SPLM/SPLA Affirms It’s Demand For Reforms And Transformation Of South Sudan Overrides The Petty Politics Of SPLM Factions

South Sudan warring factions sign a reunification agreement to reunite the warring factions of the ruling party, SPLM(Photo: supplied)

South Sudan warring factions sign a reunification agreement to reunite the warring factions of the ruling party, SPLM(Photo: supplied)

June 06, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —The misconception emanating from the visit by advance team of SPLM Former detainees has caused disturbances among the members of SPLM/SPLA and South Sudanese at large. SPLM/SPLA through its National Committee for Political Mobilization and Orientation makes the following statement.

  • SPLM/SPLA expresses its concern and frustration over the tendency by Juba based regime seeking to implement the Arusha Agreement in a selective manner. Arusha Agreement is a one solid document signed by three parties. Apart from pursuing military option since the signing of Arusha Agreement, SPLM-Juba blocked the publication of the AU Commission of Inquiry Report on the Human right violation which implements the provision of Arusha Agreement especially section on accountability.
  • SPLM/SPLA remains committed to IGAD-Led peace process which is the only hope for peace in South Sudan. True and just peace, reconciliation for South Sudan can only come from on-going peace talks in Addis Ababa. The Arusha Agreement only complements the Addis Ababa peace process and by no means a substitute.
  • SPLM/SPLA as per Pagak Resolution reiterates its commitment to Arusha Agreement because within the Arusha Framework, root causes of the conflict in South Sudan, the needs to ensure accountability for all crimes committed and abuse of human rights as well as reparation for victims for the conflict have been agreed upon. We believe this is a step closer to the conclusion of comprehensive peace agreement in Addis Ababa.
  • SPLM/SPLA would not be party to any attempt aimed at overthrowing the peace process in Addis Ababa by substituting it with the Arusha process. The reunification of SPLM party does not mean peace in South Sudan since the conflict has spilled beyond the SPLM party politics.
  • Disagreement within the SPLM Party triggered the unnecessary blood bath and bleeding of South Sudanese, now those who demand for accountability and justice are either outside SPLM party or have resigned from SPLM. There are municipal and international law violated by some members of SPLM the demand for prosecution for criminal acts has also gone to international level.
  • In the spirit of Arusha Agreement, SPLM/SPLA renews its call for the release of AU Commission of Inquiry Report without further delay. This is critical for the implementation of the Arusha Agreement and the conclusion of IGAD-Plus peace agreement.

The basis for the reunification of the SPLM cannot be made by mere words and rhetoric but by tangible deeds and on new basis. If SPLM is to be united, it must be re-structured and transformed from a guerrilla ad hoc organisation into a modern political organisation; free from corruption, dictatorship, tribalism, personality cults, inefficiency and militarism etc. Its reunification depends on the conclusion of the peace process and not the other way round. Implementing Arusha agreement before Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Addis Ababa is like putting the cart before the horse.


  • SPLM/SPLA will never waver or give up on its aims for South Sudan. The movement is committed to South Sudanese cause. SPLM/SPLA shall deploy its human and material resources to achieve its aim to unite the people of South Sudanese and spearhead their struggle for fundamental political, social and economic change and transformation.
  • The key objective of SPLM/SPLA remains the creation of a united, inclusive, non-discriminative, federal democratic and prosperous society with or without SPLM.
  • SPLM/SPLA remains deeply concern and outraged by the appalling socio political and economic condition imposed on South Sudanese people by the regime of Salva Kiir. The sectarian dictatorial regime of Salva Kiir succeeded in dividing South Sudan into tribal, ethnic, regional and feudal enclaves and it continued to rule through bloodshed and theft.
  • The regime erected a patrimonial system based on tribalism rather than citizenship. President Salva Kiir rob south Sudanese of their future by establishing a government based on narrow sectional interest pursued through the de facto government of South Sudan in the name of a superficial, shapeless unpatriotic self-proclaimed Dinka Council of Elders who are responsible for looting the state and unleashing tyranny and atrocities on South Sudanese.
  • The Dinka Council of Elders continue to use human shield to advance its interest at the expense of that of the nation within the SPLM party, government of South Sudan or any other national forum.
  • SPLM/SPLA remains the only viable option and hope for South Sudanese. The demand for reforms and transformation of South Sudan is irreversibly affirmed and no petty politics of mushrooming SPLM factions can derail it.
  • SPLM/SPLA is a departure from the past mistakes and practices and will never abandon the cause of South Sudanese thus the creation of a better society in South Sudan.


  • All South Sudanese without exception rally for change for a better South Sudan. The people’s movement will never be dubbed. The independence of South Sudan was never delivered to South Sudanese people. The regime of Salva Kiir has demonstrated political bankruptcy by failing to rally and mobilize all South Sudanese to benefit from the hard-won independence and distributes its dividend to everyone.
  • The country remains without borders, resources control, and sovereignty. Political and economic power remains in the hands of few individuals with vested selfish interest. The country has been mortgage to foreign agents. We must liberate ourselves and our children from the forces of social, political and economic misfortunes.
  • The Dinka Council of Elders government must be uprooted and replaced by a broad-based democratic federal government.
  • In a popular struggle the people are their own liberators. We must wage both physical and mental liberation. Our anger and bitterness against the regime must be turned into liberation objectives. Even if peace agreement is signed or victory is achieved, it would just be the beginning of our achievement for freedom and prosperity.

Cde. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino,

Chairman | SPLM/SPLA National Committee for Political Mobilization & Orientation

  2 comments for “SPLM/SPLA Affirms It’s Demand For Reforms And Transformation Of South Sudan Overrides The Petty Politics Of SPLM Factions

  1. June 6, 2015 at 8:34 am

    Great and very informative press release freedom fighters movement. Never succumb to trickery and manipulation strategies of the Dinka council of Elders( The national-cancer and traitors) that are bent to loot South Sudan’s resources for eternity. You are the only hope that will save Junubiin from the genocidal, visionless, tribal oriented, and disgraced regime of Killer Kiir Kuethpiny and his cronies(Dinka council of elders). High five people’s movement!


  2. GatNor
    June 6, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    • ‘The regime erected a patrimonial system based on tribalism rather than citizenship.”


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