Military Governor of Lol State, Warrap, Calls For Immediate Exit of President Salva Kiir.

Aguer Rual, the first Military Governor of Lol State, South Sudan(Photo: Profile)

Aguer Rual, the first Military Governor of Lol State, South Sudan(Photo: Profile)

March 28, 2015(Nyamilepdia) — The Military Governor of Lol state for SPLM/SPLA[IO], Aguer Rual,  calls for an immediate exit of President Kiir, urging that he must not be rewarded with power for another three years, instead he should face justice for the crimes committed in the country during his term.

“Should we license Salva Kiir to continue creating more deaths, widows and orphans in South Sudan?” Aguer Rual asks.

“Under international and country criminal laws, criminals are not permitted to hold public office at large. They are indicted and held accountable for their crimes they have committed during their being in the office. So why should he bribe to loot, kill and diffuse the country for the second times and what benefit would the people of South Sudan get from Salva Kiir?” The Lol State governor, who holds a LLB in law from a Australian University, explains.

Mr. Rual believes that the South Sudan President is a criminal and endorsing him to stay in power is uncalled for, unwise and unacceptable.

“It would be unwise decision to allow such criminals to be in public office, should the country continued fragile and devastated while UNMISS residents, the IDPs and Refugees have continued to suffer and they may spent another ten years under the UN protection while their children have no access to education and other essential services in their mother homeland.” Aguer strongly emphasizes.

Like many other observers, Aguer reiterates that Mr. Kiir has terminated all the proposals that were agreed, suggested or discussed in the past 14 months and continued that the president has failed to bring peace to the country.

“For the past fifteen months, Salva Kiir failed to bring peace to the country. As he continued to insist not to step down from the public office he prevents the IDP and Refugees from returning to their homes.”Aguer stresses.

“Recently, the regional and the international community in their reports have found that all Juba atrocities where committed by Salva Kiir, in support of Tor Deng Mawien, and more other Dinkas elders, who are very close to his home and his native clans.” Mr. Rual recalls the leaked AU report.

“The report recommends that such criminals shall not be allowed to be in the next transitional government of national unity, which will be formed in July 2015.” Aguer, a native of Warrap State, explains.

“The report also recommend that such people will face justice and thus their assets will be frozen and they will not be allowed to travel outside the country, South Sudan.” Aguer continued.

The military governor, who was recently appointed by Dr. Riek Machar to lead the newly proposed Lol state, strongly emphasize that Salva Kiir is holding the nation hostage, believing that there will be no development as long as Salva Kiir remains in power.

“To be honest, there will be no forgiveness and reconciliation with Salva and his killers.” Aguer said.

The Lol state governor, who holds dual citizenship for South Sudan and Australia, believes that when Salva Kiir steps aside, South Sudan will develop and the subsequent leaders will be officially elected by the people to lead them.

“I believes without Salva in power South Sudan will grow very quickly in term of cohesion, building consensus, security and order and the world at large would be ready to provide indefinite support to the devastating community.” Aguer, remarks.

“Development in various sectors will emerge and therefore reconciliation and healing to follow. All infrastructures will begin and economy of the country will be strong enough, and there will be no incumbent president or Vice President.” He continued.

“After the TGNU, president will be elected by the people and the government will represent the people and South Sudan will be institutionalized. Military and other organized forces shall disappear in the public eyes.” Aguer said.

Like many politicians, Amb, Aguer Rual,  has attempted to explain that their colleague, Salva Kiir, ascended to power at their recommendations after the death of the founding chairman of SPLM/SPLA and the First Vice President of Sudan, Dr. John Garang de Mabior in 2005, which subsequently led to Salva Kiir ascending to presidency in 2011 after the independent of South Sudan.

Juba has extended President Salva Kiir’s term for three years until July 9, 2018, a recommendation that has been rejected by the opposition parties within and outside the country.

  21 comments for “Military Governor of Lol State, Warrap, Calls For Immediate Exit of President Salva Kiir.

  1. March 28, 2015 at 4:48 am

    Lol is a river and the same Twic County. SPLM-IO had being played by unknown ALIENS and stupid.


  2. March 28, 2015 at 5:19 am

    Agumut, instead of calling lol a river where is your relatives who was in Ayod for a year? Prepare their mourning since you not find their body. IO will have more victory soon, let Kiir prepare his exit because Paul Malong left in a basket case


    • March 28, 2015 at 6:16 am

      LOl is the same river that join the Kiir river or the so-called Bahr el Arab because of Misseriya cattle.


    • March 28, 2015 at 6:22 am

      You are not in the Front Lines.


  3. March 28, 2015 at 5:41 am

    Renaming and creating new states without public consultation is crime. Riek intention and characters displayed an act of of savage and stupid person. The guy would definitely be deemed unfit to hold public office if he were in western countries or japan. He like his opposition or kiir lack intellectual capacity, and should be dismissed from holding public. There is need for radical reform in the country. The degrees or phds that morons use to get into government offices need to be review. The qualities requirements should include IQ test, civilize standard test and disassociation from tribe. Whoever that does not understand life in contrast to wider universe should be deemed incapable.


    • March 28, 2015 at 8:30 pm

      Those who call Dr. Machar stupid are themselves more stupid than any body on the earth. what do you want him to do? sleep with all your mothers? Dr. Riek bought you the independent of the RSS which Kiir and his poor SPLA COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY DID NOT BRING. Dr. Riek’s policy brought many of you to the Western World which Kiir and his poor SPLA collaborators did not even think off, they use to take only their relatives to Cuba and other socialist Nations since 1980-1990 but after the break away of the Nasir faction Dr. Machar open all doors that were closed by Kiir and his likes and that bought all those call Dr. Machar stupid now to the Western World. How will you call him stupid while he have plan for the nation but Kiir and his confused SPLA JUBA have nothing to offer apart from drinking and steeling public resources. This time around is not 1991, Dr. Riek Machar and the Naath?Nuer will liberate you whether you like it or not it will happen just wait. the rest of other tribes will follow us because Naath/Nuer are always the head as our history till us overtime and again when there is a war we are the head. we will let him lead the RSS in your own eyes or you just pick up you belonging and join UgandA and Rwanda who are helping you on the frontline. we will defeat all of you including the so call SPLA-N AND OTHERS COLLABORATORS.


      • March 28, 2015 at 9:35 pm

        Stupid Gatkhor, what are you talking about , you said he brought independent to the South ,while he was Bashir Adviser, you are talking Nuer mind of greedy jealous and looting other people right, During 21 years your father Reik was busy collecting Dinka traditional wealth, to bring you up to cause more havoc, Nuer you are curse tribe always do negative or united for destruction ,why not you unity for development like Dinka, you want to go and loot Juba and burn it like other areas, Nuer and his Dog so call GatMachar have No right to rule because you are spoilers, you are being defeated all your history, You just collect Dinka cows , kill civilian that is Nuer right where your gifts is , you are poor no food in your home at least become robber to Dinka ,shilluk and murle. who will give nuer government in this world, even America reject you as Nuer leave alone Reik. Kiir Mayardit will rule forever and you mad tribe you would be send to Ngundeng Bong, he needs Nuer youths to worship him .


        • March 29, 2015 at 3:54 am

          Deng or Nyadengdit, I am not stupid like most of you who hart Dr. Riek and his people Naath/Nuer for the good job he have done to the RSS since 1980s. Dr.Riek manage to change your confused ideology that put the nation in to chaotic situation before independent up to now. You and likes’ hatred toward a visionaries leader and his people have reach to the boiling point since Kiir and M7 decide to kill innocent civilian in Juba in 2013.

          A primitive leader is the only one who can do that because he fear the political challenges from Dr. Machar but Naath/Nuer have say enough is enough we can not continue in that path any more. We are the first people together with some tribes in Equatorial Region who established Anya Anya one and again anya Anya two before we welcome Dr. Garang and the rest of Jaang/Dinka in to the movement which was overturn by Garang to be his own property in the year 1980s. We welcome all tribe to our land in order to form an inclusive South Sudanese movement with aim of self-determination for the all people of South Sudan because Naath/Nuer are naturally liberal demarcate by nature.

          However, after the arrival of Garang who was sent to take over the movement by Abiel Alier in Khartoum for the fear of Naath/Nuer controlling the movement arrived and with Abiel Allier’s collaboration with the Ethiopian regime started to implement their socialist ideology of killing Naath/Nuer leaders at that time.
          Garang forgot that we carried his family’s members including Mabour and the rest from were their car stopped in the forest to the Ethiopia border because of generosity of Naath/Nuer but he kills our people anyway because Garang is a Dinka. We Naath/Nuer can’t do that back wand thing/step.

          Just to make your jealousy comment short and simply,
          • Dr. Riek is the champion of the South Sudan Self determination and independent ask your mother and not kiir and M7 because they cannot understand they are busy looting public resources.
          • Dr. Riek bought the so call CPA through Garang consultation during the merging because Garang copy and past the 1997 Khartoum peace agreement between Machar and the Sudan government.
          • Dr. Riiek brought back greedy Kiir Mayar when he defected from Garang.
          • Dr. Riek again brought Kiir Mayar to be the president of the RSS during election because Kiir was not known by people and even those who knew him, know that he was primitive who have not even completed his intermediate School in the Sudan during those days when the drunken was young.
          • Many people vote for the SPLA because of Dr. Riek Machar and because the so call Kiir himself mentioned, “If you want Dr. Riek Machar bring me or I will fall over him” etc.

          What ashamed to the nation of the RSS that just after three year of independent a Jaang/Dinka leader kill civilian in their own homes, people who have no political affiliation with Dr. Riak Machar just because they were his tribe mate.
          For your information the 21 years of war was fought by Naath/Nuer and not by Danka because dinka are so greedy that they want to own everything if they get the opportunity.

          We Naath/Nuer have good human resource manage as a natural gift to us and that is why we mange to assimilated many tribes because of our assimilation policy since Naath/Nuer migration. We have Jaang/Dinka and other tribes that we have assimilated and they are the ones who are fighting this imposed war on us. Ask your mother about that…
          This war is the end of all lies and your confused socialist ideology. The Naath/Nuer will fight this imposed war to the last man, M7 and your other collaborators will not help you to the end when lifeline of your survival is cut; we will defeat you and the rest of you will be assimilated again like your grand Fathers.

          Naath/Nuer have never been defeat in any war we fought ask your mum about that we will again defeat you all and Dr. Riek Machar that you and yours alike have rejected will lead you so that we will have a peaceful and sustainable RSS that will cares for all and not just few opportunists.
          Dr. Riek Machar Oyee
          Freedom fighter Oyee
          SPLA IN O OYEE
          Naath/Nuer Oyee
          Struggle contuses and our Victory against the looters of our Resources is very certain!


        • Lual Deng Gach
          March 29, 2015 at 4:41 am

          I think you out of touch Mr Deng and you did not know Nuer very well because Nuer are not greedy like you Dinka who are crazy of leadership and it appears all tribe in south sudan hate dinka for their looting government money or public money and you talking about nuer are looters while you own tribe are looters and stealers. Let me assure you in battle field dinka never defeated nuer before and if you think nuer will be defeated in this war your just laying to yourself because no matter how long it will take nuer will never be tie to this war until we will remove your brainless president out from his presidency.


      • March 28, 2015 at 11:42 pm

        Go ahead with your Dancing,but remember that being in the front line is between dead and alive. Actually who told Riek Machar send everybody to the West and told you i live in the west? Good lucky and keeping it on,but be careful with brain damage.


        • March 29, 2015 at 4:08 am

          The civilian that Kiir and M7 kill in Juba were not on the front line but they were kill anyway because they were Naath?Nuer. You don’t need to lecture me about front line. those who harted Dr. Riek very much are the ones who got opportunities because of Dr. Riek policies before the Nasir break away everything was kept as one man property. there was no body in Kakuma R Camp and other came in Uganda apart from Itang that was a permanent place for Jaang/Dinka.
          after Dr. Riek say no to Garang all doors were open that is why there are many people in the west as well as in Eastern African Countries.


          • March 29, 2015 at 5:59 am

            Gatkhor, you r just a big liar like rest of your kinsmen. Be informed that riek stated to rebelled after having learned that mengistu government was overthrown. From that point on spla did not have any backer. So riek realised that since they have lost their only backer, spla was going to collapse. So before that could happened, he decided to rebelled so as to secure an open door to bashir government.
            Regarding those who went to western countries, it wasn’t garang nor riek plan but a gesture of good will from countries like America and australia.
            gatkhor, anyone with intellectual reasoning will never back kiir or riek given the mess they have created in south sudan.
            I respect you for being mentally slave to riek. But your master have no place in an intellectual world. His PHD serve no purpose but primitivenss.
            as a reasonable individual, i have no reason to hate or wish nuer bad feeling. In fact I need nuer to wake up and say no to backing stupid politicians.


  4. March 28, 2015 at 6:19 am

    I am at war with Nyamilepedia.


    • .
      March 28, 2015 at 6:29 am

      Peace, Agumut!

      How about that?


    • March 28, 2015 at 7:37 am

      AGUMUT, stpped calling well educated man a stupid. You have being brain by cowboy,
      it’s true you preaching salva killer.


  5. March 28, 2015 at 9:40 am

    Agumut,People talk the reality there is no need to keep a wrong person in right place. We need dev’t no Tribal leader.


    • March 28, 2015 at 8:45 pm

      Yes,I strongly agreed with you comrade,Lol State Governor, Ambassador n molona Aguer Rual, you had nailed it right. Salva Kiir Kuethping had betrayed and sold our dear won national sovereignty to his imported hire mercenaries under influence of his boss Yoweri Museveni of Uganda. Salva Kiir is a symbol of disunity, divider and failed leadership factors in the country. Under him RSS will only experience the followings:bloodbath nation status, tribal/clan politics, rampant corruptions and nepotism, failed state number 1 in global list, lack of freedom n developments, tribal hatreds or division, annexation of South Sudan territory by his foreign neighbors friends like case of Abyei, 14 miles of NBEG State, Panthou in Unity State, Apur el Nass in WBEG State by Sudan, Moyo area in Central Equatoria State by Uganda, and nadapal in Eastern Equatoria, iliem triangle in Jongle by Kenya and Buor Bieh in Upper Nile State by Ethiopia troops.We must dismantle Salva Kiir’s authoritarian regime characters by widely NISS security’s harassment,persecutions,random arrest and tortures,wanton killings in Juba and individuals disappearance in public,mismanagement of our national wealth and fundamental national resources like pedo dollars, lack of trust, accountability and transference.We South Sudan nationals at home and in diaspora must united as to rescues our dear country from total collapse and looming tribal/regional disintegration and from being forcefully put under United Nation Trusteeship or Protectorate System due to failed leadership . Kiir Kuethping Lual must go as to give country and peace a chance.


      • Bentiu Ramaran
        March 29, 2015 at 4:22 am


        Thanks a lot Grant for your in deep explanation of how Kiir genocide sold out our country to neighboring nations. In fact, Kiir is clueless he does not know how to run the country.

        Kiir killer knows only how to say I am the president of South Sudan and will always remain president, but he does not know what the president does. Kiir genocide is totally idiot, clueless, visionless, and extreme tribalist chief. He is a total failure goofy president ever South Sudan had.

        I completely agree with the LOL state military governor that Kiir must step aside for the peace to prevail in South Sudan.


        • March 29, 2015 at 6:18 am

          Bentiu, first of all it would be stupid of me to back kiir given the mess he had created in the country. The same could be say about riek who had killed civilians In 1991 and 2013. Since nuer can’t recognized riek brutality against dinkas, how would dinkas feel about riek and his nuer backers.
          I believe we should equally blame riek and kiir for the killing that had occurred In south sudan. If we all say no to war, who would then remain to continue the war?. We are the reason why the politicians in our country behave in their chosen jungle ways. We need logic to reign and stop supporting stupid politicians. We hold the key to better south sudan. All we have to say is no to tribal mentality and embracing the spirit of nationhood.


          • GatNor
            March 29, 2015 at 12:35 pm

            Garang, Nyuon & Kiir massacred GaatJaak or have you forgotten that.


  6. Aguer Rual
    March 30, 2015 at 12:23 pm

    Thanks you all for your valuable comments


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