Waking Up South Sudan To Democracy

By Jacob Duoth Khol Duoth,


Source: Zee Machar/Nyamilepedia

Source: Zee Machar/Nyamilepedia

March 8, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — It’s been an unreliable government since years ago. The situation only keeps getting worst as the innocent civilians of South Sudan continues to suffer. The negotiation team is a laugh stock in the history of mankind. History has shown that violence is at the beginning of any new nation, however we as one nation needs to step forth and put an end to such tragic events that are currently taking place in our beloved South Sudan. Life after the long governmental wars with the British, the Italian, the Turkish, and the Arabs from northern Sudan should have been tremendous examples for us all. Yet again, here we are as a family divided through tribal differences. We have long surpassed the times of malice done to us by the entire world. We as Junubians have endured inhumane attempted genocides after genocides. The millions of lives we have lost from each of our every home should be evidences enough to unify us as one. We need to stand as one and NOT just tribes because this war is a war of life or death of South Sudan.

Unimaginably so, these words are falling to deaf ears when it comes to our supposedly government. These inexperience office holders were once our most experience freedom fighters. Somehow the many years they had spent defending us from many bloodshed from outsiders went without gain knowledge. Over 50 years later, it seems easier to dismiss the truth when it comes to our office holders defending their civilians. Many years ago we fought as one without excluding our tribes. Many years ago Naath/Nuer, Bari, Mabaan, Dinka, Kuku and many more tribes were known as Junubian. Nevertheless, since December 15th 2013 Many Naath/Nuer civilians have been left alone to defend themselves by the rest of the South Sudanese.

However, through the sighting of truth and the wrong doing that has been done to the many Naath/Nuer civilians, a few brothers and sisters within South Sudan who had not forgotten the unification rose above and are now fighting alongside the freedom fighters. These brothers and sisters include fighters from Bahr el Ghazal, all of Equatoria, Upper Nile, Jonglei, Unity, lake, and Warap. These civilian defender spoken from all over South Sudan. These justice fighters are unify by their convictions against lies. The understanding of our ancestral family hood and sacrifice links these truth soldiers together. With pure gratitude from the many civilians, South Sudan owe thanks to these freedom fighters who have given up their lives and acted against the sad truth that our government headed by Salva Kiir attempted to seal from all of us.

In the end, the time for reformation and unification has come. In the end, the time to rise up against corruption and tyranny has come. In the end, the time to look within us and support ourselves has come. In the end, the time for modern definition of love and harmony for South Sudan has come. In the end, the time of legendary kings and Queens from the original Kushites Emperors has come. In the end, the time for South Sudan to take wisdom from the old and learn knowledge from the youth has come. In the end, the time for the next generation of South Sudan Youth to understand what it is we will never again allow to happen has come. We stand as one family, one tribe, and one nation to defend our beloved country from injustice. This is an awakening call to any Youth out there. This is the final alarm clock of change for southern Sudan.

The Author of this article is Jacob Duoth Khol

A Graduate from Northwestern College

BA in Psychology

Co-Founder of Chinaathkeer

Co-Founder of Aqua-Africa Inc.

And could reach through this email: KholJacob@Gmail.com

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  2 comments for “Waking Up South Sudan To Democracy

  1. Ghol chot
    March 8, 2015 at 9:49 pm

    Jacob Duoth Khol Duoth,

    Thank a lot for your honest and an inspiring call for peace and democracy in our beloved country, South Sudan. My brother, If Riek Machar acted like a South Sudanese adult by going to any embassy in Juba that he trusted after the alleged coup on the night of the 15/12/2013, in case he feared for his safety and called for calm the following day; the 16/12/2013 in that embassy, this all mess would have been averted.

    Salva Kiir, who is alleged to have unleashed his body guards to kill the innocent Nuers in Juba would have seen the South Sudanese people outraged and he would not be in power by now in South Sudan, but that was not the case, Riek Machar and some Nuers, not all, know very well what they are not telling the Nuer community.

    Riek Machar denied having attempted a coup, while owning up the armed rebellion at the same time to oust out the elected government! Which is which? Besides, the Nuers believed that president Kiir’s body guards were the ones that killed the innocent Nuer civilians in Juba and many president Kiir body guards healed his home state of Warrap and Northern Bhar el Gazelles.

    But why did the Nuers started their revenged killings in Bor, Akoba, Nasir, Malakal, Leer and Bentiu and not at the president Kiir’s home state of Warrap? Something doesn’t just add up with the Nuers claims here.

    Brother Jacob Duoth Khol Duoth, You Nuers have to sit down and talk to yourselves and leave Riek Machar out of being in the government of South Sudan, because there is no way others are going to let Riek Machar get away with the murders this time around. If the Nuers could have talk to Riek Machar and brings another respectable Nuers who would be respected by the South Sudanese people, the peace deal would have been signed; but you Nuers insistent of your Riek Machar is going to be resisted by the South Sudanese people, especially the Dinkas.

    Majority rules and that is how democracy works around the world. And you Nuers should know better, in the Gambella region, in ethiopia where some of you Nuers fellows also live, how many Nuers are ministers, ambassodors and other crucials posts in ethiopia federal gopvernment? None, except in the Gambella regional government it self. But in South Sudan; the Nuers are just like everyone else, but the Nuers always think they will play babies and be allowed to get away with crimes all the times.

    That is not how the world rotates my Nuer cousins!


  2. March 11, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    Very powerful my brother Jacob this knowledge the truth must be known to everyone….


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