Salva Kiir’s Speech Tantamount To Declaration Of War”

By Professor David de Chand

South Sudan's Salva Kiir with Dr. Anne Itto, the SPLM acting Secretary General on the stage to address a rally in Juba, South Sudan, August 18, 2015(Photo: file)

South Sudan’s Salva Kiir with Dr. Anne Itto, the SPLM acting Secretary General on the stage to address a rally in Juba, South Sudan, August 18, 2015(Photo: file)

March 24, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — I was totally astonished, devastated, disturbed and gravely dismayed by the vague, useless and stupid war-like speech that the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir delivered to the audience at John Garang on 18 March 2015. It was a big mockery, travesty to democracy and disappointing to so many that attended the rally at John Stadium. It was the poorest speech that could have been delivered by a head of state and government in this century. I could not agree more with Pagan Amoum’s, the ex-Secretary-General of the SPLM and turned leader of the so-called Group of 10 (G10) comprises of the ex-detainees who are neither with Dr. Machar nor with Salva Kiir factions analysis and observation in the aftermath of the internally SPLM split as the ruling party and called it as “unfortunate.”

I would also termed it the speech as rubbish, total disgrace, diabolical, incomprehensible, irresponsible, disaster and indicative that Salva lacks the wit and the art of leadership to govern a culturally diverse polity like South Sudan and let alone the governing of the heterogeneous and disunited Dinka Community in South Sudan, that he lacks the mental capacity the Intelligent Quotient (IQ) to produce anything to become of his legacy except blood and more blood in addition to the thirty thousand (30,000) innocent Nuer nationality or ethnicity genocide mostly women, children, students, businessmen, businesswomen, professionals and the elderly and looted their property and monies under the pretext of coup d’état attempt against the Dinka dictator and the minister of death by his former VP and turned rebel leader H.E. Dr. Riek Machar.

Before we could proceed, it would be appropriate to exonerate the former VP from any allegation of a coup d’état because there was no coup d’état against the killer and the murderer of children and women Salva Kiir staged categorically disputed the alleged coup d’état because there was no concrete evident to support justifiably and beyond a reasonable doubt, that the alleged coup d’état occurred. Salva Kiir deliberately and willfully gave orders to his private Twic Dinka Special Militia of between 3,000-6,000 man strong known as Agetweng, Bany Adut, Malwal Anyuol and Malwal Anyier from Warap and Aweil States to go the Nuer homes, business and offices to kill them, to loot their property, their monies, forced gang rapped of their girls, women or ladies and then killed them all after which they committed forced or un-consensual relationships and sexual harassments that was a real reminiscent of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide committed by Hutu’s against the Tutsi.


The overwhelming evident and the carnage of 15, 16, 17 and 18 December 2013 shall be known hereinafter as the 2013 Juba Genocide that is considered one of the worst moral crimes a government (meaning any ruling authority, including that of a guerrilla group, a quasi state, a terrorist organization, or an occupation authority) can commit against its citizens or those its controls. Specifically, this is what the world learned about the Holocaust, the systematic attempt by Nazi Germany authorities during World War II (WWII) to kill all and every Jew no matter where found- to destroy Jews as a group. Consequently, Nazi Germany genocide between 5 to 6 million Jews became the paradigm case of genocide and underlies it origin. As the international community learned about other genocides, there was an international attempt through the United National instruments to make genocide an international crime and to bring its perpetrators to justice. Thus in 1948 the UNGA approved and proposed the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG), and most recently states signed into being the International Criminal Court (ICC), As a crime, the CPPCG defined “Genocide as the intention to destroy, in whole or in part a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such.

The ICC accepts this definition in its entirety, further elaborates it, provides broader jurisdiction, and can subject individuals regardless or status (rationae personae) or rank to prosecution. It is indeed gratifying that the ICC now covers not only genocide, but crimes humanity that include, aside from genocide, government murder, extermination campaigns, enslavement, deportation, tortures, rape, sexual slavery, enforced disappearance, and apartheid. Genocide, per se, has two types. One is the definition of genocide as intention to murder people because of their group membership, which may be called “democide”, is any international government murder of unarmed and helpless people for whatever reason. The Dinka dictator Salva Kiir regime through its Twic Dinka Special Militia has committed genocide and democide that targeted the Nuer ethnicity or nationality as an indelible group and shall be remembered as day of infamy by the Nuer nation and resilient people as an indelible group like the Americans do still remember the Imperial Japanese Naval attacked on the US Pacific Fleet on Sunday, 7 December 1941 at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in which the US President Truman went without any delays before the US Congress to Declare war on Japan. The wishes of the President were granted by the US Congress, thus, the US entered into the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945) and abandoned its previous status quo ante of being an “isolationist” nation up to this day as it was before the Japanese aggression in 1941.

The crime of genocide as the foremost international crime for which individuals, no matter how high or how low in authority, be indicted, tried, and punished by the ICC. According to Article 6 of the ICC Statute, This crime involves, any of the following acts committed with to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical or religious group, as such:

  • Killing members of the group;
  • Causing serious bodily or mental arm to member of the group;
  • Deliberately inflicting on the group condition of lie calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
  • Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
  • Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

Salva Kiir, the ‘minister of death’ and his cronies whether they like it or not, they could be indicted by the ICC in The Hague, The Netherlands, on the 2013 Juba Genocide and democide targeted the Nuer nationality of ethnicity . We would make sure that this indictment happens before the international community. As a Sudanese-American, I do really feel ashamed that President Barak Obama welcome a child and women killer to the White House, on Penn, Avenue, Washington, DC,. It was a travesty to the ideals of American democracy and the American promise to become the champion of international human rights violations around the world.


In international law, the absence of war is peace and the absence of peace is war. This is now the current situations in Africa’s youngest state though truly a pre-born and a pre-failed state. Without any shadow of a doubt, South Sudan has been already disintegrated and would never ever be reunited again now and in the foreseeable future as a heterogeneous multiparty democracy in South Sudan. Although Dr. Machar’s advances the ideals of a shared federalism that was advanced in the 1950s by my late cousin (Gualien) the late Both Dieu, it become imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain Dr. Riek Machar’s political dream of establishing a shared federal state in the true sense of the word as it exists in the USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, Belgium and the Russian Federation … etc., just only to name a few for comparative politics purposes, unfortunately.

Affirmatively, the declared war speech by the Dinka dictator and his cohorts against the Nuer nation and it resilient people, we shall and will not be afraid of any words uttered by a dictator, child and women killers. We would let Salva Kiir know that we heard him loud and clear. We shall and we will respond in due course of time. We could deliver any aggressions as we have already done twice as much against Salva Kiir and the Uganda Dictator for life Yuri Museveni in South Sudan. We would like Salva Kiir to know that he has been already defeated in the battle front and his only safety valve have been the UPDF, JEM, SRF and the SPLA-N renegades who have already dearly paid and would pay for the illegal military intervention in South Sudan domestic affairs instead of pursuing the fight for social justice, democracy, freedom and equality in the Republic of Sudan.

As for the Ugandans, they have been lured into something that they could not win now and forever. Their involvement in South Sudan could haunt them in the future and the present. We shall make no bones about it because it will one way or another would happen in my lifetime. The UPDF bombed our people with the Cluster bombs, Phosphorus and utilized depleted Uranium bullets, including other types of bombs used by Israel in the 2014 Fifty-Day War with Hamas over Gaza Strip, but we have not been defeated on our own turf in the Greater Upper Nile, South Sudan. Africa and the world should know that Salva Kiir’s forces have been disseminated, annihilated, disarrayed and fearful to fight. The only forces that keep Salva in power now have been the UPDF sand its affiliated mercenaries from Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Succinctly, without the presence of the Ugandan military forces, the Kiir regime would have gone to hell and with the wind.

Notwithstanding, it would be bound to go sooner rather than later. Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan should know and underscore that they have started a brush fire that they could quench and we would have to finish it for them in Warrap and Aweil, Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel. The world and Africa should know that the 15months old civil war or as if a tribal warfare, has not been directed against the Dinka folks, but against the renegades that support the Dinka dictator and the blood sucker and the Twic Dinka Special Militia under the command of Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan. This has been raison d’être that this war would not end soon, but could go on as the minimum five years and the maximum of ten (10) years period. It would be recalled that our forefathers in the Nuerland fought and vigorously resisted the British colonial rule for more than 30 years and never surrendered to the British suzerainty. The Nuer was the only nationality that was not colonized by the British in Sudan and in Black Africa and the world at large. If Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan were complete and matured men with balls, they should not have imported UPDF and its affiliated mercenaries in South Sudan.

In as far as the Nuer fighters are concerned, Dinka fighters are weaker and a Dinka male is equal to one-fourth (1/4) of a Nuer male in the battle field and in all other functions. The Dinka women like the Nuer women are the greatest because they till the soil to cultivate the farms and the corns or maize (Manytapni) grains or Sorghum or Beel in the Nuer authentic language whereas the Dinka men have been lazy do only sleeping compared to the Nuer men who wake up at dawn to go to work on the farms until sunset. No Nuer males would be threatened at all, by the Declaration of war speech by Salva Kiir and the arms from China because they are like the Dinka fighters who could not fight man to man. It was Alexander the Great who said he that, “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of any army of sheep led by a lion”. The Nuer fighters are not afraid of Salva Kiir’s army led by a sheep (Dinka commanders). Rather, the Nuer commanders, NCOs and the Enlisted (men/women) would not be afraid of an army led by a lion (Nuer commanders). Thank God over 75% of the army has already defected to the Opposition and what left with Salva Kiir has been disseminated, annihilated, exhausted, wiped out and became statistics. What has he got apart from the UPDF, JEM, SRF and the SPLA-N that have already received bloody noses in their ventures or attempts against the ferocious fighting Nuers on their turf.

We do consider that any arms, war materiel and equipment imported from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to fight the Nuer folks would be captured and we have already captured more Chinese made weapons from the weaker Kiir’s SPLA forces. Most importantly, Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan should know and underscore that in the military logic, it’s not the guns that fight the war, but the men behind the guns. Already, Salva Kiir does not have an army to do that except the UPDF that would soon be exhausted and would be compelled to withdraw prematurely from South Sudan without any prior notice. Assuredly, over 90% of the UPDF in South Sudan have been either dead, drawn in the White Nile River (Kier in boor) and became pretty delicious dinners for the crocodiles and other aquatic flesh easting animals and the rest captured, wounded or disappeared in the bushes and the thick terrain of South Sudan. Finally, Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan should out rightly reckon that we have the capacity and the ability to match any weapons that they have purchased from the PRC because they do not have the monopoly of the international arms market industry; we shall expand our parachute to procure more arms to fight this war until the end and the sky is the limit. We have bags full of tags of the dead soldiers and mercenaries from the aforesaid countries. In other words, the Nuer nation and its resilient people have been fighting the very IGAD nation-states minus Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti that have pretending to become peace makers for they shall be called children of God in South Sudan.

In the case of this arrogant declared war speech against the Nuer nation and its gallant people, we shall defend the Nuerland at any cost and we would make any bustards to die for what they do not deserve at all. George Washington said he that “To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace”. The US General George S. Patton and a great military historian said he that “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for is country”. I hope and trust that Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan would take the time, little positive thinking and energy to critically, analytically and logically read these preceded sentences or paragraphs. The Nuer nation and its people have got nothing to fear except fear itself. We, the Nuer nation, its gallant and courageous people, we are prepared, determined and motivated for this declared war whether real or imaginary as one of the most effective means of preserving peace over our last breath and over our dead bodies. No nationality can bully us by just uttering words of war mongering in South Sudan. Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan and their cronies know pretty well what the Nuer could do when it comes to the conduct of war. Our grand fathers and my forefathers resisted the British colonial rule in Sudan and Southern Sudan in particular, the Nuer for that matter was the only nationality or ethnicity that never ever submitted to the British imperialism and colonialism and was not colonized ever by any foreign powers. Where were the Dinka idiots’ grandfathers and their forefathers? Succinctly, the Nuer will and shall prevail in this premature declared war and we would respond in due course of time.

During the Battle of Britain during the WWII, the UK PM Sir Winston Churchill told to the people of Great Britain that “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender”. In the same vein, I shall and will tell all the Nuer people and the nation that we shall by ready to defend our Nuerland whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the Sudd marshes and swamps of the White Nile River, Sobat and the Zerab Rivers, we shall and will fight in the bushes and in the landing airstrips; we shall and will fight on our farms and in the kraals or wiecni and luekni or barns; we shall and will never surrender to anyone or to Salva Kiir and we shall and will defeat him sooner rather than later. We should let Salva Kiir and his cronies know that a Nuer one way or the other would lead in South Sudan by any means necessary and democracy would prevail amongst all South Sudanese, including the Dinka Community as well. This is the bottom line. The Nuer nation already knew the cost of freedom is always high, but the Nuer nationality or ethnicity always paid it throughout the armed struggle and in this premature and stupid Dinka dictator Salva Kirr’s genocidal war or democide that targeted the Nuer people for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part in South Sudan. The Nuer fighters and the White Army have reversed the equation in their favored and against Salva Kiir and his wicked and ill prepared generals. The US President John Kennedy said he that “The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender or submission”.

As one of the forefront Nuer leaders and in opposition prior to internal split within the SPLM as the ruling party more than 15 months ago, I do hereby urge and appeal to all able Nuer men and women that we have now a challenge before us that the Nuer nation calls on all able men and women of the nation to duty, honor and country and the right to bear arms against Salva Kiir’s Declared War. This war is for our survival and we must and ought to fight it with all might and strength to the end. South Sudanese and Salva Kiir in particular, put an end to war before war puts an end to South Sudanese.

In this declared war speech, we shall fight for our survival; there shall be no distinction amongst the young males or females in the battle fields. We have united like a bundle of sticks for purpose driven cause that is to defend and to protect the Nuer nation, its people and the Greater Upper Nile region from any domestic or external domination, oppression and exploitation and Apartheid. I should forewarn the trouble makers, the warlords, the pseudo-nationalists and the terrorists from the Shilluk (Chollo) Kingdom and the Murle falsely publicized that they have liberated their lands from the Nuer fighters, they should know and reckon that such big white lies have not correct and the lands which they claimed to have been liberated are not, nonetheless, separate entities, but part and parcel of the Greater Upper Nile region for that. We urge and appeal to such renegades, warlords and terrorists to stop misleading their people serious problems in the foreseeable future. We can rest assured the people of the Greater Upper Nile that they have nothing to fear except fear itself, because we shall establish democracy, good governance; democratization; the rule of law, human right protection, transparency and accountability. At the end of the day the foolish Dinka would return to Bahr-el-Ghazel, where would the Shilluk and the Murle go to? Of course, the future of the Shilluk and Murle is interconnected and inseparable from the Nuer majority in the Greater Upper Nile region. We shall fight like the Israelis against the Arab armies and terrorism in the Middle East, the American in Vietnam Central Asia and in Europe and the Pacific during the WWII for the preservation of the vital US strategic security interests around the world.

As an academic and one of the leaders in the Nuer Community (NC) strategic studies, terrorism and counterterrorism, Salva Kiir has opened a “Pandora’s Box” or a “Tinder Box” that he could no longer put back into the cans all the African bees, ants and warms because he has declared genocide, democide and a state supported terrorism against the Nuer nation and its brave, courageous and courteous people. Therefore, we shall and will mobilize every able Nuer male and female, they should know and underscore that so-called declared war Speech has not been about the Presidency, or the newly envisaged to be establish the Prime Minister’s position, the formation of a National Transitional Government (NTG) or about Dr. Machar’s vs. Salva Kiir boxing or fighting for the on the ring, but it has been a call targeting for extermination against the Nuer nationality or ethnicity as a “final solution” in whole or in part. Henceforth we shall and will fight this declared war by Salva Kiir and his cronies and sycophants has been all about the survival of the Nuer nation on slaughter from its mortal enemies domestic and foreign alike.

With God grace, courage, determination and motivation, we shall and will prevail at the end. Sun Tzu one of the ancient Chinese Generals said he that “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors to go to war first and then seek to win.” Given our current situation in South Sudan, Dr. Machar has won and Salva Kiir is seeking to win for that. I think that Salva Kiir and his henchmen have forgotten that the soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and again Sun Tzu stated that “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy with fighting.” Ever since the signing of the bilateral Nivasha Peace Agreement otherwise technically known as the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005 (CPA) followed by great prosperity that South Sudan never ever experienced for generations retrospect to the time in memorial, it leaders like Salva Kiir and others around him have forgotten the political reality as George Washington stated it generations ago in the United States that “Our rising to prosperity, it must be known, that we are at all times ready for war”. Reckoning the lack of vision and the vital national interest, South Sudan leaders had no any clues that they would not go to war and they sought that everything was dandy. They should have learned their lessons from Niccolo Machiavelli’s that “There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to advantage of others.”

It is now the time that the Nuer leaders should solidly unite their ranks and files to lead and to expand their wings and parachutes for proper landings to seek and to make new friendships; to mortgage our oilfields and gas fields; to sales our cattle and local resources that we have in our disposal to buy arms to wage war against Salva Kiir’s until he would be crashed, annihilated, disseminated, totally defeated and until our boys reach Warap and Aweil as the sources of the current war and that would when Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan and their God father the Ugandan Dictator for life Yuri Museveni would realize that they have aggressed and awaken a sleeping giant at the wrong time and in the wrong place. In accordance with the Nuer law of war engagements, nothing and nobody on the planet would dare to stop this war if the Salva and Malong Awan could not make an apology to the Nuer nation and its resilient for what they done, which they not to have done in the 2013 Juba Genocide. We will and shall fight this war for generations ahead. We shall and will launch attacks against the Dinka folks no matter where they reside, work without any prior notice on the same days of mid-December 2013 that the massacred more than 30,000 innocent Nuer civilian’s population under the pretext of a coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir by the former VP and turned rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar. We shall never ever forget these innocent lives wasted for no good reasons except pure madness and hatred by Salva Kiir and his Twic Special Militia. Without a shadow of a doubt, that Salva Kiir has already shot himself on the foot when he recently uttered that the incident of mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide was to revenge the 1991 Bor incident in which the local Nuer civilians’ population launched attacks against the Dinka Bor. We will avenge their death and their ultimate sacrificed blood shall water the tree of democracy. We have no mercy against anyone that has been against us, but we will and shall have mercy where has been mercy and those with us as well. We shall and will fight this war against Salva Kiir’s Twic Special Militia the Chaka Zulu way in Southern Africa in the 19th Century.

We will and shall not stop this war until the Twic Special Militia has been brought to justice. We would become merciless to anyone that has been against us and we would also be merciful to anyone with us and to provide them adequate protection to anyone who is with us regardless of tribes, ethnicity and nationality in South Sudan. We shall and will not kill innocent Dinka civilians’ population, children, women and the elderly, but we shall fight to kill any Twic Dinka Special Militia males against anywhere that could find them on the planet-Earth. Our objective should be to inflict a total collateral damage to the spirit of the already weak link, wicked and cannibal-likes Dinka men. We would show mercy where there is mercy and merciless where there is no mercy. This is the bottom line. We have to be dirty and as nasty as we can be in fighting the enemy like our forefathers did against the British imperialism and colonialism during the “Nuer Revolution” or the “Nuer Resistance” (Al-Sur’a al-Nuer or khor niey tin naadth ke Nath ke Longliethni (1990s-1930s). We should first accomplish the mission and any questions and apologies would follow thereafter. We did neither declared this war nor targeted for extermination the Dinka nationality on the face of this planet-Earth as it declared the Holocaust against the Nuer like the Nazi Germany it declared against the Ovambo (Bushmen) and the Nama peoples of the former German Southwest Africa in 1904-1908, the Jews and Gypsies, including Afro-Germans in Europe during the WWII in Europe. We should tell Salva Kiir and his cronies that we (the Nuer people) are ever ready, determined and motivated and would fight this war when they are ready on the declared war. Meanwhile, we would like to urge and appeal to the people of Uganda and the UPDF, JEM, SRF, the SPLA-N to withdraw from South Sudan’s soil because they would gain nothing from this war except death and more death and more wounds. Let the Dinka fight their declared war alone against the Nuer people.


“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God”. Specifically, I was stunned because I was really expecting dictator Salva Kiir to have chosen to speak about the roadmap to peace and conflict resolution, reconciliation, forgiveness, but to forget the past and to bring to justice all those that have committed genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity from the President Kiir to the Twic Dinka Special Militia. I was further anticipating that Salva Kiir would have come out forcefully on a strategic socioeconomic plan of action on how to stabilize South Sudan Pounds (SSP) and on how to reduce the inflation before its becoming a mind boggling issue in the near distant future. Actually, I was really shocked that Salva Kiir did not come out strongly to appeased the audience on what he would do about the gravely aggravating situations pending issues with emphasis on war and peace, how to stop the bloodshed, the stabilization of the Pound and ways and means of reducing the inflation. I really do wonder who are really his political, economic and public relations advisors. I guess if he does not have them, he should look for them and hired them now before the boat sinks or capsizes, but it would no matter what he does at the end because that would come too late and too soon. Nevertheless, he [Salva Kiir] has opted or chosen the wrong path-that’s the war path that he cannot win no matter what and who is against the Nuer folks. Even if Salva Kiir a child and women killer was not a peacemaker, he [Salva] would have chosen the roadmap to peace rather than dwelling on path to war and concentrating his personal vindictiveness, castigating and vanities that exist or prevail between him and Dr. Riek Machar. This is not what the people wanted to hear. I would presume that the people of South Sudan do not need such personal clashes based on political power struggle, money and control of the destiny of others against their free will and consent.

As a political economist, I was expecting Salva Kiir to have spoken on scientific strategies on how to achieve economic policies and ills and the rising inflation, the rising cost of commodities in the marketplace, peace and war, reconciliation, forgiveness, but not to forget the past for cooperation and as the way forward. Let’s assume hypothetically that he (Salva Kiir) has spoken about what the audience wanted to hear he would have interrupted with much applause which did happened at all. The whole audience was disenchanted, dismayed, disillusioned and disappointed. Precisely, the whole showcase was a waste of time, money and energy.

Most importantly, he could have spoken about the publication of the African Union [AU] Report on genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity as demanded by more than Seventy-six (76) organization, including South Sudan Democratic Front Party-in-Opposition (SSDFP-I-OP) in which I am its founder and Chairman, other heinous crimes committed against humanity, the looming UN sanctions, the possible placement of South Sudan under the UN Trusteeship Administering Authority for a decade or so and the reaction of the international community, including the UNSC. If he (Salva Kiir) has a little sense of wisdom and vision to have mentioned any of the above-mentioned and others not illustrated herein, he could have had sympathies, plentiful applauses and possibly he could have won back some friends within the international community particularly, the United States or Uncle Sam, Norway and the UK, which he never considered during his flawed and useless the so-called Declared War Speech at John Garang Stadium on 18 March 2015.

In fact, other pre-requisites that Salva Kiir could have focused on in his Speech would have been for him to have said that enough was enough and that it is about time to quit or to resign or to step down from power and to give power back to the people where such power belongs for that. He could have talked about foreign military forces presence in South Sudan soil, including the ROS rebel forces withdrawal from South Sudan’s soil. Most importantly, he [Salva] could have apologized to the Nuer people for what he has done, which he ought not to have done. I have no doubt that everything that I have indicated or illustrated or mentioned in this piece of work would certainly haunt Salva Kiir in the next few weeks because aggravating situations are looming on in at the horizon and the red flags against him are flying or flaring ups everywhere, including Washington, DC, that he’s already about to lose. Given the inaccuracies, lies and historical blunders made by the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir, we could assume that the spirit of the late John Garang de Mabior laughed in his graveyard where he gave the speech on 18 March 2015.

Conclusively, Salva made a heck of lot of historical political blunders he would have avoided as much as possible, that would haunt him down the road for pretty long time to come even in the legacy of his presidency as a self-ordained or self-anointed Emperor of South Sudan and virtually claims himself compared to Louise XVI of France who arrogantly and stubbornly said he that “d’état si moi” (I am the state). My best bet though for Salva Kiir would be to make peace with the Opposition or the rebel forces because he would have to realize as Professor Albert Einstein said he that “Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding”.

As a staunch member of the opposition, politician with an army on the ground fighting Salva Kiir’s forces prior to the internal split of the SPLM as the ruling party in the mid-December 2013, peace, I do envisage or envision would not come less two armies security arrangement and 50/50 power sharing with the rebel forces, and the formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGONU) that may or may not include neither Salva Kiir nor Dr. Riek Machar during the Interim Period of 3-6 years to build “Trust” and “confidence building measures, reconciliation and to forgive, but not to forget the past.” Salva Kiir should reckon that as Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit says she that “The more we sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war.” Furthermore, other one of the peacemakers like the Rt. Rev. Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa puts it that “If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talks to your enemies.”

Perhaps, one of my favorite’s thinkers Mahatma Gandhi said he that “You cannot shake hands with clenched fist.” I have purposely cited these quotations from different world’s thinkers and philosophers to let Salva Kiir know and understand that the future of South Sudan to remain as a united country depends on his unconditional acceptance these pre-conditions or pre-requisites to the roadmap to peace, federalism, political power and resources (wealth) sharing and to call it quit or to step aside or to resign for the cause of the vital national security interests. Whatever Salva Kiir does, would surely become a determining factor for the process of national integration or disintegration unity or disunity that could produce three or two mini-polities, non-viable and non-vibrant polities in South Sudan. We would sooner rather than later to declare that the Greater Upper Nile region one of the potentially richest region in oil and gas, fertile agricultural lands, animal and fishery resources, including other cortically strategic minerals would separate itself from South Sudan to become like Kurdistan-Iraq in Northern Iraq and Somaliland in Heregessa that existed as a de facto state for the past 20 years or so in the Horn of Africa and in the Gulf of Aden.

Last, but not least, the Nuer nation and its courageous people has the capacity to forgive, not to forget the past and the evident of the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide and beyond. Because we are a courageous people, we should not be discouraged and feared to be forgiving for the sake of peace. One of my greatest favorite thinks President Nelson Mandela summed it up that “Courageous people do not fear forgiving for the sake of peace.” No matter how the Nuer have been aggrieved and the whole of South Sudan remain silent about the 2013 Juba Genocide, we would be ready to forgive for the sake of peace on condition as a pre-requisite that Salva Kiir’s undertake the followings that:-

  • Salva Kiir’s step down, or resign or quits the Presidency for the cause of the vital national security interests and to return the power to the people where it emanates;
  • Unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces presence in South Sudan soil mainly the UPDF and the mercenaries affiliated to it, including the JEM, SRF and SPLA-N of the Republic of Sudan fighting on behest of Salva Kiir hired for money;
  • No formation of Transitional of National Government of National Unity (TNGONU);
  • We categorically denounced and rejected any externally superimposed peace as its being rumored around that it could be signed by Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, on 9 April 2015;
  • The People’s Republic of China (PRC) supplying arms to Salva Kiir forces does not make it part of the solution, rather, it is part of the problem. We should establish contacts and Dialogue par cum pare (equal) with the PRC arms supply to Salva Kiir army.
  • The PRC oil companies in the oilfields and gas fields in Greater Upper Nile region should without any preconditions or quid-pro-quos from the oilfields and gas fields. The PRC has become the public enemy number one against the Nuer people in South Sudan.

In summation, Killer Salva Kiir’s days are numbered and no matter what he does to put his house in order, it has come too late too soon. The great exodus from Juba by some Dinka elite families to Khartoum, Sudan, Cairo, Egypt, Kampala, Uganda, and Nairobi, Kenya, including other parts of the world are indicative signs that the Child and woman killer Salva Kiir or the “minister of death” is really sitting in a hot seat.

Most importantly, the issue of arrest warrants to his former loyalist military officers and others and freezing of their stolen assets and huge bank accounts of the money embezzled by them during the heydays in Juba, would become a new and anew beginning in the legacy of Salva Kiir’s crumbling or tumbling down administration like the Berlin Wall in the late 1998 and Perestroika (restructuring) and glasnost (openness) in the former Soviet Union. I could not agree more with Dong Luak that the arrival in Nairobi, Kenya, of the former General Chief of Staff General Hoth Mai, General Wieyac Deng Ajak, General Majak d’Aggot, General Mac Paul and General Gier Chuang, and the list goes on, a New Bill Pham is in the making in Nairobi, Kenya, and Salva Kiir should be on the lookout. What would happen to the Nuer traitor General Douth Guet? God is great and God is great! (Allah wa Akbar, Allah wa Akbar! And Kouth a thin, Kouth a thin, Ka Kouth a thin! We shall overcome the carnage against the innocent Nuer people in the 2013 Juba Genocide. In this world as President Nelson puts it that “Courageous people do fear forgiving for the sake of peace.” At the end of this civil war or as if a tribal and when Salva Kiir departs sooner rather than later the Presidency, peace and democracy would return to South Sudan. Nevertheless, it would generations to rebuild trust and confidence building measures, national unification and integration policy.

  15 comments for “Salva Kiir’s Speech Tantamount To Declaration Of War”

  1. March 24, 2015 at 5:19 am

    Thanks you David de Chan for your analyst. Very regrettable that Mr.cheapest president Kiir has spoke as a yesterday child,
    described his own people who are siding him. As a person I was very much concern for him to adjoin ICC for life arrest.


  2. GatNor
    March 24, 2015 at 5:22 am

    Another Bilpam is in the making in Kenya? Those in Kenya might have the will to abandon Salva Kiir but lack the necessary man-power and have no military forces on the ground to post any serious threats to Juba. Eastern Equatoria is another great strategic front to launch military offenses against Juba if the new Bilpam of South Sudanese in Kenya materializes.


  3. James Mulbah
    March 24, 2015 at 7:12 am

    Kir is a curse to South Sudan. And I wonder how South Sudan manage to
    have such a man without a vision to lead
    He doesn’t talk about what he wants to
    do for South Sudan rather than wanting
    to rule for live at wish time his Wani
    Will take over. What a shame?


  4. Elbow Chuol
    March 24, 2015 at 2:37 pm

    We are not afraid ……..thanks David for amazing work…..u r great


  5. Mary Pal
    March 24, 2015 at 3:32 pm

    Thank you very much David de Chan.


  6. Madong Kuoth
    March 24, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    Let it stay, I would like to read on Saturday due to my little spare I have here. Prof. David de Chan so that we need your voice so much in this touch time to Nuer Nation from Eastern,Central and Western Nuer.


  7. March 24, 2015 at 7:51 pm

    Dr. De Chan,
    What will you help Nuer people with? Is it staying in Khartoum being used by Jalaba since the days of 1997 Khartoum peace agreement? You were against the referendum last time when I and South Sudan delegation went to Khartoum to launch the referendum time line with Professor Khalil and you were very vocal with your Arabs that South Sudan was not ready and not prepared for referendum. Now that South Sudan proved you wrong, you are coming again and invoking tribal hatred. Is the PhD you have really doctor of philosophy or permanent head damage? Did Vietnam War really take the vital part of your head and left south Sudan with a heap of mud which we have to dump?


  8. Wad Abuk
    March 24, 2015 at 9:18 pm

    The self caimed professor David De Chan is an useless person that doesn’t deserve to write any thing regarding South Sudan affairs, because he is a betrayer and selfish and enemy to all South Sudanse people including his own tribe Nuer. Before so called Khartoum agreement in April 1997 signed between Dr Riek and Khartoum, De Chan was not a sudanes because, he was a refugee for most of his life since he escaped to bush when he was a young man during Anya Nya One movement.
    He did’n participted in war, he choose to be a refugee in West Africacountries, when Riek declared so called a coup 1991 against late Chaiman of SPLM/A Dr John Garang, do to his tribal affiliation David De chan declared his support to Dr Riek, unfortunately in 2001 when thing doesn’t goes well, Dr Riek decided to joint bush life again.
    David De chan betrayed his ledear’s and remain in Khartoum, he was compromised by NISS of Khartoum, he work hardly against the interst of South Sudan even during the implementation of CPA and referendum in 2011 De Chan oppose the out come results of referendum, because of his selfishness decided to leave in Khartoum as an agent of national intellegence and security service NISS to distablise the South Sudan, so he a happy man know because of current war in South Sudan, he is enjoying incentive from Khartoum.
    Shut up we are not ready to read nonsenses and useless ideas, it will be good for you to enjoy your refugees status that is most became part of your life, how old are you know? and you still thinking like primitive Nurer in Ayod county.


    • March 25, 2015 at 1:48 am

      Wad Abuk, The Arab proverb says, ” Barking of dog wouldn’t stop Camel from running” You can’t stop professor David De Chan because he is a brilliant man who predicted the incapability of your tribal president before the South Sudan independent. Who are you anyway to tell him what to do or to say!


  9. March 25, 2015 at 2:44 am

    My brother James, president Salva Kiir is not a course to South Sudan is a blessing to this nation without him we would have not get independent we are now in. when Israelite came out Egypt of in BC the one that remained to see the promised land Jausha and Ceb those people where the witness of God, and all those who born in Egypt and those who on the wilderness died on the way because they Egypt is better than promised land. President Kiir is the eyewitness of God remained behind to make sure that South Sudanese are now in promised Land of South Sudan. if you are looking for a person you need to counted for that problem of South Sudan counted Riek Machar because he rebel twice. in 1992 and December 2013


  10. March 25, 2015 at 6:01 am

    Thanks you so much professor de Chan for the truth and pack story that you have delivered to the South Sudanese and the world as a whole on media, this article is telling the true background between two tribes. So it’s actual true that a Dinka tribe can not able to fight with a Nuer tribe,that is why they run and bought the foreign troops with the money to fight Nuer.
    we the Nuer ( naath ), we are appreciated what you have published on media. be blessed our father professor de Chan.


  11. April 6, 2015 at 2:58 pm

    Professor David de Chand.
    I thought Advanced education can change people. If advanced education did not change you,I don’t know what can change you.


  12. Albino Kosti
    April 24, 2015 at 1:02 pm

    I am from Gaawar Nuer section of Pagil therefore, I am proud of my brother professor Dr. David de Chand for professor David de Chand is a well educated man in the world. His articles are benefiting people in many purposes like education, the history of South Sudan, and the world. Only fool-moron does not acknowledge the benefit of his articles.


  13. Agutwong
    May 1, 2015 at 3:34 am

    let us all appreciate a work done by Gen.Salva Kiir, Gen. Kuol Manyang,Gen. Paul Malong. when someone misplan the coup de taa, he or she surfer for the rest of his or her live, and perhap this is what is going to happen to Dr.Riak Machar, we will not give him a third chance, by all mean we must purchase any artillery pieces that will bring Riek and the entire nuer to zero.


    • Albino Kosti
      May 3, 2015 at 1:16 am

      You have a naïve reason to win this war for your victory is depending on foreigners like UPDF, but Nuer people have more strong reason to win this war because of our strength is inside of us, We use our given God stamina to fight you Dinka, and your brought in mercenaries. By the way God almighty is in our side He will consume all your cluster bombs. Just prepare yourself to serve Nuer Nation as a loser slave of war, Mr. Agutwong.


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