Summary of Latest Reports of Violations of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (COHA), Reporting Period: 31 March – 30 April 2015


May 16, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — During late March and continuing into April, a build-up of Government Forces and weapons was observed by the IGAD Monitoring and Verification Team (MVT) in the Bentiu area. Tensions have been high in the area for some time, with an outbreak of fighting initiated by Government Forces to the south of Bentiu, as specified in Violation 37. From 24 April, the MVT observed troops marching south from Rubkona.

Government Forces Offensive:

On the morning of 27 April, the MVT heard heavy firing to the south. It was later confirmed that Government Forces based in Rubkona had advanced south west towards Nhialdu and south east towards Guit, while Government Forces in Wang Kai (Mayom County) advanced south towards the villages of Wichok and Ngop. Fighting was also reported to the north of Bentiu. The MVT interviewed both parties and was told that by 30 April 2015, Government Forces controlled Nhialdhu in Rubkona County and the town of Guit in Guit County. Public statements from Government Forces confirmed that they had launched offensives and captured these towns from the SPLM/A (IO).

Reports of hostilities continued with evidence that in the second week of May, Government Forces were advancing north into Unity State from Lakes State.

Reported Violations of Article 3: Protection of Civilians

The MVT interviewed Internally Displaced Persons who had fled to the UNMISS POC camp from the fighting in Rubkona and Mayom Counties. They heard first-hand accounts of the killing of civilians, the burning of houses and the stealing of cattle by Government Forces. Credible reports from the UN and other international agencies state that there have been significant Protection of Civilian Violations in the areas taken by Government Forces. These are being investigated further by the MVM, though lack of freedom of movement has hampered investigations.

Articles of COHA violated

Article 1.1: ‘The Parties hereby agree to cease all military actions aimed at each other’. The offensive operations started by Government Forces on 27 April in Unity State constitute a clear and significant violation of the COHA.


The IGAD Office of the Special Envoys condemn the actions of the Government which have precipitated a further humanitarian crisis and caused untold suffering to the people of Unity State. Government Forces are urged in the strongest possible terms to immediately stop all offensive operations in Unity State, and to respect all COHA obligations concerning the Protection of Civilians and Humanitarian Access. This especially applies to areas they occupy which were previously under control of the SPLM/A-IO.

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  5 comments for “Summary of Latest Reports of Violations of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (COHA), Reporting Period: 31 March – 30 April 2015

  1. May 16, 2015 at 1:26 am

    There is no government in South Sudan only collected traders name themselves regiment


  2. Abuchook
    May 16, 2015 at 2:19 am

    Hello people..

    I am not happy with war but I hated Riek Machar Ebola and his murderous acts: because he killed many Nuer people than any other South Sudan leaders dead or alive. Therefore

    The only way IGAD can do Is to shut the fuck up and or leave and deported back to Addis Ababa. Simple and clear.

    Nothing can save Riek Machar Ebola ass this time: Every Riek Machar rebellion colors are not new to many of the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY…Riek Ebola is a Hotel Commander in Chief at Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa… and Riek Ebola is not really commanding anything else just to enjoy at Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa: that message is clear and now most Riek Machar Ebola Primitive Commanders became frustrated and hopeless and they accept personal interests than thier visionless and hopeless Rebellion:
    Now these primitive thinkers Commanders are easily to convince and buy this Primitive Nuer Commanders like give them nice homes and nice values and Riek Ebola rebellion is done and defeated that is the true colors of Riek Machar primitive Rebellion.
    Riek Ebola is not new to many of us…He is just a Nuer Doctor for nothing but only for himself and Nuer people. RIEK Machar Ebola will died trying and will never never become the president of South Sudan…loud and clear no matter what plans or complaining or coup against Kiir Government.

    To all IGAD. and Readers Real war must to be within Riek Machar villages and areas for him and Riek civilians to feel the consequences of war and suffering at his door steps. All can talked too much as much as you can please remember Kiir and Malong and Kuol will always be there whether like it or not. That’s the reality and truths.




    • May 16, 2015 at 4:34 am

      The start of this war was the hatred toward the Visionaries Leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon and his people Naath/Nuer at the first place in Juba.

      The war was planned by primitive Salva Kiir and his partner in crimes Yoweri Kaguta Museveni up to its execution on the 15th December 2013.

      The whole World now understand very well the root causes of this Kiir and Museveni imposed war on Naath/Nuer, there will be no hiding places for criminal of this war under the Sun.
      Those who are crying day and nigh for Dr. Riek not to become a president of the Federal Republic of South Sudan are just crying with crocodiles tears..

      Dr. Riek will Lead the FRSS soon and very soon in order to establish an inclusive good governance in South Sudan that will follow the policies of ithe 21st Century and again he will look at the interest of all 64 South Sudanese tribes.

      There will be peace and security throughout the Nation South Sudan because Dr. Riek Machar and Naath/Nuer are the core enablers of South Sudan throughout the Histories of our Nation.

      Our History know who are the Nationalist and who are cannibalistic society and the future again will tell us again. You can denies all facts but history can not be denies at all, generation after generations

      Those who hates Dr. Riek Machar will have no other option, they will just surrender to him and his people naath/Nuer so that they can be assimilated and speak Thok Naath.



    • Bol T. Deng
      May 16, 2015 at 10:55 am

      Hello Abuchook,

      I am very interested to response your article that distorted the fact that dragged our nation South Sudan to untold suffering of innocent people simple thing so-call hatred.

      This war in South Sudan has nothing to with Riek Machar. Riel is an innocent because the war was planned by money lovers of Nuer and idiots Dinka council of elders whom we’re trying to elevated Dinka kingdom.

      Riek was trying to make everyone in South Sudan to be equal. Despite how big your tribe is. But, the food lovers of both The Nuer and the Dinka circled Salva regime refused and create senseless war Nuer intire community instead of pursuing political opponents.

      The Nuer community learned Dinka long time ago, because they have been trying to build their hatred against other, but Nuer destroy it when they see it. That is why Nuer becomes first enemy to Dinka whether in community base or politically.

      I knew since Malong Awan became a governor of Warrap that there will be a problem due to Malong speech during his inaugration ceremony. He said that ” during the war between South and North Sudan, many Bhar el gazelle sons and daughters die more than anybody”.
      This was what he and Dinka council of elders conceived that their contrition was more than any other.

      To point out to you that some of Dinka went to bush to have guns fight back Arab nomadict who abduct their kids and cattle. While we’re already in Bilpam military training. Again to assure you that Nuer civilians are well war practise since during British colonial. They consider themselves as civil defence to protect their territory from outside enemy.

      If I remind you for the question was ask by white man who trained commondo, commondo unit overran by white army in Malakal. He (trainer) asked how long these people called white army get trains, and which country they obtain their training? This question indicated that White army are not primitive because if they defeated well equipped army with in 45 minutes, they more stronger than corrupted government in Juba. Also there is no different between The Nuer white army and Mathiany Anyor whom was trained privately by Salva Kiir without knowledge from parliament and chief of staff of the army.

      To ask you a question, why Dinka always fear to face Nuer instead they run and bring other people to come and deal with Nuer? Now becomes many times. I can mention few of these: During British Dinka betrayed to British colonial, and they brought British army to killed son of Ngundeng. At the presence, they bought Uganda army to fight for them. This only gives Nuer big credit that they were people who liberated the Country South Sudan from Arab North.

      I hope this is the end of Dinka to spread the lies and world learnt them every well. The Nuer are rich in both democratics and culturally whom their culture is being taught in the athoropology department around the worldwide. However, non democratically society hate those practise equality because it is not their culture norms.

      My advise to you is this, Salva and Dinka council of elders are going to fail soon, but their failure has nothing to about Dinka community because Riek Machar has been truggling to delivering services to the community. The Sava Kiir government failed because he was just value only his tribal men and neglected the other communities.

      The politics in the developed countries, there is no point to build up your own tribe, in which reflect bad image and tell that your culture is a corrupt culture. If you guys want rebuild Dinka culture, you have refrains from Salva and his strange culture he create in the name of Jieng to fight his self-interest. Then the South Sudan will rebuild without tribal one.

      Take care


  3. May 16, 2015 at 4:03 am

    Upper Nile Capital is captured and fighting intensify to Akoka now there is fighting in Town of Akoka. In Jonglei fighting intensify which result in burning down of Duk county and In Bentiu SPLA-IO is matching toward Bentiu town stay tune there will be breaaking news soon.


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