Top South Sudanese Musician in Ethiopia Unveil a Plan to Launch his Album This Weekend in Gambella Region

Mekonen Tefere,

Gambella, Ethiopia


Killine Gatkek Tut on stage (Photo: supplied)

March 11, 2015(Nyamilepedia)— His name is Killine Gatkek Tut, a man who never adopted to have a stage name like any other Artists in the World. At age of 8, Killine dream to be a messenger of peace, but fallout of capacity to reach local communities in order to carryout his message…the only way to make his dream happen is to use his talent of singing. An action he just considered to happen in 2012.

Killine ‘25’ is the best ever musician loved by young and elderly people in Ethiopia. His uniqueness came to an existence after he produced his single track “ca-gaach” which hit the general public in 2012. The term ‘ca-gaach’ is a Nuer term, which literally means ‘surprise’ but paraphrases in musical language as working durably to fulfill dream through any means without giving-up.

He recorded several songs. He is not a Hip-Hop Artist, but a Singer.

He said that his Album launching is an awareness to bring peace in South Sudan. The launching is due to take place at 12:00pm on Friday March 13, 2015 in Biah Hotel, Gambella.

Fans are complaining of space where the launching is to take place. “Biah Hotel can only accommodate 5000 people, therefore we have been asking the organizers to make the show to be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that those who miss the first show will have chance to go for the next show.” Nyamal Makuach Wiyual, a fan from Gambella City said on the interview.

“Killine is an irreplaceable, charismatic, resilient and perfect boy who always like to have funs with kids. I love him so much!” Fikrte Taye who is counting down the deadline reiterated. Young – Fikrte added that her mother and father bought 7 tickets a week before event and they are more than happy to see the Superstar to perform live in Gambella.

Killine dominated Gambella which hosts five nations and nationalities. These are Nuer, Anyuak, Majenger, Oppo and Kommo because of his best beat of mixing an Ethiopians’ style of singing while producing traditional vocal at ago.

“He rarely performs in Gambella …I can’t wait to see him live on the stage in Gambella.” Ajullu Omod excitedly elaborated.

Tickets were being sold a week ago but Killine urged the organizers to allow the elderly and disables people to sit in front so that they are comfortable. “You need to allow the elders and disables so that they have access to me on stage.” Killine said.

Currently, Gambella City is very busy with flyers everywhere waiting for the best and superstar to appear on Friday afternoon.

Killine is not yet confirm whether is in Gambella or he still in Addis Ababa, but some close friends disclose to the media that he is expected to be in Gambella on Friday by morning flight from Addis Ababa while others argued that he is already arrived two days ago.

Officials from Gambella Town Administration and security organs have already tighten the security and urge the general public to mannerly cooperate with security personnel during the show.

Asking for his intention behind the launching of Album, Killine said that this initiation is an appreciation to Ethiopian brothers and sisters who hosted South Sudanese Refugee in Ethiopian territory. Meanwhile Ethiopia is hosting more than 200,000 refugee mainly Nuer from Greater Upper Nile of South Sudan.

Killine is currently doing his undergraduate class in economic at Ambo University in Ethiopia that he described as a way forward to strengthening the independency. He also featured a single in Ethiopian style of singing with Nyapal Lul Yual. The track is already recorded but waiting to be release soon.

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