An Open Letter to Commander in Chief and the chairman of the SPLM In Opposition Dr. Riek Machar Teny

By Philemon Daud Tom,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMarch 18, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — This is an open letter to commander in chief and the chairman of the SPLM in opposition Dr. Riek Machar to alarm him about what appear to be a “Laissez Faire” leadership style that may affect organization function, water down community trust and slow mobilization process. I alarm you to have a thoroughly decisive institutional correction, discipline, and manage the individual behaviours within organization performance. The chapters and mission offices in diaspora completely influence by tribal politics that add no value of reforms that SPLM in opposition has been advocating. There should be an action taken to ensure all chapters guided by the principles and guidelines of SPLM in opposition not community based principles.

The people of South Sudan tired of dictatorship styles, tribalism, corruption and nepotism but they believe on your vision, trust, credibility and transparency to transform the broken system into functional system that can build a bridge between past and future task. They believe on your charismatic leadership, ambitious, extraordinary abilities and the inspiring hope to build a strong united south Sudan that bring 64 tribes together.

As strong member of the SPLM in opposition I alert you the chairman of the movement to have a double check on the following issues that may direct or indirectly weaken the organization performance as follow.

The appointment of Diaspora representative mission officers must be inclusive, transparent and honest so that other minority tribes should feel represented and join the cause of the movement to fight dictatorship. But unfortunately the representatives that you appointed in diaspora mostly dominated by the same two bigger tribes and some of us like me question your fairness and transparency.We had enough lessons for eight years Kiir has been busy appointing Dinkas as heads, Nuer as deputies, Bari as directors and we don’t want such a leadership characteristics repeat itself. I strongly oppose your same tribalism appointment. Give minority a chance to participate in any role than appointing the same faces that corrupted government system.I want minority tribes must be included in any assignments or promotions so that they may not feel isolated.

Nepotism is the enemy of any organization success. Be alert of institutional nepotism practice , you must stop nepotism, it fail Juba government and it will fail us if you did not addressed in the early stage. I strongly believe some of the members of the SPLM in opposition inherited the culture of nepotism, corruption, tribalism and systematically they might apply in SPLM in opposition institution and you must not tolerate such practice.

I suggest the chief negotiator of SPLM in opposition should be a non Nuer to change the perception of the people of south Sudan that negotiation is between Dinka and Nuer. The change of chief negotiator may be a game changer and positive outlook of SPLM in opposition demands for inclusiveness and the unity of the people of South sudan. The current peace negotiation looks so tribal because the two chief negotiators are from the bigger tribe and many south sudanese doubt that negotiation process may just only for big tribes to set up their own priorities to isolate other tribes. To bury suspicious and doubt I suggest changes must be made on the next round of negotiation.

The letter is a responsibility of the author reside in Canada and can be reachout by

  13 comments for “An Open Letter to Commander in Chief and the chairman of the SPLM In Opposition Dr. Riek Machar Teny

  1. GatNor
    March 18, 2015 at 9:17 pm

    Tom, it is absolutely crucial to take into consideration the past practices that have contributed to splm’s failures on policies of good governance. However, in the areas of appointments many of our minority communities are idle and not decided on whether to take an active role in order to influence the outcome of the conflict to their benefits.The fact that on the ground as we speak the SPLM/A-Pagaak are being attack almost by every small tribe within their distant shows lack of diaspora’s dormant ability to network, coordinated and communicate to their communities on the ground the vision of SPLA/M-Pagaak thus commitment behind the scenes or in the open is half hazarded. The diaspora could have greater influence as the voice to the communities of villages on the ground where they are treated like simple herds and or properties going through a production line by Juba government. The diaspora are the ambassadors for change and their effectiveness is required in all their diversities as would a job application necessitate in a resume. There are a few tribes that are not uses against the opposition by the government and the rest are playing a neutral role. For how long will positions readily available to make the reforms wait for those who are undecided. The two main tribes you have mention Mr tom have joined in greater numbers but the majority of the minority tribes are wandering whether they should go with the lessor evil of the main warring faction and many already decided to keep Juba in power to avoid Juba’s wrath. I actually think this letter should have been written to encourage the minority tribes to come out in greater number and claim their share because it will not last.


  2. March 18, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    You are right philemon but we can not blame Dr Riek Machar because at the bigining of the peace talk he appointed Pagan Amun unfortunate he was still under detaintion. His excellency also appointed Rebecca Garang and Rebecca dodged only sent her son Mabior and Mabior can not be the head of negotiation because of his age.In other hand,Riek could appointed the mobilisation team from abroad and also from africa so that people can not get relax.God bless you and well stay in canada.


  3. Riaw Gatlier
    March 18, 2015 at 11:20 pm

    This is not a good spirit to criticise your leader without reason which can magnify your silence breaking. Otherwise you are not a real supporter or a good sympathizer of the moment. We cannot be brainwashed by Juba regime’s cronies and idiocies. Plz try to clean yourself before others or else you shove off your long mouth from this critic.Are you now in which front line combatting with salva and
    M-7 forces, mention even your brothers or
    relatives that might be doing this combating

    task. If you were to be a good supporter of the moment then you was supposed to present this complaint to H.E; Dr. Riek Machar Terry; C In C of the SPLM/A; if you think it is a substantative issue. Otherwise public criticism of your leader with out firstly discusing the case with him/her is like stabing him/her at the back.


    • Sila
      March 20, 2015 at 4:58 am

      @Raiw Gatlier it’s the big concerns we south Sudanese have how shouldn’t we the citizens not to criticize our government;we must express our concerns to government body otherwise how would they (government) succeed or know that system is working accordingly! Thoroughly citical perceptions with clear political understanding than the government should know services been delivered to people for the interest of all. My opinion, certainly believe in challenging our leaders to move the country forward for the betterment of all people not simplifying in tribal believes. for instance, Nuer and Dinka majority tribes doesn’t they should the nation the minority must have rights to raise their concerns to the government and to ensure voice is respected as well. Well as good support and who believe in fairness of the system and equality for all southerners, with logic it’s right to Criticize system or leader instead of crying later and it’s a legitimate procedures.

      Bear in mind it’s not only Nuer fighting the reckless regime for instance, Dinka, Nuer, Mabaan and equatorian they support the legitimate movement due wrong operational systems in Juba and declared killing to its people that’s not acceptable. Also, remember this regime split people based on what every individual think it’s right but mostly anyone siding with the SPLA main stream is for personal interest to survive and people support SPLA-IO is for the people so regardless of ethnic bases so error we the supports see must bring to attention of Chairman or to system with appropriate manner and through professional spirit of solving problems.

      However, I would like thank all SPLA-IO comrades who understood the legitimate letter written by one our comrade based on what he saw which seemed to others and myself a meaningful approach to our system SPLA-IO.


  4. Koak Kuek
    March 19, 2015 at 12:13 am

    The author of this open letter should understand that almost every member of the minority tribes that have some education background and joint the SPLM-IO has been appointed somewhere. If he is complaining of himself not being appointed in Canada, you don’t start by criticizing the leadership. He must be an active member of SPLM-IO in Canada with quality leadership and compete with others.


    • Paul Thaland
      March 19, 2015 at 5:12 am

      Thank you Mr. Riaw Gatlier, and Koak Kuek,

      I belief that the author of this open letter made a clear point and I also think that this letter it was well written and polite. It is true that there should be a little bit of change. There are lots of Southern Sudan whom don’t like the way South Sudan runs the country, but Dr. Riek Machare should be the new change that South Sudan people are hopping to come and recue the country not old Nuer but for all others.


  5. March 19, 2015 at 5:05 am

    Your views look sense or Impression for better leadership decisive factor on how to and not. And this should not be denied in our eyes. We have witnesses a lot of these acts being applied here in South Sudan.

    These should not be and this is your acts as the two tribe, you are leading South Sudan nowhere. Shameless Leaders of South Sudan.


    • Bentiu Ramaran
      March 19, 2015 at 10:04 am


      Shame you too idiot. What front line are you operating now? Sorry we have more than enough politicians. The SPLA-IO need fighters. Do you need balance in fighting? or You need balance in position distribution only? Brainless human being I don’t think you know what you are talking about.


  6. Bentiu Ramaran
    March 19, 2015 at 6:44 am


    If the SPLM-IO achieve it mission, I would strongly agree with you. First, I would like to acknowledge that the first appointed chief negotiator was Pagan Amum, the second appointee was Nyandeng Garang, the third was Wieyai Deng Ajak, and the fourth was Taban Deng Gai. However, Nyandeng turn the appointment down. Pagan and Wiyai were in jail, but I know they would have turn the appointment down too.

    In Addis, alone there are more than 30 people of SPLA-IO representatives and negotiators, but only 5 of them are Nuer and there is none of minority fighting in the ground. Instead the minority tribes are for money, now they are fighting the war they never ever fought before even during struggle for government just for money. At the movement, the Murle, Anuak, Collo, and Maban are the one fighting with the SPLA-IO in Wadakona just for money.

    We have several representatives from these tribes, in the SPLA-IO, but fail to mobilize their tribes to join the SPLA-IO or quit fighting for Kiir regime. What kind of war ever Anuak and Murle fought during struggle? Now our cousins who are suppose to be our main enemy are the ones give us a hand in the ground.

    Today, as I speak the SPLA-IO has more than 30,000 Dinka soldiers in Northern Bar El Gazal and another 20, 000 soldiers in Western Bar El Gazal. These soldiers are ready to face the government soldiers, but their commander General Dau Aturjang fear UN sanction to death that is why there is no really fight has ever taken place in Greater Bar Gazal.


    • March 19, 2015 at 12:04 pm

      You should then understand that the citizens of greater Bhar El Ghazal are not as stupid as your Nuer lou youths who are just blindly being dragged into senseless war at any time and simply give in without analysing its impact on them.
      Dau is just there to protect their region from such ill decisions and plans.


  7. Redemption Song-Meekness
    March 19, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    Gentlemen and Tom,
    Let’s welcome this open letter which is written in good spirit and as a motivation for SPLM-IO to remain consistent with the principles of its struggle as it performs and practices good governance. This is a meaningful letter and all South Sudanese should be encouraged to speak their minds which is a universal right in the context of freedom of expression. We have no other option than to accommodate this.

    In addition to our stance with these principles, it should be also noted that action speaks louder than words. Minorities have democratic rights and obligations to fulfill. SPLM-IO welcomes freedom fighters from all minority groups to join the struggle which is for the good all South Sudanese.

    SPLM-IO remains consistent with principles of equality within diversity. Inclusion of minority groups is a must do to have equitable and diverse government. This is what the freedom fighters or SPLM-IO is struggling to achieve.

    Good luck to all of us.


  8. March 19, 2015 at 11:37 pm

    It’s a premature critic. Did the SPLM-IO change the oppressive government of South Sudan ? Remember Mr. Philemon that if you do not fight physically in this world through the barrel of guns you won’t change anything in South Sudan. It has been one year and half Nuer people are fighting alone against South Sudan army plus its mercenaries Uganda-Rwanda and Sudanese rebels. All the minorities of South Sudan are fighting alongside the government. Maybe you do not know what is going on the ground battlefields. The Bible said that faith without action is dead. Philemon, if you’re a genuine supporter of the SPLM-IO, you should write a letter of apology to your commander in chief Dr. Riek Machar.


    • Sila
      March 20, 2015 at 3:21 am

      @Albino kosti
      Accord to your reply to Tom’s open letter, I strongly believe it is your prematurity of your analysis due to facts of letter and you are not accepting reality to pinpoint out. South Sudan with such immaturity, will not define our harmony in the country so we must accept the reality to be addressed. Indeed, Mr . phelimon won’t write am apology because he’s not betraying the movement rather not to be in same cycle of president Kiir. The national matter shouldn’t be dealt politically regardless of your ethic scope as every southerner has right to critic the government and accommodate matters based on the facts and evidence produced so we shouldn’t side according to tribalism understanding.
      On the other hand, certainly I agreed to some of you points this regime (Kiir) must go due to senseless act and drove the country’s instability but not necessary for all people to be on the gorund which we should’ve but who advocates on behalf of the movement as we speak?

      I certainly believe in the principles of the movement and have to support till South Sudan achieve what define all southerners with equality and fairness in all government level.

      Your demand for Mr. phelimon write an apology letter to the Chairman, doesn’t make sense due to facts of the open letter which we all should agree.


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