Interference of Dinka council of Elders in South Sudan Government Policies.

By Gatwech Kuan and;

Noah K. James.

Riiny Thiik the chairman of Dinka Council of leaders (Photo: file)

Riiny Thiik the chairman of Dinka Council of leaders (Photo: file)

April 19, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan is a home to 64 ethnic groups with diverse cultures, traditional governance and practices but under Salva Kiir Mayardit the Dinka tribe has forgotten the importance of our diversity. From military to church and cattle camps some Dinka want to rule in everything. The greed for power and tribal dominant is setting out Salva Kiir as a hero among the Dinka tribe.

Since Kiir has lost national vision and popularity, he has embarked to exploit tribal rift, dividing and conquering the minority tribes and trying to unite the Dinka tribesmen who believe in tribalism to enjoy the natural resources of the country. Today a small portion of uneducated Dinka population calling itself the Dinka Council of Elders have taken over the country and they are very busy implementing jiengism and cattle camps bylaws as the national laws. Because they cannot really foresee the real danger that they are creating for the innocent dinka population, they believe that their project of conquering the 63 other tribes under a Dinka Kingdom may one day succeed.

This behavior has taken up the military as well where an illiterate military general from Dinka tribe of Norther Bhar el Ghazal has taken over the army and started training illiterates dinka youth, who know nothing about the diversity of south Sudan. These boys called Gelwengs or Mathiang Ayoor are recruited directly from the cattle camps to be deployed as the national army. Most of these boys have no basic education. They know only Dinka and their enemy, which is purported as Nuer or “Riak” Machar.

Majority of these boys do not even know how this “Riak” looks like but in their brains Riek exists as a dangerous Nuer man who has killed many Dinka in the past and always want to take power by force from the Dinka community. In reality, Riak and Riek are two different creatures where one is a complete opposite of the other. But Riak has to be created out of propaganda and hatred to protect a “born to rule” myth that runs among the Dinka tribe. This non-existing Riak did not have to be the current Riek Machar but any visionary non-dinka South Sudanese leader who has the heart of establishing the Democratic Republic of South Sudan where the diversity of all the 64 tribes is values, respected and treated equally.

Based on this type of reasoning, the country is wasted. Extremists Dinka leaders have divided up the most prominent positions in the country among themselves and all they are doing is to motivate their Gelwengs, and bribed (hired) mercenaries from other tribes and countries to fight on. These village boys are told that your enemy Nuer is taking power by force, that Nuer has killed your relatives in Bor, go fight, go go go fight them. But due to lack of experience these gelwengs are killed in large numbers but more Gelwengs are recruited. Therefore, this war will drag on and on.

With such set-up, Salva Kiir and the Dinka Elders are comfortable. All they need to do is to preach more hate speech against the Nuer on the national media, particularly to isolate the Nuer tribe while baring the minority groups who have similar grievances with the Nuer from joining the fight. In addition, some leaders of Nuer and these minority groups are bribed with a lot of dollars to create more confusion to divide their communities. As a result the country we have today under Salva Kiir does not reflect the country that everyone wished to have in the name of South Sudan.

The hypothetical South Sudan is a sovereign nation that has a government, mandated by the people of all tribes for the people of South Sudan to carry out duties and obligations, to provide basic services and to protect the right of all citizens equally.

Yet it’s not the case, today South Sudan has become a property of one tribe, led by illiterate man called “President” Salva Kiir Mayardit and advised by tribal elders known as Dinka Council of Elders. These people live in Jiengism and never do they know that South Sudanese people are sick and tired to hear the so President and his Dinka Council of Elders.

To reverse these mindsets and endless wars, the Dinka intellectuals around the globe must come out openly to stop Salva Kiir and his mad elders from using the Dinka Community based organization for National interest and interfering in government businesses that should represent all the 64 tribes. Otherwise what Salva Kiir and his elders are doing will completely destroy the Dinka image in South Sudan politics and will one day provoke dangerous revenges against the innocent Dinka people.

Salva Kiir must appreciate the South Sudanese people for allowing him to lead their country although he is the most incompetent leader of all politicians.Instead of embarking on this dangerous path to keep power he must immediately step down and relinquish power to competence leaders who have the capacity to reconcile our people and the nation.

Gatwech Kuan is a South Sudanese Citizen living in Northerner Territory of Australia. He can be reached by email at  Brother Noah K. James is a freedom fighter in Upper Nile, South Sudan, he can be reached at

  10 comments for “Interference of Dinka council of Elders in South Sudan Government Policies.

  1. Abuchook
    April 19, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    Mr. Gatwech and your brother, you all need to have both side views within your article; otherwise your writing will be considered bias. It seemed to me as If you are blaming or complaining about the Issue you never really understand how? Please call the meeting with your brother Dinka and talk to each other as regular citizens not as politicians. REMEMBER 1997 SUDAN COUNCIL OF CHURCHES PEACE CONFERENCE!


    • April 20, 2015 at 6:33 am

      Is there any different between you gatwech and a villager?. You know vividly that most of nuer generals are illiterates. You also failed to realised that riek is not innocent but more vicious than kiir. A rational thinker will equally blame both kiir and riek for ongoing war in south sudan. There is no different between nuer white armies and mathiang anyoor. Gatwech your article will only make sense to tribal affiliate like yourself but not civilized individuals.


  2. April 19, 2015 at 8:36 pm

    Wow,it is like a joke and comedy in the Theater,i don’t know what they are talking about!


  3. Bentiu Home
    April 19, 2015 at 9:22 pm

    Mr. Gatwech thank you very much. You are absolutely right in what you describe in your article but we as Nuer always we are not accept someone who cause problem with other people we always tell him frankly you are wrong. For what is going on now in South Sudan we know very well Kiir go beyond the limit but our brothers Dinka see all these crab as victory for them. It is not too late for them to correct their community future among S Sudanese communities otherwise we follow the path Kiir created and we will see how it work. They play with this country resources and they know very well If not Upper Nile Region I don’t think the Juba Gov will survive until now.
    Son of Bentiu


    • Ter Garkek
      April 19, 2015 at 11:20 pm

      Brother Gatwech have that right to tell the truth of what is happening in the S.Sudan.Nuer are democratic people in their lives and our brothers Dinka they are not like us they fear one who have wealth and they called him (Beny) they are not incompetent to Lead this nation.
      the rest of 63 tribes no one said no to Dinka at all only Nuer, only the hope of restoring the unity of people in S.Sudan is our rebellion,since we will make sure that Kiir is our from the chair.
      Dinka council of elders will not tell the truth the Beny Silva Kiir because he is the riches one among them. so let us not loost hope of change to our country is not belong to Dinka is belong to us all.


      • April 20, 2015 at 6:48 am

        Ter, I’m dinka but you may never know that I’m worst critic of kiir and like wise to riek. I don’t respect people who work around tribal militias. Therefore riek and kiir according to standard, would regarded as uncivilized. They certainly don’t know that life could go on and on without one being president or hold on to presidency. Why do civilians on both government and opposition offer their precious on behave of animals like riiek and kiir. I believe, if we all say no to war as civilians, kiir and riek will not accept to fight themselves. So Ter you should denounce riek and kiir equally otherwise you would never different from them.


    • Gueto
      April 20, 2015 at 1:35 am

      Bentiu Home? bring your real name please!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t fear?

      Only foolish nuers with daily articles, where are other tribes in SS. War in the media will do nothing my dear. Come to the frontlines to get rid of President Kiir, if it is easy. Media war is a sign of failure.

      Dinka population in RSS is 2.4m while Nuer is 1.6m. President Kiir is remains as Icon in the RSS and will be burying in Juba city next to Dr.John Garang when Almighty God took his life. Even though rebels would use magic, signing many songs or any, President Kiir will never die because he has not betrayed this nation from 1972 to 2015.


  4. April 19, 2015 at 9:33 pm

    Abuchook! You are liar how can you blame Gatwech to call a meeting while you already know there is a peace in A/A where your dinka elders warn Kiir not to sign peace or loose seat. Your people dinka are greed of power.


  5. April 20, 2015 at 1:05 am

    Gatwech Kuan,
    You need to style up, are you really aware that you are living in a modern World?
    In this world we live in, you can’t just wake up overnight, take your strong whisky and start to blame others for not taking their children to school before they could join the army but you also fall short to talk about your primitive white army who ‘re recruited to serve the following purposes; i.e. stealing or looting of cattle and other valuable properties then the killing, raping and faking or forging of millitary Ranks without a shame!


  6. April 21, 2015 at 4:17 pm

    In fact when someone doesn’t be aware of afterward its up
    to other people that they will assist, so here it takes


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