The SSRRA-USA Update On South Sudan Humanitarian Crisis


May 28, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — In the past two weeks, thousands of residents were forced to flee their homes in Unity, Upper Nile, and Jonglei States as a result of recent fierce fighting between the two warring parties, following the collapsing of peace agreement in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in March this year.

The SSRRA’s correspondence has complete its assessment in all affected areas and learned about the severe shortage of food, water, medical supplies and other non food items to the vulnerable population. A recent fight in Malut, Malakal, and Unity State has caused many lives, and more continued to suffer with lack of food and water in their hiding areas.

The OCHA agency workers has recently visited Ayod in Jonglei State, and report a severe shortage of food, water, and concerns for fear of sexual violence toward young girls and women in the area controlled by the angry persons in military uniforms.

The report indicated that “people in this area are desperately in dire needs of peace, and asked for immediate intervention of the international community to help expedite peace talk between the two warring parties”. A similar form of abuse is currently taking place in Unity State as indicated in this YouTube video from the BBC World Service at,

The UN agent who was interviewed in Bentiu with regard to Gang Rape situation in the area, have helplessly answered that,” the situation in South Sudan is not an International issue to fix, but it is for South Sudanese leadership to fix”.

The South Sudan crisis started as political disagreement on December 15,2013, and quickly turned to tribal violence after 20,000 Nuers were reported massacred in Juba by the presidential guards. The war spread to full violence scale which led to massive, and continued human rights violations throughout South Sudan, the youngest nation in the world.

Submitted by the SSRRA office of public Information in the United States of America.You can reach us at

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