Defections by Anyone, At Anytime to Join-The People’s is Heroic and Always welcome!!!

By: Gatgong Koang Thany

Gatgong Koang Thany

Gatgong Koang Thany

April 17, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—-Our Moment the SPLM/A-IO is traversing all medias calling for our people from all works of live to raise-up against the monstrous and genocidal regime in Juba which have cheated and tricked them and stole their independence and freedom from them subjecting them once against to untold pain and misery ,in other words we are calling upon the people to rebel against the menace, tribal & Foreigners-controlled and failed mockery kind of Government in Juba, that justifiable call does not and would not in any way and any time put a datelines or time in which people would make up their minds and takes that bold and patriotic step to abandon their comfortable homes to join the bushes in search for the second yet the most crucial Liberation of our nation, with that said, I, am shocked, confused and worried by reactions of some comrades in regards to defections, especially what is known of- late as late defection to be specific. In my own humble view, Defections, by anybody at any time as long as is with sincere intention and valid purpose to fight for the needed change in our Country is much welcomed and is never late.

Reactions by some quarters in respond to the latest waves of defections from Government to Rebellion particularly that’s under the able leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny has been somewhat discouraging and at best irrational, case at hand is that of Gen. Gabrial Gatwech Pouch, who left his deployment in Lake states to join the fight against the very government that employed him. Matter-of-factually, as the Moment is getting bombardments of blessings from left, right, rear and fronts with Defectors, our cheap concern should not be the time of their defections rather their intentions for joining us, the moment needs all good-hearted and patriotic Citizens of all works of lives to join it ranks nevertheless with each defections, our vetting mechanisms for admitting new members in to our ranks especially in the sensitive expects should be kept at the top of it vigils less we would be caught celebrating the admission of the Government’s molds/agents in our midst in the name of a ‘’Defector’’ however the door is always and must always remain open for all.

The biblical proverb of the ‘’lost-sheep’’ in my opinion should be the guiding principle in this case, SPLM/A-IO which is fighting for change against such a tyrannous regime, that is in control of the entire National resources including all means of Communications and Propaganda should feel extraordinarily lucky that it is able to get its reforms messages to the population even in the heart of Government controlled areas. Defections are signs and manifestation that our messages are sinking in to the heads and Heart of our people as well as a show of the confidence in the Moment, it demonstrates its strengths and success-viability. All comrades should feel like the shepherd who celebrates the finding of one out of Ninety Nine-Sheep, whenever one persons or group of people muster the Courage to defect and find their path to the light, such a move (S) should be lauded so long the intention is assessed and confirmed to be honest and sincere.

Time shouldn’t matter, indeed nobody knows exactly when the crisis will end, therefore referring to someone/group of people who defects to the moment today or tomorrow as late-comers is devoid of analysis and is irrational, moreover we should be appreciative that our people are eventually waking up from their slumber-lands and identifying and coming to terms with the very reasons others pick-up arms against the Genocidal regime in Juba for , could be they have got their own reasons for quitting the government side but all the same what matters is that they have made the right decision to join the rest in the fight for national restoration and justice for the innocent Citizens of South Sudan who were brutally murdered in cold blood.

New-comers bring wealth to the Moment, whenever a new defections toward our side is announced, beside raising the moral of all members, the Rebellion is emboldened and enriched with new and up-to-date strategic and intelligence information that we should never had access to, such information don’t only form part of our next military engagement tactics but also our next Political and Diplomatic strategies, for instant, the defection of Gen. Gabriel Gatwech Pouch would provides the SPLA/IO’s Military Leadership and Intelligent with an up-to-today and detailed Mahlumats regarding the Enemy’s strength, weakness, and their plants , this includes their weaponry capabilities, man-power and other critical and useful details to our advantage, we should therefore feel lucky that he decided to come at this point in time.

Finally, the Moment of the People, SPLM/A-IO welcomes and shall continue to welcome honest and sincere-intention-ed defectors joining its rank from whatever fronts within the Country or outside , they could be Ordinary Civilians, foot-Soldiers who have finally seen the light and are feed-up with lies and inhumane murdering of Civilians they are supposed to protect, or Politicians of whatever status, anybody who finally heed to the National call for Positive-Change, institutional reforms, democratization and federalization of our Country to enable effective services delivery and natural-resources ownership by the Ordinary man and women in our great Country, smashing-out of corruption and slaying of the wrecking tribalism and nepotism shall be seen as the Heroes, the Moment is not only interested in welcoming big-shots with elaborate media enabled defections-statement in a glare of Cameras and huge Microphones but also Honor and celebrates the joining of its ranks by all regardless of their status. Therefore those intending to join the Moment should expect a Heroic welcome, the moment is in serious search for all the lost-sheep and would be glad to bring them back amongst the Herds.

We are democratic and civilized moment that believes in freedom of opinions and individual decision makings, hence none shall be scolded, judged or abused and disregarded for their past stance especially if that did not in any way caused the predicament we are in today in a major way. Your moment is waiting with an arms-opened-wide to welcome you all. Because this is where you and all should have been in the first place.

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    Thanks for your potential petition though you’re narratively the indulge causes.
    The army as lacked ineligible directives though their kinds had bereft Indies by the tern rogue regime murdered innocent
    However our opposition is welcomed all defected individuals who denounced mimic administration, yet faction doesn’t previously elite enemies who are involving on tore individuals on lorries and leave Kiir regiment are later to be questions why. International community both actor and State actor are to evicted criminal in feted President had relegate his tribesmen ingesting people life though the courts for muster all crimes


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