The Hard Sanctions is Preeminent and Nippy Remedy to Tyrannical and Autocratic Regime to Sign Just and Sustainable Peace?

By Lual Magok,,


Principals' delegations negotiating the final round of peace agreement in present of mediators in Addis Ababa....

Principals’ delegations negotiating the final round of peace agreement in present of mediators in Addis Ababa….

April 13, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The never-ending unenforced growing regional and international community threat to impose soft sanction against individuals who obstruct the peaceful settlement of the unending deadly and brutal conflict proof to posses no optimistic positive impact to achieve just and sustainable peace on timely manner in the country.

The experiences revealed that any pressure without practical potential threat of hard sanction toward Juba regime and its allies will have little or no effect at all to meet aspiration of south Sudan citizen’s quest for sustainable peace. The Juba regime after committing daylight ethnic cleansing against the Nuer tribe in Juba and other major cities obliged the regime to change its engagement strategy with international and regional bodies to cover up all gross human right abuse committed by the regime under the pretext of attempted coup.

The recent Juba regime antagonistic and tyrannical tendency toward Troika and IGAD leadership noticeably indicated that Juba regime is not enthusiastic and will not at all embrace peaceful settlement initiative as anticipated by negotiators. The regime influential leaders were seriously involved in the planning, organizing, coordination and execution of Ethnic Cleansing scheme in Juba.

The experiences from other countries ruled by dictators and fascistic elites such as Libya and Syria usual in defiance and absolutely never respond to bendable sanction out fear of losing powers and the question of their political and economical future in the country. I believe the state of affairs in South Sudan will not be an exception to other experiences and the regime in Juba will by no means give a positive rejoinder to whichever peace initiative that will not favor their folks who executed genocide scheme in Juba.

The genocidal regime will not at all be in position to show willingness to any peace initiative that address the root causes of unending crisis and it’s lucid that any peace accord which overlooked the root causes of this conflict will not bring sustainable peace and it will be similar to cease fire agreement by the warring parties.

The regime will not agree to peace initiative which will address the accountability for the known perpetrators of nasty human rights violations especially those who were involved war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and it’s an obvious that any peace accord that denied justice and accountability will means compromising the rights of the victims.

The quest for an independent tribunal to deal with the atrocities committed by the regime and their crony’s foreign mercenaries is critical and exigent matter. The good example is the use of cluster bombs and anti-personal landmines in the internal conflict.

The regime refusal to accept the federal system scheme which proof to be a popular demand to the south Sudanese ever since Sudan got an independence from the British colony.

The regime will persist to resist any peace without Salva Kiir as President and greater part of citizens deem that, Salva Kiir lost his legitimacy through perpetrating act of genocide against his own voters. The best place for him should be to answer criminal cases from International Criminal Court in Hague.

The regime will never pay serious attention to the reconciliation and healing process out fear for dragging innocent civilian to deadly war and the citizens believe that social fabrics and relations among the communities was torn apart by ongoing brutal war.

The genocidal regime nevertheless believe on an illusion to bring to an end to this vicious war militarily and the precedent of 16 months experiences has revealed that , the regime troops has lost moral to continue with military operation in South Sudan.

The regime believe that organizing and arming tribal militia with no political objective can assist to overwhelm the rebel forces but latest internal ethnic hostility within pro-government tribal militias signified that arming ethnic militias will encourage disintegration of the country into tribal warlordism .

The regime in addition attempt to applied monetary line of attack to trade in far-off mercenaries to smash the rebellion yet the experience has exposed that foreign mercenaries cannot stand-up fight for long in intricate terrain with no complete combat maintenance on frequent approach .

The experiences since the eruption of the this deadly conflict revealed that , Salva Kiir regime has no vision , mission and has lost strategic direction to govern this country and people and the cry for change is real and regional and international powers need to act now not tomorrow . It very clear that, South Sudan was thrown to dangerous hands of war mongers and will never work to resolve this brutal war as long as they continue to loot the little resources at their disposal.

We all know so as to Salva Kiir regime has stranded and already reached the stage of stagnation. It will not be able to smash the rebellion as they deceit citizens and citizens will continue to cope with hardship, lack of basic services and prevalence of poverty. The regime has no program to bring out peace and Salva Kiir will not at all sign peace accord that required him to step aside.

They give the impression to be yielding no any optimistic warning sign of hope to the millions South Sudanese who are exposed to hardship and inhumane living conditions due to persistence of this brutal and deadly civil strife in the country .

With all the afore-mentioned facts, the international and regional actors have an obligation to take drastic decision to apply hard sanction against Juba regime to accept just and sustainable peaceful settlement of this conflict in order to salvage this state from total collapse and disintegration into tribal areas.

  1. The International Criminal Court (ICC) should indicted President Salva Kiir and perpetrators of Juba Ethnic Cleansing Scheme.
  2. The International and Regional actors should suspend the membership of South Sudan with regional and international organizations.
  3. Impose travel ban for the government senior officials including President Kiir.
  4. Immediate freezing of economic assets for the Juba regime and senior government officials
  5. Undertake temporary suspension of international cooperation with Juba regime
  6. Impose Arms embargoes against South Sudan genocidal regime
  7. Timely Impose trade embargoes against the Juba regime
  8. Financial sanction against the Juba regime

The experiences from other countries proof the facts that use of hard sanction on timely manner is the superlative devices to cripple tyrannical and authoritarian regimes in order to give a positive response to peaceful settlement of brutal and deadly conflicts. I accept as true the time is apt to regional and international communities to exhibit solidarity with innocent south Sudanese and force hard sanction for swift resolution of unending brutal and deadly conflict. It will an awful to wait while innocent lives are at risk and million remain living under inhumane and hardship in the hand of genocidal regime in Juba.

The time for regional and international solidarity to the innocent victims is now and not tomorrow. Hard Sanction is preeminent and nippy remedy to tyrannical and dictatorship

The writer is concern South Sudanese Activist and can be reached via

  3 comments for “The Hard Sanctions is Preeminent and Nippy Remedy to Tyrannical and Autocratic Regime to Sign Just and Sustainable Peace?

  1. April 13, 2015 at 11:00 am

    yes let the south sudan get the sanction then salva kiir and his father museveni will face the consequence of dictaorship.let the international trade be suspend and army embargo then they will have no military materrials for them to continous fighting in south sudan.


  2. April 13, 2015 at 11:56 am

    Let studip kirr take free by i c c without asking sudanes citizen bc the guy step on crise ?


  3. April 13, 2015 at 6:50 pm

    Thanks u Lual for published on this rogue genocidal regime, thought their bribed allies will shortly regret on our newsletter.

    Later Mr. President should therefore hold a responsibility off why his guards carried the massacre of innocent Viking and he is finished them only one ethnic tribe by drogue.

    However Mr killer regiment will end up soon as our brave white armies are ready to reach the town shortly band, his guards are accountable for massively involved on those carrier crimes in Juba.


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