My Response to Salva Kiir’s Public Rally Address on Thursday 18th March 2015.

By Gatwech Kuan,

Northern Territory, Australia

Kiir-ralliesMarch 23, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Salva Kiir Kuethpiny need to learn a lesson from 15th Dec, 2013 when his irregular forces, particularly from the two states of Warrap and Northern Bahr el ghazal massacred 20,000 unarmed civilians from one ethnic group Nuer.

According to the leaked report of African commission of inquiry, led by the former Nigerian president Obasanjo, that some Generals from President Kiir government have been involved by telling the truth to the commission about what happened after the 15th December 2013.

It was revealed that President Kiir was not happy about the African Commission of Inquiry leak reports and he call a security emergency meeting on Thursday 18th March and briefed the members of his top Security teams about the government plan to crackdown those who may have been confessed and told the truth about what happened during the breakout of the war and to get their assurance to stand with him in this difficult time. President Kiir has issues the warrant of arrest to the following Generals

1-General Hoth Mai, Former Chief of General staff of Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA)

2-General Mac Paul- Former Chief of Intelligence of Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA)

Their warrant of arrest is not only in South Sudan, but also beyond up to IGAD countries. President Kiir leadership failures prolong the war because he doesn’t want to admit that he has failed the country and the people of south Sudan. He is now trying to shifted the blame to other people when he knows that, he was the one who instigated the narrative coup attempted that would never be accepted by South Sudanese people and the rest of international community. Uganda president Yower Museveni also admitted that there was no coup still president kiir doesn’t listen to that.

Mr. President, everything now is under your responsibility since you are the president and the commander-in-Chief, no more blame to other people this time. What General Hoth Mai was said from African Commission of Inquiry leaked reports was true and I quote 70% of the problems came from President kiir hatred speeches and the same speeches from you Mr.President last week when you addressed the crowd in the Capital Juba, about peace process and the reason why you didn’t sign it.

Kiir said Riek Machar has putted forward the proposal for the compensation of the Victims of the 15th December, 2013, but I said no if you want those people to be compensated, what about 1991 Dinka Bor massacred? To me or anybody else in this statement from the very President who was elected by the people cannot say that in public rally and I believed that, this is another way to fuel the war. It became cleared that, Kiir did it intentionally to revenge 1991 when he said these people cannot be compensated because the victims of 1991 Bor massacred did not received any compensation.

Let me remind you President Kiir, 1991 split was very different to this war, because it was the split of the movement for the idea of self-determination from Dr.Riek Machar and New Sudan from Dr. John Garang side. Dr.Riek idea of Self-determination is what leads you today as the president of South Sudan and if it wasn’t because of his Idea of self-determination, you wouldn’t be the president of South Sudan right now. Also don’t forget that South Sudan was not an independence state where a commission of inquiry should be formed to investigate the war crime and crime against Humanity.

Today we are sovereignty state whereby all means if the president committed any crime against the state or the people, he or she must be held accountable and bear in mind that, you will face justice any time soon.

kiir now blaming other countries for his wrong doing, for instance, Inter-governmental Authority for Development (IGAD), Troika countries (United States, Great British and Norway), European Union plus African Union. If there are people that he should blame, he need to go back to his government and start blaming people like General Paul Malong Awan, Dr. Marial Benjamin, Nguen Minytil, Kuol Manyang Juuk, Dr.Riek Gai Kok, Simon Kun Puoch and General Marial Chanuong, for misleading him about this senseless war. Please I am advising you, not to shifted blame to other countries that have no idea about your crime.

If Kiir need peace in South Sudan he must resign immediately and allow South Sudanese people to choose their destiny otherwise south Sudan will never be a viable state with kiir still as the president.

The victims of 15th December need justice and I urge the UN Security Council and other international actors to put more pressure on president kiir government to accept peace to end the suffering of our people and apply sanction on his government. Enough is enough Kiir has done everything, he has killed the people, he destroyed the country by bringing foreign troops from Uganda and Sudanese rebel to destroyed our nation, this is time for him to go and he must go now.

I have never seen a very mindless and speechless president like President Kiir Mayardit in my entire life, if he is going to stay in power for so long; his hatred speeches will lead him committing genocide again in South Sudan, it is better for him to leave soon rather than later.

He has no vision to run the country and the only vision he has is to divide our people and practicing nepotism by hiring unqualified people like him from his hometown and promote the culture of corruption, looting and killing people.

I think president Kiir was very sick mentally and became hopeless, when he said those who are talking about looming sanction, unless they go up and talk to God to stop raining in south Sudan, otherwise their sanction is useless, I am pretty sure that, he has confused because he doesn’t know the meaning of sanction the UN security council members are talking about.


Kiir must go for peace to return in South Sudan, let the people of South Sudan work together for peace to come back to their communities. I am also urging the IGAD peace mediators and other international community to support warring parties in order to accept peace and bring to an end this senseless war. We South Sudanese are not bad people, but we have chosen the wrong leader.

Long life freedom fighters

Long life Federal Republic of South Sudan under the leadership of Dr.Riek machar Teny

Long life SPLM-IO

Gatwech Kuan, Concern South Sudanese citizen living in Northern Australia

He can be reached by email:

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