The Profile of The Ruling Party SPLM/SPLA

By Izadin Suleman,

Western Equatoria State, South Sudan.

The SPLM leaders signing the Intra-Party Agreement to reunite the SPLM in Arusha, Tanzania(Photo: SPLM/Nyamilepedia)

The SPLM leaders signing the Intra-Party Agreement to reunite the SPLM in Arusha, Tanzania(Photo: SPLM/Nyamilepedia)

June 17, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — SPLM/A has been a continuation of South Sudan Liberation Movement ( SSLM ) known as Anyanya 1 Movement that championed the struggle for the freedom of the people of South Sudan from 1955 to 1972 and culminated in the Addis Ababa Peace Accord in 1972.As a result of this Agreement a regional government was designed for South Sudan under the then High Executive Council headed by Abel Alier as the President of the High Executive Council and second vice president of the Republic of the Sudan.

Although Addis Accord did not satisfy the aspiration of Southerners yet there was a temporary peace and what it required from South Sudanese political elites was a strong unity to enable them achieve greater autonomy but very unfortunately Dinka tribal domination brought discontent among none Dinkas which Khartoum took advantage of to divide the South under the pretext of decentralization and eventually rendered South Sudan more weak and vulnerable to Khartoum domination

Right after the decentralization of South Sudan on the 3rd of March 1983 President Nimeir went on to impose Islamic sharia law in the entire Sudan on the 3rd of September 1983, without sparing the South. When Southerners realized that the so called decentralization known as kokora in the local language has brought them back to square one, even worse than when they were before the Addis Accord they regrouped themselves into what was known as Anyanya 11 Movement to continue the struggle for a complete separation of the South from Khartoum. Anyanya 11 comprised all ethnic communities from South Sudan and was nationalistic in character but very unfortunately the Anyanya 11 Movement was badly suppressed when the Late John Garang joined the movement with about ten thousand of his Dinka tribesmen from Bor. He executed all the leaders of Anyanya 11 and changed the name of the Movement to SPLA/SPLM. Of course, the name SPLA existed in Maroc   as Saharaw Peoples’ Liberation Army and its political wing was Porosario. Since Garang was a terrible dictator no one could attempt to alter or suggest a name to fit South Sudan struggle, and so, the name of the movement remained SPLM/SPLA.

No matter what name the movement took but Southerners were boiling with anger against Khartoum and even if the devil entered the bush to champion a war against Khartoum they were ready to fight Khartoum under the command of the devil. For this reason Southerners joined SPLA/SPLM.

In the history of South Sudan no regime or movement has killed people like SPLM/A. Since its inception in 1983 it has killed millions, displaced more than eight million others and sent waves of refugees across the borders to refugee camps in the neighboring countries, a fact which has been witnessed by the international communities. Worse to mention, SPLA rebel soldiers entered refugees camps in neighboring countries, looted the refugees properties and killed scores of others .

It must be noted that Late John Garang from the very beginning wrongly assumed that he and his Dinka brothers could win the war against Khartoum without the participation of other South Sudanese ethnic communities but when it proved impossible and especially when Khartoum classified SPLM/SPLA as a Dinka movement John Garang designed a manifesto to persuade other South Sudanese ethnic communities to join hand. The message was so sweet that I can summarize as follows : “ Let us unite our ranks to fight the common enemy. There will be justice and equality and no Southerner will be made a slave in the new Sudan.” Contrary to the manifesto the Dinka were only promoting themselves leaving other ethnic communities in the lower ranks in the army, police, prison , wildlife ,fire brigade, etc.

Whatever happened South Sudanese had been desperate for independence and so they tolerated SPLA cruelty and tricks, and joined the movement and fought vigorously until the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed and they continued to play very important role in the referendum which paved way for the declaration of independence on the 9th July 2011.

South Sudanese hoped that after independence things will change for the better but the situation on the ground today is most painful and regrettable.

  1. Members of the National Security Council of the Republic of South Sudan are all from the Dinka ethnic community.
  2. All commanders of SPLA in the states are from one Dinka tribe
  3. All Police Commissioners in all the states are Dinka

Yet insecurity has become rampant. Reliable information indicate that what is happening in WES is the

Making and decision from SPLA General Headquarters to destabilize Western Equatoria State. The people of South Sudan are once again boiling with anger because the international community is fully aware of these happenings but IGAD and the African Union are only making suggestions on top of other suggestions and no one adheres to any of these suggestions. Do the international communities have any feeling about the innocent people being killed by Salva and Riek simple because each one of them wants that seat ? When the situation develops to anarchy in the sub region who will be blamed ? Honest speaking those at the negotiation table must accelerate peace to return the new nation to peace

or else something worse will happen and to stop it will be impossible. You can reach the author at

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  1 comment for “The Profile of The Ruling Party SPLM/SPLA

  1. General Thoon -Anyar
    June 17, 2015 at 3:26 am

    You look like off-shoots of Jallaba offspring or simply the shameful son of our sisters fathered by Jallaba. Mr Ezaddin, you cannot just distort history in such a idiotically summary, without even elaborating some more crucial facts of the story..
    Anyway I am so confused what are you up-to, are you Championing Equatorians grievances or tossing out your inner Dinka-phobia hatred, or polishing and washing your dirty Markub & Jalabia in preparation and ready to slice for yourself piece of cake from the proposed rebel lion-share from greater upper Nile states resources. In either way, whatever your Paternal uncles (Khartoum NCP) & our injudicious Nyigat were planning, will simply vanish as a day dreaming.


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