IDPs Community Leadership in Juba Condemns Salva Kiir’s Government Intervention into UNMISS Camp Clashes That Caused one Death.

Revised at 1613 hr, May 14, 2015(PST)

The internally displaced persons in UN protection camps within the capital, Juba(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

The internally displaced persons in UN protection camps within the capital, Juba(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

May 14, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudanese IDPs community leadership inside the UNMISS Protection of Civilian Sites in Juba has disputed the asserted reports about the slight disturbance that exploded amongst the Nuer IDPs in Juba PoCs. We are much disappointed and, with this press, we strongly condemn elements from within the government who stood behind the disturbance, which led to prolonging of the unrest amongst the IDPs community of PoC1, and PoC3, in Juba.

This press Statement, issued by the IDPs community Leadership in Juba, is a response to President Salva Kiir’s Spokesman-Ateny Wek Ateny’s press statement, which he published on his own the on-the-warpath Newspapers, “The Juba Telegraph’’ on Tuesday, May, 12, 2015, Vol.1 Issue 197. Mr. Ateny diverted the fact when he mentioned about a government’s call to investigate the IDPs clashes, and denied the efforts played by the UNMISS Protection force to ease the tension amongst the two warring communities.

The Presidency, through its mouthpiece, attempted to point fingers at UNMISS Protection force and labelled the UNMISS force as a “helplessness” to contains disturbance amongst the IDPs, when their weak forces can’t even defend Juba airport without Uganda and other regional forces.  This claim was a wrong extortion by the very elements from within his government that instigated the problem amongst the IDPs.

Ateny Wek, the Spokesperson for Salva Kiir accuses UNMISS’ security forces and the camp management, which gives protection and others lives serving to about 80,000 displaced Persons in Juba since conflict erupted in 2013. He (Ateny) added that, UNMISS protection force at the mains exits declined to permit the families of those pushed away from the camp as a result of the disturbance, to leave the PoCs as government was calling for them to come out of UNMISS.

Ateny desperately attempted to exaggerate what was known as small disturbance to a scale that would have shed more blood among the IDPs, claiming that the Bul-Nuer men were pushed out and their families were also subjected to bad treatment by others Nuer inside the camp. That was a baseless and a hopeless statement. There were no incidents of families attacking one another during the disturbances.

As to our best knowledge, none of the families here is prepared to leave the camp for any reason or was prevented to do so by UNMISS forces at the gates. This is because, none of the Nuer IDP currently sheltering in UNMISS is willing to return back home outside Juba. Their homes are already occupied by the Dinka Bhar el Ghazal, where could they have gone to?. Also, nothing has changed in Juba that could convince the IDPs to motivate them to return back to claim their occupied or destroyed homes because violence and death is still a daily routine in Juba.

Besides, the Nuer-wew government supporters who are taking risk of being targeted within the Salva Kiir government controlled premises are free to leave the camps whenever they are ready to test their fates. It is up to individuals or a families who want to consort with Kiir’s outside PoCs. There is nothing called displacement within the displacement sites amongst the Nuer community.

Nevertheless, IDPs community leadership found that, there are no bases for all the calls for investigation by Salva Kiir government because (1) the IDPs community under a different entity, the UNMISS, which has been their sole provider and protector; now Ateny wake and his government accuses UNMISS of helplessness, what have they done to the IDPs for more than 17 months?. We were here in UNMISS PoCs because of protection from UNMISS since the so-called government cleansed Nuer ethnic community in Juba. It is not today that, some individual from within our enemy’ circle can just pope up from no where and calls itself a government.

Ateny wake’s shameless statement undermines the good will done to the Nuer community by the International Community through UNMISS since Juba massacres. When more than 60 countries sit in Olso or Geneva to donate money to feed and protect our people, Salva Kiir government spend billions of dollars of our oil money to kill us. Our community will never put a blind eye to this disparity. No one’s problem can be investigated by his enemy in this world for a good cause, so Ateny wake and Salva Kiir should instead investigate the grave human rights violations that affect millions of people in the country or their grave corruption that has sunk this country.  The government has more than enough to investigate, not the community disturbance that has mistakenly claimed 1 live. Furthermore, our community, as a good example, has solved this problem within two days and our people are back together.

In the future, the so called government must know that all our matters are to be addressed by UNMISS and not any related government entity. The reason we lived in these camps for more than 17 months is not because the easily flooded camps are better than our previous homes here in Juba but because we have lost trust in Salva Kiir’s tribal government. Salva Kiir pleaded with us on this during his BBC HardTalks here in Juba that “we are even lucky” to be here in the camps. So by now Ateny Wake and Salva Kiir should know that they have no aspirants (supporters) within amongst the Nuer IDPs community in Juba.

No one can support Salva Kiir’s luxuries government and yet at the same time would want to stay in these UNMISS Camps. This is because any one who would want to be with the genocidal government of Salva Kiir has all the chances to joint hands with the killers to fulfill their dream of killing innocent Nuer in the villages and be crowded as kings of this country. All have left the camp and are now outside with them. There are no politically motivated differences that could trigger tension within amongst the IDPs community. All that has been pierced to be the cause of the clashes are not true. It is not correct when Ateny puts it between his “government supporters” inside the UNMISS camp and those opposing the government. If Salva Kiir wants to have refugees supporters, he should look outside the UNMISS camps, you can’t be a president yet want to be proud that you are “IDPs supporters”.

Meanwhile, Salva Kiir’s Political Advisor Hon. Tut Keaw Gatluak during the same media briefing has given wrong version of the dispute that lead to the incident. Tut claims of Bul-Nuer of Mayom County being targeted by others Nuer communities because of what he (Tut Keaw) called  “their support to Salva Kiir’s Government’’. That was not true. None of from others Nuer communities or subtribes was involved on the side of Jagey-Nuer against Bul-Nuer during the disturbance. Instead, others communities were doing their job to separate them because that was purely family issue to be solved amicably.

Trying to spiral the distance into a conflict, the same Hon. Tut Keaw Gatluak scaled-up the death toll from one person, who unfortunately lost his life in the disturbance, to “five people”. That is far-off from truth that has been witnessed by thousands of IDPs. IDPs community leadership is giving the true figures to the public as follows.

  1. The injuries, both minors and bid heavier were only 45 and not 200 as Tut and Ateny claimed.
  2. There was no displacement of any family during the disturbance despite such unfounded figures that Kiir’s loyal advisor claimed of 6000 inside the camp.
  3. The IDPs Community leadership is sincere to educates public that there were no such a big number of Bul-Nuer community of Mayom County sheltering inside the UNMISS Protection of Civilians Sites in Juba.
  4. All in all, the reports by Salva Kiir’s loyal advisor reflects only their political interests and ill-wishes for the Nuer community inside the UNMISS camp to tear it apart. The tribal government feels shames and humiliations that thousands of people are seeking private protection within the capital city, which never happen anywhere in the world except in Salva Kiir’s South Sudan. So they will do anything to rift us apart to abandon the camps unconditionally.

Also, about 400 households of some Bul-Nuer elements, who previously worked outside while keeping their children in UNMISS for protection and safety, have tried to influence to move all the Bul-Nuer community out of UNMISS and be used up in fight in Unity State by troubled Monytuil government. Those families are kept in Mangateen camps with no support while they are facing so many problems compared to when they lived here in UNMISS with their fellows.

The Root Cause of the Disturbance

The issue that led to the disturbance inside the camp was a minor misunderstanding between some groups of young men. One young boy from Bul-Nuer community of Mayom was caught with a girl from Jagey-Nuer of Koch County. This was an expected incident to happen, especially as a result of social engagement in every community amongst the boys and girls. Without despair of Salva Kiir officials from outside the camp, this would have been peacefully settled as it has been in many other cases. What intricates the matter from being easily resolved was the same groups of Salva Kiir’s government officials who abandoned their national duties and tries to uses minor incidents for their political gains.

Originally, the case was minor and even the community leadership with some help from UNMISS camp Management were seriously working to quell the disturbances. UNMISS Police and the community Watch Groups separated the warring groups and put the situation under control inside the camp. The Community leadership was carrying on reconciliation process to return lives back to normal. Unfortunately, the very groups of Salva Kiir’s government officials, amongst them, (1) Hon. Tut Keaw Gatluak, Kiir’s Political Advisor (2) Joseph Nguen Monytuil, Salva Kiir’s Caretaker Governor for Unity State (3) Dr. Riek Gai Khok, Kiir’s Minister of Health ( 4) Hon. Rachel Nyadak Paul, Kiir’s Deputy Minister of Information and many others Kiir’s officials were the ones who fueled the clashes. When the incident erupted on the 7th May, 2015, it was contained on the same day by the UNMISS Police. The next morning, on the 8th, a big numbers of a mixed ages arrived from outside the camp and surrounded the main gate of PoC1 adjacent to UN-House. First, no one knew where they came from and their main reason to mobilize in such a big number.

Then they said to be reinforcing Bul-Nuer of Mayom against Jagey –Nuer of Koch. When they were prevented by UN Police to enter the PoC, they resorted to looting motors bikes about 37 types of Sanke, Suzuki, Bajaj, and so on. They started attacking any Nuer man and woman who walked out of the PoCs. An attack by the uninformed members of some Nuer community was what resulted in the unfortunate death of one person and other serious injuries. It’s very apparent that Kiir’s wew officials were the ones who mobilized those Nuer soldiers within Kiir’s genocidal forces, purported them in civilian dresses, and transported them using government military vehicles from all Juba’s suburbs to the UNMISS camp with intention to resume disturbances inside the camp.

Last but not the least, the entire Nuer community and the International Community must know that this incident has been resolved, however, our people must learned not to be used for political and tribal revenge. What we witnessed here was a simple Nuer-Nuer community disturbance but the government officials intended a repeat of April 2014 Bor massacres, in which armed civilians and disguised soldiers were used by Bor government officials to penetrate the camps to kill IDPs, mostly Nuer civilians. Our people must forge unity during this tough times and remain vigilance, not to be used by the enemy to achieve their elimination policy on our populations. We thanks everyone who played a role in uniting our people and getting those who abandoned the camp back to their residence within the Protection centers. Here we feel safe, and we thanks the UNMISS and the International Community for all their efforts to provide and protect us.

Best Regard

Hoth Gor Luak

Camp Chairman, UN-House, Jebel Kujur, PoC1,

Juba, Republic of South Sudan.

  20 comments for “IDPs Community Leadership in Juba Condemns Salva Kiir’s Government Intervention into UNMISS Camp Clashes That Caused one Death.

  1. Pawil
    May 14, 2015 at 1:40 pm

    I don’t think you telling the truth, but if you really like the life that your people living in especial children and old men and women, you can enjoy that, but one thing is there we don’t have to forget about the interests of the children of the up coming generation, my people Nure you forgot about that, the so called war it will never end, but war will stop one day, but I don’t know when war stop where your children will be among the other’s community, this it will the question, for me sometimes I put our internal problem a side, and think about the problem that is coming from outside, from so called western dogs. Please please please think twice for the interests of our children let them go to the schools rather than playing in the dirty water inside the camp , for all of you if you didn’t take care the so called united criminals or UN they are working on something like creating diseases like what they did in west Africa Ebola’s disease be careful that what am afraid about.


    • Dantut
      May 14, 2015 at 10:25 pm

      Pawil, you should be thankful for the international community to what they do to service-giving life-saving humanitarian aid to South Sudanese refugees in neighboring countries such Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and even Sudan. Without the commitment and Support gave by the the international community to South Sudanese people during the national struggle for self-dittermination, I do not think that South Sudan would have been recognized as independent nation by Bhasir. But with the help and effort from the west especially the United States of America which supported the Khartoum peace agreement in 2005 between Spla and Sudan goverment,that peace agreement led to independent of South Sudan in which some of you enjoy now while others are treated like outsiders. The UN provides full proctection, food, shelters and health services to all IDPS inside South Sudan while the goverment you bragging about is doing nothing to help their own citizens. It is a shame for you to call the the UN and the western countries dogs. You are calling the UN criminal is it because it does’nt support the genocidal regime of Salva Kirr which killed its own people invain?


  2. May 14, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    You have been HIGHJACK by both!


    • Abuchook
      May 14, 2015 at 3:40 pm

      Dear Readers,

      This message is strictly for our Nuer people at the Camp in Juba:
      Please you have are free any time you wanted to come back outside that camp and enjoy other life and starting back your life like other communities or tribes.

      Please no more war I am tired of it.

      There is no need to blame Kiir…


      • GatNor
        May 15, 2015 at 8:30 am

        For the IDPs to come back is not as simple are you cry about it.

        Their properties were looted a destroyed
        House or land squatted or occupied
        They need some sort of funding from the government to resettled
        How, and who guarantee their safety if they do go back
        Has the system that got them to the POC-Camp gone or still there
        What about those individual with all their families massacre
        How will they go and resettled and can they do it alone or will they need help
        Are they children, old or disable
        How will not facilitating justice for these victims affect their resettlement
        What is preventing UN and the ethnic regime to reach an arrangement that
        would have these IDP back to their normal lives.
        Who will be responsible when another massacre happened again to these
        people or to any other ethnic once the resettlement is through but safety
        mechanism are not put in places to prevent another disaster.

        The opposition should be leading this IDP situation helping UN with better ideas on easing the suffering of these people because they are the very reason the opposition has taken up arms to bring change and if change doesn’t including improving the lives of these people at UN camps and everywhere in South Sudan than what is the point. Positions? There will be nobody left to follow position seekers.

        I been waiting for you to make this clear but you failed to do so due to your hidden agenda and thoughtlessness. You are not helping at all even you are not helping your end goal whatever that might be.


  3. GatNor
    May 14, 2015 at 2:29 pm

    Absolute lawlessness. In our society its a crime to knock up a girl/woman that is not carrying your ring. Its even worst if you refuse to marry the slut whose legs is open 24hrs to any Tom, Dick & Harry. Fathers and mothers tell your girls to sit tight. If they are forced against their will & violated by these useless boys go after those boys with all you have got clear and simple.


  4. May 14, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    this is exactly what was happened, u guys take it easy God is working and those who are Nuer playing the kill nuer behind Kirr one day will obtain them.


  5. May 14, 2015 at 6:36 pm

    No government being it Juba nor South Sudan as whole, only linkuared or too much alcoholic drunkard called themselves regiment.
    Frank speaking Juba authority has experience fueling of easier cases to be worsen. If there is no killing in Juba people are not getting paid from their government being it money nor bonus.
    I regretted to have seeing some of commercial comment being presented on this entegritoled leadership, perhaps mystery people in the camp were politically motivated by Kiir killer regime to hatred each.
    Mr. pees may have been happy because it’s their objective but as a community who prolonged stayed in other serva security I’d tried to master such excessive acts. International community are all aware of who prolonged clashed in those vurnerable group. Nuer ethnicity whose you’re seek to finished thousands in number had recognized your hungeried motivated action being manipulate by your prostitution government who organized brotheled compound with those orphanage girls and widower in Juba and expanded to other stupid States in Upper Nile which their senior politicians bypass their innocence.


  6. May 14, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    Congratulation Nuer in UNMISS for keeping Nuer tradition even under threat. Many People will blame you because it is easy from other tribe to sleep with their girls inside their parent home and you will be appreciated by family of that girl because you will take responsibility of that girl and if you refuse no body care. You can sleep with Dinka (Aweil, Waraf), Equatoria, Shiluk, Anuak, Blenda and Burun as much as you can and no body can question you. Shame on those who don’t have laws that is why God got angry and purnish SS.


  7. May 14, 2015 at 8:30 pm

    You folks know well that no supporter of the government of South Sudan involved in the unfortunate incident inside the camp in which a young girl was involved. You know what it is in our culture if a girl is molested or is suspected to have been molested, it is a community disaster. Therefore, the fight was purely community based. However, those of you in the camp have political problems with Bul Nuer who are perceived to be supporters of Joseph Nguen and some of you who are supporting Peter Gatdeet and Riek. This is why all Bentiu community ganged up against Bull in that camp. It had nothing to do with government. This case is also a clear vindication from the reports that UN and other agencies through around that there is rampant rape episodes in South Sudan. Because rape is not tolerated in our society. People fight when it happens….as demonstrated by this one incident in this camp.


  8. May 14, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    Even the problem between Boy and the girl’s brothers also blame on the president what amazing people? That clashed in UNMISS Camp from IDPS have nothing to blamed on South Sudan’s government. We can not be always shouting on government instead, each individual must struggle for his own life to survived. The UN has become a part of South Sudan’s political problem.


  9. chiang toomuch
    May 14, 2015 at 9:57 pm

    Nuer people entire world the best or experience in solving problems peacefully but Nuer-traitors took advantage to their political gain. Why stay in the camp if so called dictatorshipbregime is so great to protect you outside the camp. BulNuer never left the PoC camp but money lover are the one causing disturbance inside the camp among IDP’S.


  10. May 14, 2015 at 10:22 pm

    Killer Kiir’s government can not and should not brag about providing protection to Nuers while it is a common knowledge that even Nuer-wew followers are being murdered in cold blood in every corner in South Sudan. It is no secret and is a well known fact regionally and internationally that Killer Kiir ‘s illegitimate regime is being run and kept alive by Museveni’s UPDF who are providing security in the Juba international airport and fight for him in all battlefields across the country! It shameful for Killer Kiir and his cronies to questioned the humane duty of UNMISS. Killer Kiir and his blood suckers-blind disciples must refrain from talking about providing security to others while their own security and personal survival depends on Museveni’s forces! The United Nation compounds in Juba, Bor, Malakal, and Bentiu are the only safe places for the innocent Nuers women, children, and elderly who are trapped in Killer Kiir’s and Dinkas’ elders genocidal campaign or ethnic cleansing war being waged against the Naath Nation.


  11. Pawil
    May 14, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    I said my words but if you people like camp lifes you can stay forever , and that it will come in the end of the day with results that you will regret it. Okay if you afraid of your lifes ,why all of you women men old children has been motivated by your crooks leaders to involves in military operations, just came out and stop supporting war and stay as innocent people no one can ask you ever, but involving in military things that is means out of law.


  12. Dantut
    May 15, 2015 at 12:20 am

    Congratulation for Nuer community who wrote this brave article concerning their security situation in IDPs Camp in Juba, South Sudan. It is very good that you resolved the recent conflict between your selves. Please all Nuer community worldwide watch out on those wolves who want to tear apart our unity as one community! Please try to promote cooperation among yourselves, show love, forgive and tolerate one another shortcome. Do not forget who you are and where you come from. God bless you all and God bless South Sudan!


  13. Duoth Chan
    May 15, 2015 at 1:23 am

    Good explanation Mr. hoth Luak and do not forget the enemy is strong and he is using a policy of division which is not new to us, we must learn from Sudan colonial that kept us apart for fifty years and you mention a very good people that we might blame to why it took long time to independed, Tut Keaw a man who have nothing excerpt betraying is own community he was a home boy to Al basher and today look at him were he is standing and above all they are working hard to let Nuer forget who cost them the pain and scares that will never go away from our bodies, and Joseph Nguen whom we thought educated person can not even read between his interest and his community danger I believe he has been busy creating a Bull country with in the Nuer community and if that would happen I believe nobody without a land in South Sudan trust me they tried it in mind 1990s to take the Mayom county to northern Sudan and they fail because people of Bull knows they are Nuer, this war will ended but hostory will live from this generation to next and we will never forget who denied our children’s death. Supporting killer is like inflicting your forhead with the bullet. Although you live under UN protection you are heros because you tell our enemy I will never enjoin you thank you and may God bless you and the great nation of South Sudan.


  14. May 15, 2015 at 2:17 am

    IDPS criminals community condemns who when they have highjack their own children because of Riek Machar bad policy.Those people have to face justice. The government have the right to free children from all UNMISS Camps leave those idiots to stay at those camps.


  15. May 15, 2015 at 5:18 am

    No matter what, creature will be our witness


  16. May 15, 2015 at 6:39 am

    Shame on you Nuer who are free gift lover because most of you who in POC don’t want to work you are just sitting there to get free food from UN and refuse to come back home no war in Juba now your girls are in sexual starvation. UN guys are supplying you with food and others items and your girls are supplying UN girls with vagina.


  17. May 15, 2015 at 8:57 pm

    I regretted to have seeing Mrs prudent lady who finished thousands of people commercially pertaining to be worsen government supporter.
    I can’t blame you because once again see money always fiercely on underseas and a widower


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