, we have allowed their tribesmen to be urinating even in the soil that could be forbidden for them to be urinating on it
    please lets find the root cause of the problem and we shall have our paramount peace. they have killed but they have also fill it and they are aware that their enemity may not end until the mad dogs revenged to wipe the list on top of the incident.
    what we need is unity of the other tribes, not only that but to head the country to the promised land
    find these crimihals scattered now every where in the world and remember some of them may not again step into this country due crime and shame


    • Eastern
      March 7, 2015 at 8:56 pm


      Swallow your pride. It’s now clear that South Sudanese cannot govern themselves! This is the naked truth.

      The Juba government from day one has failed South Sudanese. There is nothing to hide from outsiders here. Our so-called leaders are simply blood thirsty tribal leaders – not even fit to manage a state’s affairs let a lone a county.

      South Sudanese are so exited about getting an indepent country as if we are the first country to do so in the world.

      South Sudanese are not United at all; if we were, South Sudan could have gotten its independence in the 1960s as other African countries did not in 2000s. Our leadership abilities were questionable then. The Chiefs who attended the 1947 Juba conference were very disorganised. Southern politicians in Parliament in Khartoum were not speaking as one group. South Sudan is an embarrassment to Africa thanks to lack of capable leadership!

      Dance to the tune of trusteeship!


  2. March 7, 2015 at 9:33 pm

    What leaders want in South Sudan is the downfall of their people and nation.
    I think Juba who imposed unexpected war on the country because of power will pay for that.
    May the will of the people win and the killers of innocent civilian are brought to book and the filthy thinking of rule of gun vanished from the mind of dictators.


  3. Isaac Mayen
    March 8, 2015 at 11:29 am

    Thank you very much brother David Lisi for your comment, that signify you as a true south sudanese in mood, according to me those so called trustee group are the cause of this current blood shiding in our country as acompitation between our leadership so that they can get the chance of entring and loot our natural resources on slogon of UN,US,Troika and others oppunistic countries.I hope most of south sudanese including president and former vice president are fully aware about foriegners invation into our territory since Britih, Turky and Arab nationalities not only for purpose of looting natural resources but also to occupy this beautiful land of ours. my message to any south sudanese is that let us put a side our leaders differences and unite to stand firm ready to face outsiders invation. we south sudanese are cabable to rule ourselves that is why we fought for our indefendent for centures. political differeces are present in others countries , hence, it can not signify that we are unable to rule ourselves. They better attack us with clear reason and that is another invation indirectly to our nation. BE CAREFULL for invaders


  4. March 8, 2015 at 1:21 pm

    i do nt understand hw the country is going to under AU and UN, is it in terms of governance or with also other aspects such economy if yes than our resouces are going to be looted by foreigners. why is it that there are wars in oil producing countries in the world? especially in Africa and Middle East, i think there is a hidden agenda that need to be researched about.


  5. March 10, 2015 at 9:56 am

    Politics on its onset has been good and nice. When it came to the affairs of south Sudanese, politics lost its meaning. The struggle that south Sudanese fought for decades was a struggle for nothing. It didn’t bring about consolation that commons were expecting. Indeed there is no denying the truths that our leaders have failed us. They have failed us beyond measure but that doesn’t mean creating such a painful history. Trusteeship council as proposed by AU/UN is a false dream. It’s a dream that appeared to the prophet of dooms feeling.. If they need something in South Sudan, let them take away the mineral that they so much wish to exploit then our political sovereignty. On a positive note, if they are seriously concerned with the future of south Sudanese, why don’t they look for other potential leaders beside Kiir and Riak? Our stand as nationalist is that there is no room for external influence. We all want peaceful South Sudan.


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