What is Salva Kiir’s Best Choice Between the Shilluk and the Dinka Apadang in Upper Nile State?

By Lual Magok,

 A member of Dinka Padang white army aka Abuchiok(Photo: file)

A member of Dinka Padang white army known as Abushiok(Photo: file of Nyamilepedia)

April 27, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The unending political and military maneuvering between the two hostiles rival forces of the Shilluk Aguelek militias and the Dinka Apadang Abushiok, Maszulum militias can be perfectly describe as a remarkable test to the fragile regime of President Salva Kiir and his tribal elites .

The latest up to date data’s from field rapid assessment within the two rivaling community denoted that , the Shilluk Aguelek militia led by Gen Johnson Olony suggest free conditions for the peaceful and political settlement of the ongoing crisis in Malakal and proposed conditions are as follows .

  1. Immediate relieve of H.E. Simon Kun Puoch, Governor of Upper Nile State.
  2. Immediate removal of Gen Johnson Gony Beliew from Sector one Commandership.
  3. Immediate Appointment of Hon. Jokino as the new Governor of Upper Nile State.
  4. Immediate appointment of Gen Johnson Olony as Commander of Sector one (I)

The Shilluk leadership believes that best part of the Juba regime fighting forces in Upper Nile State are mainly from the Shilluk sons and daughters and they felt it’s unfair to under represent the community at the State and the National government while they are protecting the regime. The Shilluk accept as true that, though they remains loyal and supportive to president Kiir fragile regime , they are also being targeted by the Dinka militias who are operating under the supervision of Gen Chol Thon and Hon. Stephen Dhieu and the Juba regime cannot respond to end this barbaric killing and massive displacement.

The debate with some key element within the military leadership in Bilpam Military General Headquarters signified that, Gen Johnson Olony was working very closely with senior government officials in Juba including Gen James Wani Igga, Gen Paul Malong Awan, Gen Ajonga and other senior leadership of SPLM-Democratic Change from planning and execution on this scheme to remove Governor Simon Kun and Gen Johnson Gony in Upper Nile State.

The whole story from Juba denoted that , Gen Johnson Olony free conditions and proposal were give a positive response by Gen James Wani Igga , Vice President , Gen Paul Malong Awan , Chief of General Staff, Hon. Kuol Manyang Juk , Minister of Defense , Gen Ajongo and other senior military general within the headquarter to normalize the situation .

The piece of information from Bilpam Military General Headquarter point out that, some generals from the Apadang Community including Gen Chol Thon Balok and his supporters are against the removal of Governor Simon Kun due to the mounting pressure from the Shilluk militia and they proposed direct military intervention against the Shilluk Aguelek Militias.

The informal investigations from Juba also revealed that, Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau, Minister of Petroleum and Mining backed by the leadership of the Dinka Apadang and their community are entirely against any move to relieve Simon Kun from Governorship and Gen Johnson Gony Beliew from Commandership of Sector One because of the pressure from the Shilluk Militia.

According to reliable sources within Juba fragile regime stated that, the leadership of the Dinka Apadang gives free condition to Salva Kiir as follows.

  1. Salva Kiir should maintain the status quo not relieves Simon Kun and Gen Johnson Gony due to the Shilluk Militia Pressure or risk to lost support from Apadang Community.
  2. The regime should chose between the Shilluk and the Dinka Apadang communities in Upper Nile State.
  3. The Dinka Apadang will not continue to support Salva Kiir leadership and the oil field will face imminent threat of the rebel if Salva Kiir rewards the Shilluk Militia.

The report from the Council of ministers meeting on Friday agreed to look on peaceful and political settlement of the ongoing crisis in Upper Nile State through to rewarding the Shilluk militias as recognition to their huge contribution to the Salva Kiir regime.

The meeting also instructed the Minister of defense to immediately form an investigations committee to Malakal in order to meet Gen Johnson Olony and agree on the political settlement of the ongoing crisis as soon as possible or avert bloodshed.

The preliminary field information revealed that, Gen Johnson Olony suggested his political ally Hon. Jokino, former commissioner of Fashoda County for the governorship to replace the current Governor Simon Kun pouch as free condition to return to government.

Gen Johnson Olony also suggested himself for the commandership of sector one (1) to replace Gen Johnson Gony Beliew because the Shilluk sons and daughters are dying to protect the regime and they deserve the leadership of the Upper Nile State.

The latest updates from Malakal town indicated that, Gen Johnson Olony made verbal agreement with Military Headquarter before the arrival of President Kiir which requested him to relocate his fighting forces to West Bank and to allow the National Security forces and the SPLA Forces coming from Juba to enter into Malakal town peacefully on Saturday evening.

The agreement between Gen Johnson Olony and Gen Paul Malong Awan was for the Juba regime to accept the free conditions putted forward to remove Governor Simon Kun and Gen Johnson Gony Beliew from Upper Nile State with immediate effect and to replace them with Hon. Jokino and Gen Johnson Olony respectively.

This deal was received with very hostile reaction by the Dinka Apadang and the Nuer Wew/Money and this group term this arrangement as an imminent threat to the Dinka Apadang political interest in the Upper Nile State and they declared to undertake all out war against the Shilluk and their allies .

The Dinka Apadang leadership held an emergency meeting with President Salva Kiir upon his arrival and stated it very clearly that, any move to removed governor Simon Kun and Gen Johnson Gony from the leadership of Upper Nile State to replace them with the Shilluk will be resist by the Dinka Apadang.

The Dinka Apadang make very clear to the President Kiir that , should the Shilluk be appointed as Governor and Military commander for Upper Nile State , It will forced the Apadang to join the rebellion in order to fight the Shilluk forces at all cost .

The field situation report from Malakal point out that, Gen Johnson Olony has already developed good contacts with rebel movement of Dr Riek Machar and he post a potential serious security threats to the Juba regime if his demands are not met on timely manner. The field assessment revealed that Gen Johnson Olony has already completed his preparation for worst case scenario and successfully relocated all his military hardware’s and headquarter to West Bank to prepare himself for an offensive against the Juba regime. The Bilpam General Military headquarter is believed to remains divided between supporters Gen Paul Malong and Gen Chol Thon. The political leadership of the regime is divided between the supporters of the Shilluk Militias and Supporters of the Dinka Apadang Militias. The Presidency is also divided with some elements including James Wani Igga supporting the removal of Simon Kun and Johnson Gony while other group is against the removal of the two and prefer military confrontation with the Shilluk militias in order not to lose the Dinka Apadang militia who are the close and truth ally to Salva Kiir regime in Upper Nile State.

The intense question before Salva Kiir is, what is the best Choice between the Shilluk Militia and the Dinka Apadang Militia?

The Kiir is in great confussion and it’s an imminent to loss of side of the conflict.

The writer is a concern South Sudanese Activist and can be reached via lualmagok@yahoo.com

  13 comments for “What is Salva Kiir’s Best Choice Between the Shilluk and the Dinka Apadang in Upper Nile State?

  1. Wed Aljunub
    April 27, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    The best choice for Salva Kiir is better to stop rewarding individuals or groups. Riek fought against SPLA/SPLM for some years, some years later he lost the ground from his own opponent and went back to joint SPLA/SPLM the main sector and he was rewarded. While he is currently doing the same, he is fighting for reward. If Shulluk has been fighting rebels means that they are defending the nation like any ethnic group in South Sudan. If Sulluk tribe is claiming Upper Nile governor position but why Dinka Padang not to claimed it either?. The balance power in Upper Nile is Dinka Padang there is no doubt about it.


  2. GatNor
    April 27, 2015 at 5:41 pm

    The crumbling Jur Kingdom(s)


  3. Deng II
    April 27, 2015 at 7:00 pm

    I don’t really trust Lual Magok writing, but I did wrote a comments last week that Corrupts Gov’t are trying by all mean possible to reward Chilluk warlord, by selling out or throw Dinka Apadang, Nuer Governor, and section Commander under the bus. If this corrupts Gov’t need to reward any one, why not Dinka Apadang because they protecting oil from Nuer Rebellion?
    Reward Olony, because he protect Chilluk from being rap and killed by Nuer Rebellion? It is compulsory for Chilluuk to protecting their tribes people regardless of helping the Gov’t.
    My last comments was generally speculate that, there is something fishing in Upper Nile State. And my hypothetical was,Olony is trying to liberates what he perceived as Chollo lands within the war.
    let wait, to see and probe if Lual Magok article is a something real.


    • April 27, 2015 at 9:54 pm

      Governor , Kun poch is son of uper nile state, even Johnson Gony , even though are Nuer tribe, they are faithful to the government of all tribes. What is policy behind Gen Johnson Olony request ? to Let all key position be given to Chollo , If you remember what Gen Johnson Olony said in Juba air port on his first amnesty arrival , he said that he have no problem with government of South Sudan , but he have land conflict with Dinka Padang up to now is not solve,. Such a person if President Kiir respect his request , than Padang will be crash along the nile , Let Olony Joint Dr:Reik Machar and we settle the war, They should not give condition to the government to remove his supporters ,Dinka and Nuer in uper nile are more better than Chollo, by far, Chollo are just consumers who refuse their land and claim Dinka padang land and assassinated Padang sons every year along the nile Dinka side while Chollo side is very fertile with all the animals and they refuse to stay there , They want Malakal side only to benefit from revenue collection from Dinka and Nuer tribe , when they come to Malakal the Chollo should be the tax collectors. Let Chollo kingdom go to hell .


      • Kiery Nyilek
        April 28, 2015 at 8:56 pm

        Dear brother Dengdit,

        Get this from me, I did found out that shilluk Lion decided to hit the mountain until mountain get him water and planting.
        Concerning Apadang Dinka, what so ever they cry, Lion Olony is not going to leave padang alone until Apadang go back to respect districts borders of 1956 for south Sudan and old Sudan. Lion has no problems with any Apadang who may choose to come live with their in-laws shilluk but Lion has problem with those who want to change border. Please take the message to Apadang.


        • Wed Aljunub
          April 29, 2015 at 1:44 am

          I don,t believe that Jonson Olony is a lion please, you must be careful bout your words. Weapons being given to him by government is to fight Nuer not Dinka Padang. Turning these guns to Dinka Padang is a something Dinka in Bher- gazal to think twice, Johnson Olony game is known to Dinka Padang people. If you think Johnson Olony is a lion why Shulluk still living in eastern bank begging food in Dinka Padang territories. Better to Sing a song which said in Chollo” Chollo ku Bwonyo Cham e lwol a kielo” #.


          • Kiery Nyilek
            April 29, 2015 at 3:57 am

            Dear my friend wed aljunub what is your opinion about respect to the border of 1956?


        • April 29, 2015 at 3:53 am

          Kiery Nyilek, Apadang will NEVER NEVER allow the so call Shilluk to ocuppy the land belong to Apadang if Shilluk want Apadang to fight them then they will automatically see how war it is. for me I don,t think whether Shilluk will really resisted fighting Apadang for so long because during struggle all were in Malakal claim that they are not part of struggle.let me tell you if shilluk are continuing calling the war then Apadang will immediately reponse and they will see how worse itis they will be chase away at the west Bank of the river Nile no water no food, TELL THEM PLEASE Apadang donot use to fight with no Aim and Objectives.


  4. Wed Apadang
    April 27, 2015 at 10:54 pm

    During bashir nuer and shilluk are the one ruling Apadang and now with goverment of Kiir nuer and shilluk ruling Apadang Dinka as governors while Apadang Dinka are the one who are protecting their oil field now in Paloch Maluth County. If Kiir miss Apadang Dinka in this war then his ruling is coming to an end mark my word


  5. April 28, 2015 at 12:08 am

    Salva Kiir Militia camps is divided, then which side is legitimate? Where is Agumut, Magol and Abuchook on this? I have been telling you guys that having many cumulative militia to protect your seat will never work. THE BEST CHOICE FOR KIIR IS TO STEP A SIDE IN ORDER TO GIVE PEACE A CHANCE. Tis is a fight between Shiluk wew and Padang wew, where are Nuer wew? Ahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! Padang gen. Chol Thon threat to close Oil field if Kiir reward Olony and Olony threat to attack and join SPLA -OI if Padang are rewarded. Good let them fight when ever thieves have disagreement they always fight on Materials. Olony deserve to be rewarded because he was promise that if he protect Malakal from IO he will be rewarded why Kiir don’t keep his promise?


  6. April 28, 2015 at 8:26 am

    President Salva Kiir Is going to cry slot,because what I know he is going to lose the so called ( Teet ) Shulluks,when he fulfilled the demands of General Olony.


  7. Gatchang Mar
    April 28, 2015 at 7:36 pm

    For how long are we be continues demanding positions by force, let Olony joint Riek, wwe can not let those Nuer who remain in Juba regime go any more by mistake unless time comes for reshuffle and not Olony request.


  8. May 1, 2015 at 7:20 am

    if government of s. Sudan give leadership to shilluk militia, we the Apadang community will sell away oil field to arab by any mean we will join nuer rebellion and i hope we will capture the whole bhar el ghazal


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