Administrative Reforms Established By LOL State Governor in the Lag or Fragile South Sudan

Introduction of LOL State.

Mapp Via ECS, Dioces Of Wau...

Map wia ECS, Diocese Of Wau…

March 26, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — LOL State is a name give to Greater Gogrial, the former colonial District, which was by then part of Former Warrap State. The Warrap state is divided into two, Tonj (to remain Warrap) and Gogrial (to be called LOL).

Lol State comprise of the following sections or  Payams, namely:-

  1. Gogrial  East, (Apouk),
  2. Gogrial Centre ( Twic Aguok and Kuac)
  3. Gogrial West (twic Awan) and Twic (Turalei).

The  State, LOL, is established by the SPLM/SPLA [In Opposition] in pursuant to Pagak consultative conference resolution of December 2014.

Why should Lol State be Established?

The  purposes is to establish good governance, which entails civil administrations in the state and in all Payams, and establishment of local regular security forces that will include police, wildlife,corrections services, and other state security organs.

The Roles of the Governor in the Modern Establishment LOL State.

The people of Lol are more than happy to unite, reconcile their local communities, establish friendship and re-building trust among the local community members.

This is because the community has been living under a lag administration in the former administrative regime of Slava Kiir.

The modern state administration will create permanent jobs to young people by establishing modern schools, health centers and modern hospitals in all state Payams.

The project will includes modern roads which linking all Payams and we will be extended to the neighboring states.

The military governor is committed to establish a rewarding system in the state believing that some institutions will be established to administer the system.

Members of the state will have right to financial benefits, social security funds will be created and will cover the core individual needs that include building community houses, and supporting widows, orphans and disabled that are currently neglected by Salva Kiir government.

Above all, the main priority for Lol State is to protect all state citizens. To do this, we must recruit and train strong police and other security organs in the state.These will be made up of young people from the state, LOL. The office of the governor is seeking experienced trainers to help to train such forces in the state.

Establishment of Administrative System in Lol State

The governor will recommends the person to be appointed as the deputy governor by the state’s leaders of SPLM/A. Other administrative staff will be appointed by the governor in consultation with local young  people or through community leaders. All jobs vacant shall be advertised through media.

Policy of LOL State

The policy of the governor of LOL State is to protect civilians and provide necessary and essential needs to the needed.

The policy will also mobilized, educate and make awareness to local people about the current crisis , objectives , and mission of the (SPLM/A) and the current peace process in  the fragile State.

The policy will also include talking to people about the African Commission of Inquiry report on the atrocities , human rights crimes and crimes against humanity committed by President Slava Kiir in Juba from 15 December, 2013 in which many innocent Nuer people were murdered by Dotkubay forces.

Agreement and cooperation

Lol State has a right to make and implement any agreement with any other States, provided that the agreement does not negatively affect the ordinary people’s lives, State administration and the agreement is a binding and must be respected.

Lol State wishes for mutual corporations between the states to be established and incorporates certain rules to guide them.

Inexperience leadership can cause problems to the whole community if such leaders are not well identified.

About the Lol State’s First Governor:

The current LOL State Governor is Ustaz or Molana Aguer Rual, a citizen of LOL State from Turalei Payam.

Ustaz Aguer Rual previously worked as SPLM/SPLAA representative to Australia and recently appointed as the Military Governor of LOL State.

Ustaz Aguer Rual also leads various South Sudanese and African communities, and organizations in Australia.

He formerly served as a senior SPLM/SPLA officer and co-founder of the SPLM/SPLA movement , member of 104 under the command of Late William Nyon Bany Machar.

Mr. Aguer fought and managed to contribute to the success of SPLM/SPLA, which led the 22 years of civil war. He played a positive role to the success of referendum, which help in achieving the independent of South Sudan on 9 July 2011.

Ustaz Aguer joined the first rebellion, which achieved the atony government in the South in 1972.

Aguer is educated with background in law, security and management. He is currently a senior member of Liberal Party of Australia and member of state council.

Ustaz Rual condemns Salva Kiir’s atrocities and mass killing of innocent Nuer and other nationalities.  He has openly criticized Salva Kiir’s leadership style accusing him of corruption, failures and divide and rule style.

  4 comments for “Administrative Reforms Established By LOL State Governor in the Lag or Fragile South Sudan

  1. March 26, 2015 at 1:21 am

    Congratulation for the proposals of your state!


  2. March 26, 2015 at 1:55 am

    Comrade Aguer excellent. please commit to our ideology and the vision of our Chairman and Commander in Chief Dr. Riek Machar Teny. Make Lol state a unique state in the 21 states we have as opposed to the genocidal regime. My experience and interaction with you I have no doubt that development will come faster than expecteded and the SPLM/SPLA vision and mission will be achieved in a short term. Congratulations for coming out with what you will offer and what the SPLM/SPLA vision is to your state and the whole country. Congratulations. Cde Charles Pioneson, SPLM/SPLA Deputy Representative anada to C/ Former SPLM/SPLA in Opposition Canada Representative


  3. Yak
    March 27, 2015 at 5:57 am

    Nonsense, lack of information of the area, there is no place call Gogrial Centre, Gogrial west is not composed of what you have wrote. Total ignorance, how those of militants rule our Country? the so call Lol state is not acceptable, even the name of governor is wrong. please stop posting nonsense if you do not have correct information about former Gogrial district. if needs be we are going to be call in the future Gogrial state not this rubbish call Lol state.


  4. March 27, 2015 at 7:44 am

    ustaz Aguer let me tell you about twicmayardit we were not be sale out by your interest even you don’t know your home town we don’t have bounder with Aguk


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