Dear President Barack Obama: by the South Sudanese Americans!

Subject: South Sudan Crisis

SSIGPresident Barack H. Obama

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C.  20600

April 28, 2015

Dear President Obama,

May 05, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — We the undersigned representatives of the South Sudanese Diaspora Civil Societies and Faith-based Organizations write to you to express our concerns on the ongoing crisis in South Sudan. Sixteen month has passed since the conflict began and the IGAD-led peace negotiation has not made any progress to bring the war to an end. Hundreds of thousands innocent people were killed and over 2 million displaced, living in dire conditions in UN protected camps and other locations, including neighboring countries.

President Salva Kiir, whose terms ends in July has, in a blunt violation of the country’s constitutions extended his term of office for three (3) more years while failed to protect its citizens. This is a clear indication of lack of political willingness on the side of the government to end the war and begin national reconciliation and healing.

The lack of political will to negotiate peace in good faith means South Sudan will continue to spiral into devastating war with an unprecedented loss of lives and suffering if the United States fails to take decisive role in leading the efforts to end the war.

As different external interests play out in this conflict, the war has the potential to destabilize the entire East Africa region, presenting a potential security threat to the rest of the world.

We, South Sudanese Americans appeal to the government of the United States of America to take the leadership role and work with other partners, including the UN to:

  • Urge the US Government to lead from the front.
  • Urge President Barak Obama to declare President Salva Kiir illegitimate for the Juba massacre which resulted in the killing of over 20,000 innocent ethnic Nuers like he declared former President of Ukraine Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych illegitimate for his role in the deaths of less than 200 demonstrators in February 2014.
  • Urge for Justice and Accountability to end the era of impunity.
  • Urge for the release of the Report of the African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan.
  • Urge for withdrawal of all foreign forces from the South Sudan.
  • Urge UNSC and the International Community to establishment of an ESCROW account to deny Government of the Republic of South Sudan (GRSS) surplus oil revenue for buying arms to continue the war.
  • Call on the US government and UNSC to impose sanction on the government of South Sudan.
  • Call on the UNSC to urgently implement its resolution 2206 imposing targeted sanctions on individuals obstructing peace in South Sudan.
  • Call on the US Government to implement the Presidential executive order 13664 signed by President Obama.
  • Call on the International Community to provide Humanitarian Assistance (health, education, food and shelter) to the war affected areas in South Sudan and famine affected areas in the country.
  • Call on the UNMISS to increase protection of displaced persons who are stranded in UN protective camps across the country and call on the world body to restrain the regime in Juba from harassing, intimidating and forcing the IDPs in the UNMISS camps to leave the camps for unsafe places.


Peter Gatkuoth Wadar Kuel

SSIAHR Executive Director

Phone: 206-393-2164


SANADS                                                                    –

Mr. Malakal Goak 402-932-4266

Nuer Christian Mission Network for North American –

Rev. James D. Rut 402-714-4399

  14 comments for “Dear President Barack Obama: by the South Sudanese Americans!

  1. May 5, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    Good to remind this thug Barak Oboma!


  2. Ajak Mayen Jok
    May 6, 2015 at 12:49 am

    “Urge President Barak Obama to declare President Salva Kiir illegitimate for the Juba massacre which resulted in the killing of over 20,000 innocent ethnic Nuers like he declared former President of Ukraine Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych illegitimate for his role in the deaths of less than 200 demonstrators in February 2014.” The South Sudanese in Diaspora again. I think these people have practical last their minds or is it the fact that, whenever a guy in class three is resettled in the USA and in three month time, you who remind in Africa will hear that he is now in a college or university. I think I have a right to call you educated illiterates because it is a simple calculation that if the simple parliamentary debate cause the on going conflict, what about declaring the president elect illegitimate. But the truth is Mr Obama is not a fool, he is a bloody River-Lake Nilote remember!


  3. REBEL LUL +1
    May 6, 2015 at 1:17 am

    dear brothers and sisters .

    i pass my deepest apprecaition to our almighty GOD who gave us independent frorm NORHT SUDAN .
    satan killer salva kiir mayardit who who lose vision and direction of south sudan .
    our fathers, mothers and children suffer from disease ,lack of food and many children become orphans while killer kirr mayardit didnt thinks about our nation south sudan .

    DR Riek machar teny durgon was born to RULE SOUTH SUDAN .
    HE know and keep our vision and direction of south sudan.
    let we remove kiir from his regime dictator.
    we need peace , prosperity ,development and democractic country .
    dr riek will bring change for us ..
    DR riek machar teny durgon for change



    • Loi
      May 8, 2015 at 12:59 am

      Dear uncivilized South Sudanese (Nuer), you think that US take decision on its own without analysis, it would have not been termed as the “World police” I hope Obama is not stupid African like your leadership fighter Mr. Riek. Every complain is analysed investigated and shared with other world leaders. Is not Obama a lone who makes final decision on other nations to take any decisive role/majors against other nation. I hope this game you are trying to lobby and advocate is very nasty to all and we should avoid that, the time Riek decided to overthrow the government in South Sudan, it was him and his followers who were expecting good positions after and Obama was not a part or the whole of US. Therefore don’t invite others to the course of individual interest.


  4. May 6, 2015 at 2:01 am

    In competed President called himself Kiir


    • Gueto
      May 6, 2015 at 2:57 am

      Hi Nuer brothers/sisters, you have really tried indeed into extent to discriminated the religious. (“Nuer Christian Mission Network for North American”}
      Other nations may laugh at you.


      • GatNor
        May 6, 2015 at 6:55 am

        Apply for a membership and if you are rejected then you may say they you been discriminated by a Nuer religious group. The bible said many will hear the call and few will come. Do you think the Nuers should wait for the rest of the world to form whatever they need to form to avoid your harassing them. Did Jesus wait for a Nation call South Sudan to be born when he form his community of the 12 disciples? Where they not all Jews. Coward Jang we are watching you closely.


  5. Ghol Chot
    May 6, 2015 at 3:42 am

    Nuer people, keep your stupidity in your silly Nuer community because the whole world is not inhabited by the stupid people like you people. All these noises you make on internet that your community’s civilians have been targeted in Juba on the 15/12/2013 simply because they were Nuers make your Nuer community look foolish to those who know what your Nuers community is.

    You made a coup in 1991 and made the same noises that you were being targeted by the Dinkas and that you needed protection. And that was why the US resettled a lot of your low-lives including the Gambella region Nuers.

    And again this time around, you attempted another coup and you are making another load of noises that you are being targeted simply because you are Nuers by the Dinkas and that you need protection and that is why you Nuer fools cram your silly selves into the so-called UN compounds hoping you Nuer fools would again be resettled in the US!

    Since when have the Nuers ever been the smartest people in South Sudan or in the world for that matter? Not that l know of! In fact the Nuer is the most low-life community in South Sudan.

    In the whole world, try to take power by force (coup) from an elected government and you will vomit blood and that what you Nuers got on the 15/12/2013 in Juba.

    Don’t you fools think that the Dinkas that you often talk rubbish about them are also in the same US and many other Western countries and are very more well organised and very influential than you messy Nuers.

    Do you people think any country in the west, especially the US, the UK, Norway, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, ethiopia, Kenya will support your Nuers rubbish at the expense of the Dinkas?

    The Dinkas fought you with the South Sudanese people’s arch enemy, the so-called arabs of the North Sudan and almost every tribe in South Sudan and won.

    The Dinkas only welcomed you wretches back into the South Sudanese fold in 2006 after the CPA and integrated into South Sudanese people’s communities and here you want to destroy South Sudan, because you want your own CPA-like peace fought by Nuers and lead by the Nuers own so-called Dr. Riek Machar. Because the Dinkas have had their own CPA, fought by the Dinkas with the Dinkas own Dr. John Garang.

    Riek Machar hasn’t got a doctorate of philosophy (a Phd) as he is often portrayed, but rather, a Nuer with an 8th grader qualification for a doctorate of philosophy. When a Dinka is a general the Nuers want to be generals, when the Dinkas are doctors of philosophies, the Nuers want to be doctors of philosophies.

    The Nuers copy-cat everything the Dinkas do, but the Nuers have never been and will never be equal to the Dinkas, never. The Dinkas are the masters of long shot war fares, but the Nuers are just bunch of low-lives who often toss tantrums like little babies or brats.

    The Nuers often fault the South Sudanese people but when their silly misadventures are tackled head-on, the Nuers would turn around and blame the Dinkas for their own childish behaviour. There is nothing in South Sudan that the Nuers can’t blamed on the Dinkas. Even if a Nuer doesn’t get pregnant, it is always a Dinkas fault.

    But my Nuer cousins, it is time to grow up. The Dinkas that you often blame for your own rubbishes in South Sudan are not going to treat you with kid gloves this time. You can play victims all you want in the US, but be warned, the US that you Nuer fools think would throne your Riek Machar sociopath in to South Sudan’s leadership know you Nuers skunks than you know the US.

    And the Dinkas that you Nuers think would be removed from power by your US are aren’t going to be removed by an evil from power in South Sudan. The Dinkas own the South Sudan.


    • Wiyual dieng
      May 6, 2015 at 4:44 am

      Ghol Cieth or Guach Mok. We are heroes in South Sudan and beyond the entire region region of East Africa. How can you call the mighty Nuer stupid you the son of beach? We did not vot blood on the 15/12/2013, but your stupid President killed the innocent children and women in the houses in Juba on that date you mentioned. Ghol if you are really men who can face us, who did your father go to Uganda and bring UPDF, Sudan Rebels, Congolese rebels, Rwnadis, Kenyans, Ethiopians, Egpytians or any one who want to be bought with the oil money which hail from Nuer land.

      Ghol we are kings and husbands in South Sudan. We fucked you asshes, you respect us to death. You hav deepened our penis into you anus and you cannot say any things. Fuck your mother son of beach, we are coming to Warap, Awiel, Rumbek and Western Bar Elghazel. You will see us soon believer it.


      • Loi
        May 8, 2015 at 1:22 am

        Wiyual, this is a man from Rumbek and Warrap, in term of tribal liberation you can not talk of coming to Rumbek, believe me forever. Ask Riek, Chol Tong and even your operation commander Kamis Abdallatip on hw to get Rumbek as Nuer community. Riek himself knows hw Rumbek people crashed his 10,000 troops in 1996 and were not like now. You try and you will be telling people what Riek told Taban Deng in a close meet in outskert of Juba during the failing coup. He said to Taban with frustration ” I wish if I were born to Dinka, I would have succeeded and lead this country to my death”. Therefore, if you are in US or other western countries then don’t biol your own people in our pot.


  6. deng
    May 6, 2015 at 4:23 am

    nuer will be nuer. they will be stupid as usual. how can you write dumb stuff to president of united states in that stupid language. leave obama alone. he know more about south sudan than you do. there is nothing new in your dumb article.


  7. Deng II
    May 6, 2015 at 4:28 am

    Nuer, America is for all of us, Dinka and Nuer. USA is not a shallow thinker like most Nuer does. America know very well that who between Nuer and Dinka suffered the most, during the bloody war with the North.
    America know it very well that Nuer caused dearly catastrophic an unimaginable suffering in South Sudan.
    All Nuer wishes, which need USA to implement them, will not going to happens, because its all full of craps. America know it and the whole World know it. America know that Nuer never fully quit rebellion through out from time of CPA to present. Who on this earth can trust these kind of people?
    America know very well that, no guarantee Nuer will quit rebellion if it happens to install Machar by force or any some way around possible.
    There is only one solution among so many solution Nuer can understand better, and that is war, in order to fulfill Nuer wishes. Nuer belief that fighting is a norm, in fact, they are barbaric People who like to attack her neighborhood on daily basis, since God created people. Let war going forward as long it take to let Nuer full of it. Their so called Mighty Warrior is curved them out of understand they die too and reduces to fewest number.
    Eventually,USA is aware that, there are many Dinka in USA that monitoring their move and what they are doing. That is why I think they don’t do what they say, which is called lip services.
    To remind Nuer rebellion in case they cannot understand, Dinka doesn’t hate Nuer, but only Machar. In case, America has to install Dr.Ebola (Riek), they has to use Atomic bomb on Dinka so that Dr.Ebola can become president, which I think it is not likely to use Atomic Bomb.
    Good Luck Dr.Ebola(Machar) try your luck, but remember every Dinka individual are on the line waiting to fight you in case Kiir die or run away.



    • Loi
      May 8, 2015 at 1:52 am

      That is true my dear nationalist, USA decision will not filled what they expect otherwise all resources from America will be spend on South Sudan installing and re-installing Riek if there is other interest behind because Riek is known of defecting against any leadership on top of him wishing that he needs to remain the leader unknowingly that if you are always opposition you have an opposition too. Let them bear in mind that the human rights can up hold Obama too from installing illegitimate leader by force in the interest of one tribe out of 64 tribes in South Sudan, the 3rd massive rebellion would follow regardless of being installed by America.


  8. GatNor
    May 6, 2015 at 6:24 am

    “Religion was deemed by the commoners as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.”


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