By: Lam Chuol Bangoang,

Small scale farming in South Sudan, a farmer in his millet farm(Photo: extracted)

Small scale farming in South Sudan, a farmer in his millet farm(Photo: extracted)

March 25, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—-Problem of plan Implementation and plan failure. the results of development planning have been generally disappointing the widespread rejection of comprehensive development planning base on poor performance has had  a number of practical outcomes, South Sudan Government had fail rather than market failure.

Government policy often tended to increase rather than reduce the divergence between private and social valuations, for example, public policies have raised  the lever of wages above labors shadow price or scarcity value by various devices such as minimum wage legislation.

Trying wages to educational attainment, and structuring rate of remuneration at higher levers on the basis of international salary scales, similarly, investment depreciation and tax allowances over value exchange rate low effective rate of protection, quotas, and credit rationing at low interest rate all serve to drop the private cost of capital for below its scarcity or social cost.

The net  effect of these  factor price distortions has been to encourage private and public enterprises to adopt more capital intensive production methods than would exist if public policy attempted to correct the prices.

South Sudan conflict in extreme cases, violent conflict or the large scale failure  of  a state to otherwise function meaning full has resulted in catastrophic failure of even the most basic development objectives in these cases, development assistance is usually essential.

South Sudan deficiencies in plans and their  Implementation, plan are often overambitious, they trying to accomplish too many objectives at once without consideration that some of the objectives are competing or even conflicting ,

They are often grandiose in design but vague on specific policies for achieving stated objectives, the economic value of a development plan depends to a great extent on the quality and reliability of statistical data on which it is based.

When these data are weak, unreliable or nonexistent, as in South Sudan.

The accuracy and internal consistency of economy wide quantitative plans are greatly diminished. and when unreliable data are compound by an inadequate supply of qualified economists, statisticians, and other planning personal. as is also the situation in South Sudan.

The attempt to formulate and carry out  a comprehensive and detailed  development plan is likely to be frustrated at all levers.

I on my own view, South Sudan is fail state as many south Sudanese have been saying.

Long live south Sudan.

Long Live the SPLM-IO

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  1. March 25, 2015 at 4:29 am

    I like May and June in my village,very green and wonderful. It is a Gift from God. Good government is needed to support Rural Areas.


  2. March 25, 2015 at 9:08 am

    You are right Agumut i also happy when war is not present in our country, it will become more beautiful, so let us join our hands together for peace. Let us pray for brother who need to make war against the county to put their weapon down and com back for peace .


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