Join Forces of David Yau Yau and Government Troops Plan to Attack Akoba.

Gen. Khalid Bora left, Maj. Gen. James Kongkong center and the officers of cobra

Gen. Khalid Bora left, Maj. Gen. James Kongkong center and the officers of cobra

June 12, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—Following the SPLA Juba /David Yau Yau forces defeats in Kariak to Pibor after they attacked the SPLA -IO forces under command of Gen Paulino in Kariak in organized plan to attack Akobo via Likwangole route on 06 June 2015 resulting to death of several Soldiers and more others wounded on the side of SPLA Juba and Yau Yau forces.

Today on 12 June 2015 Gen.Paulino Zanglil reveal to our Nyamilepedia correspondent that Juba regime had paid money to Yau Yau to mobilize youths in order to support their mission and objectives thinking that they will succeed.

Since money can kill and buy, Former renegade David Yau Yau had managed to mobilized and secure money lovers within murle community.

Money resulted in division of Murle sub-communities in to four major groups as follows: Thagoth, Botonya, Tithi and Lango. The first three mention Murle groups are supporting Yau Yau and Salva Kiir interests while Lango group is supporting Gen Paulino Forces.

The Security Intelligent under command of Gen Paulino confirms that the SPLA Juba, Yau Yau forces and the Three Murle groups are ready to attack them.

According to trusted source the join forces under direct command of Maj. Gen. James Kongkong Lodeen had already left Pibor headquarters yesterday night at 10: 00 Pm.

However, today David Yau Yau at 6 am local time himself had left Pibor matching toward Kariak after he has sent his forces yesterday night.

His forces arrived at kariak this morning and they are heading toward Nam Nam an area with in Likwangole.

Their plan was to defeat Lango Murle group and SPLA-IO forces under Command of Gen Paulino Zanglil so that they can proceed to Akobo.

Gen. Paulino warns David Yau Yau and his three Murle groups.
Gen Paulino Zanglil the SPLA-IO Acting Governor for Pibor stated clearly that this materialized system of mobilizing Murle with money is brought by David Yau Yau after he had betrayed the trust of the Murle community on him.

He urged the Murle community to leave Yau Yau alone as he is driven by his personal interest not by the Murle interest of being democratic and live in federal state where there is no dictatorship existing.

He added that this continues acceptance of Government manipulations by David Yau Yau will result to his death.

Gen. Paulino Zanglil strongly urged the Three Murle group to cease with immediate effect from supporting Yau Yau and stop from participating from any attack plan by Yau Yau toward Lou Nuer.

He gives Seven Day starting from Today if they don’t ceased their plan and withdraw from the plan then he will be there with forces and Lou Nuer youths up to Pibor and that will mark the end of Juba regime in Pibor state.

He urged the Murle civilians inhabiting Likwangole especially in Nyirgeny to live immediately and evacuate across the river to Nam Nam for their safety otherwise ignorant will result to loss of lives and property.

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