“Crooked and Rogue Rubber Stamp Parliament’’ a case of South Sudan August House.

By: Gatgong Koang Thany,

South Sudanese MPs stand during a parliamentary session in Juba on August 31, 2011(Photo supply)

South Sudanese MPs stand during a parliamentary session in Juba on August 31, 2011(Photo supply)

March 27, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—-Since I did not studied Law, I really don’t know what would constitute the right definition for a Parliament; however, I would like to assume or define Parliament as a ’’ Vital institution of a Nation which is charged with Making and Protecting the Laws of the Land’’ Parliament in this regard would be /is the third tire alongside the other two arms (Executive and Judiciary) , together the Three makes up a Democratic, Modern National Government, therefore, here, I assume that there should never be any true Democratic Government without either of this three tiers of Government (The Parliament, Executive & the Judiciary).

In truly Democratic Country (S), Ghana for instant, each of this arms of Government are very free and independent from each other, meaning either of the mentioned arms’ decisions which are always in line with the National Constitution are not in any way influenced or interfered with by the other arms of Government nevertheless, the three arms of Government since they all serves the interest of the people always find their activities and decisions gearing towards similar ends and direction, to attain goals and objectives that would benefit and reflect the welfare of the Citizens hence positive collusion and decisional consensus are always inevitable.

In such settings, a Member of a national assembly is referred to as an’’ Honorable’’, simply because, Members of a Democratic National Assembly (s) are elected in a Free, fair and credible election which are always done in accordance with the Supreme Laws of the Land, in such processes, always only distinguished, Personalities with exemplary Leadership qualities and competencies find the Courage and the chance to get the Honor of being elected, once elected an Honorable member is answerable besides God and the Constitution of the Land only to their constituency (s) with whose voices he/she speaks and represents, thus an Honorable Member of an August-House, in real world, thinks and acts with the emotional and physiological mindsets of their electorates.

With this understanding and definition or assumption for a Parliament, I’m overwhelmed, devastated and bewildered most time and never stopped wondering as to how on earth would I define, the syndicate currently occupying what would be the place of a National Assembly for South Sudan? How do you people define what we have here in South Sudan? Honestly is this a Parliament? Given the definition or the humble assumption I have narrated above? If yes, then why doesn’t its functions correlates with the rest of the world‘s intuitions of similar status? If no then what is it and why is there for? The crude and thugs syndicates currently occupying the place of what would be a Parliament in Juba today is nothing but a decoy, puppet and rubber-stamp since it comprises merely and mostly of, incompetent, illiterate, indecent and corrupted SPLM Sycophants who were rigged in by the ruling party in the charmed/ incredible 2010 elections with intention to use it as an easy-to-grab rubber-stamp as its implement its dirty tricks in the poor-young nation.

The one-Party Manipulated and Dominated House of thugs that Juba keep referring to as a Parliament does not meet even the very minimum standard to get that Honored Name. in fact it’s very existence, and the very intention behind its illegal constituting and composition proven by its very performances and actions so far indicates none but one thing, that the crooked and rogue House was formed and instituted to but only collude with the cursed/corrupted, Defunct and now turned tribal Salva Kiir Government to loot and robbed the Nation and its People of its wealth, independence, the painfully earned freedom and their great aspirations. The truth is out there for all to see, no matter how emotionally and psychologically you might be blinded by selfish or unpatriotic tribal allegiance, you could never be so blind and deaf to the point of not realizing that what this rogue house is doing is tantamount to the highest record-setting betrayal ever done to any Citizens anywhere by a human beings’ Parliament.

I know you know that what Juba Government and its few-unreasonable supporters called Parliament is a none starter but all the same, let me refresh your memory by highlighting just few, out of the countless situations where the ‘’Not so August-house’’ failed to impress or even try to intervene to show that it indeed exist for the people in the first place, let’s take the very recent ones;
A genocide happened in Juba, the Government of the Land suddenly went wild and on rampage killing a section of its Citizens, including Members of the very house, in just three days(3days), over thirty Thousand (30000 plus) innocent, unarmed, Men, women, children and Elderly as well as Disabled, most of whom even voted for both the Very House (in the Rigged Exercise) and the Lunatic President Himself were murdered in Cold Blood, some killed after being Raped, molested or sexually mistreated , others murdered in the most gruesome, cruel and inhumane manner ever since before, (being burned alive), forced to eat human flesh and worst other inhumane treatments I don’t need to mention here, their crime, ’’ to keep the power, a wrong tribe had to cease existing’’ an inhumane and cruel concept that has now threw the nation to the dogs, the Parliament which is supposed to be the voice of the People never come to the aid of the people instead it condemned the dead, calling the innocently killed women and children ‘’Coup plotters’’ , I must acknowledge however the courage of few who stood-up to their task for example ‘’Kay Mullar’’ a distinguished Lawyer and a member of the dead-house, he is an Honorable indeed.

Security Bill, Democracy as a system is defined and is exercisable only when its basic principles are applied, this basic principles are the fundamental Human rights, rights which God the creator himself symbolically expressed and affirmed their entanglement with the very human existence, Human life is never complete if and unless we have this freedoms; to live, to talk from our heart and conscience, to assemble and associates with other humankinds for peaceful purpose out of own volitions and so on, the government’s Security Bill takes away even the very basic right to live, its places your very life and existence on the hands of some Hooligans jerks, who would then gamble with it , whether t to keep it with you or take it at will like they have done to many , and your Parliament has endorsed that Bill, what a Parliament !!

A National assembly that approves hefty Loans to fund genocide against its people, to fund the importation of drugs like Whisky drinks, Beer, Prostitutes and Mercenaries in to its Sovereign Territories and other criminals, imagine such an Assemble, that leads in breaking the very Laws it is supposed to Protect, approving Loans without; explicit notations of the its purposes, without followings its own standing orders (not passing the bill/motion to house-specific-committee) in the rush to please the king, and the anticipation of getting a share in loot quicker.

In which part of the Earth, other than here would you ever find, a democratically instituted Parliament increasing its own life oblivious of its people that are dying in every passing second like flies? Worst more, what decent and competent institution expand that live-span of Children and Women Murderer? In short what the ailing and disintegrating nation of South Sudan has is not a Parliament but a crooked ploy put there by the current regime to killed our Nation and dissolve the result of our long struggle.

In conclusion, South Sudanese are human beings like others, with honest hearts and souls, indeed with human emotions and psychological ability to choose to be or not be at all, to be a Society like the rest in the World, with a Nation, and to save our Nation we must Unite for a purpose, a purpose that’s greater than tribe, Party or any other things. We must accept to be led by the truth for only truth leads to light which in turn leads to life. And the truth to me is that we all need our nationhood back and for that to happen we need peace and for peace to come we need Justice and accountability, hence reconciliations and reunification; however for all this things to work out we must collectively from all corners of this great Country, regardless of our tribes, Region, religion and Political affiliation realize that we being cheated and robbed of our Nation by this two failed institutions in Juba, the Parliament and the Executive. Together, for our nation’s sake, lets reject the Latest Parliament extension of its and that of the Presidency’s term by all means. After all its now, like it is always been that, the South Sudan Parliament is not a Parliament but just a Rubber Stamp.

Long Live the Struggle.

The writer can be reach through g.gongk15@gmail.com

  2 comments for ““Crooked and Rogue Rubber Stamp Parliament’’ a case of South Sudan August House.

  1. March 26, 2015 at 5:01 pm

    Mr.Gatgong,you are indeed a good observer of what Parliament aught to be, as members elected by the people in their constituency. These rubber stamp parliament are not in consultation with their constituents ever. All they care about, are their pockets and how long they can remain as puppets of a regime,that kills it’s citizens. Even the Judiciary is not independent. To sum it up,it is an apocalypse.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gatgong
      March 26, 2015 at 9:16 pm

      we should all,from our different constituencies withdraw our confident from this meaningless Parliament.(its our tasks to mobilize the masses against this rogue instititution)


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