Peter Mayen Majongdit PLP Chairperson set free from detention

Peter Mayen Majongdit, the opposition leader who went missing for days in Juba (Photo: Sharp Voice/Nyamilepedia)

Peter Mayen Majongdit, the opposition leader who went missing for days in Juba (Photo: Sharp Voice/Nyamilepedia)

April 9, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)-—-The  chairman of the newly established People’s Liberal Party has been discharged by the security personnel after some days in detention in an unknown place in Juba.

Opposition PLP leader Majongdit, who hails from the same Gogrial West county of Warrap state with President Salva Kiir, was arrested last week in the capital city of South Sudan.

With Nyamilepedia editorial team, Majongdit revealed that he was released last night after being held for one good week without proper charges of any crime brought against him. He said his eyes were blindfolded the whole time.

“They closed my eyes and they put me somewhere very nasty really. My eyes have been closed so I have been blind for the last seven days.” adding that he does not think he was held at an official government premise.

” At that time I was protected by men who  either used Dinka or Arabic Juba , and when they set me to go, they drove me back to the very place where they had abducted me from and left me there”  he said.

The politician said he was threatened to stop advocating for accountability for what happened in mid-December 2013.

“They warned me not to talk about the issue of accountability and all the officials who committed crimes on the 15th December,” he said.

The Liberal Party chairperson said he had been talking about this issue via the media before his arrest, including an interview with Bakhita Radio.

He also spoke out about corruption. He explained that his party’s position on transitional justice is that there cannot be reconciliation without truth.

“We are saying that only to reconcile these peoples together – just bringing these people together – is not enough because there are also wounds in people’s hearts.” “If we talk about reconciliation without truth then we will only have a temporary peace,” he said.

Peter Majongdit said his life was threatened and also warned not to speak with the media. Asked why he thought he had been released, he responded that he was told there was an outcry about his arrest and external pressure and that had helped led to his release.

Asked whether he thought there was any connection between his arrest in Juba and recently reported inter-clan tensions in his native Warrap State, he did not deny this.

He said that he was aware that youths of his clan Kuach Ayok of Gogrial West had threatened youth of the Awan Chan Nyal clan of President Salva Kiir.

Last few days clashes occurred between the Apuk and Athiik clans in Warrap State which left at least two people dead and other injured.

“Maybe they saw it was very hard to manage,” he said of those who had ordered his arrest. However, Kiir’s mouthpiece, Ateny Wek, said at a press conference today that government security forces were not involved in the detention of the opposition leader, Peter Mayen Majongdit.

“I have no idea as to the missing gentleman, Mayen Majongdit, but what I wanted to tell you if he was missing; he is the very close relative to chief administrator in the Office of the President, his father and the father of the chief administrator are brothers from same mother and same father,” he disclosed.

In further remarks, however, he allowed for the possibility that Majongdit might have been accidentally detained somewhere.

“It might have been procedural thing if he might have been detained somewhere and soon as we get the information we will update you. But it should not be called ‘missing’ because the relative didn’t say yes he is missing.” Ateny wek added.

  1 comment for “Peter Mayen Majongdit PLP Chairperson set free from detention

  1. April 9, 2015 at 9:09 am

    This guy may have been detained by the Ugandan Defense Force. And this is an indication that Kir has loose control of South Sudan.
    The country needs an inclusive government that will put South Sudan on a better path for prosperity. And democracy is the only solution to situation the country is faced with.


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