Has the G-10 Broken up into G-6 and G-4, (PART-TWO)

By David Lony Majak

Five of the former detainees who were sent to exile in Kenya returns to Juba(Photo: file)

Five of the former detainees who were sent to exile in Kenya returns to Juba(Photo: file)

July 4, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) —-Recaps of part one which was earlier published in different websites and in national newspapers in juba. The so called G10 is now almost reducing to G-4, not only reducing but they have had politically broken up into G-6 and G-4. I know some genuine questions will be asked by mindfully readers, why G10 reduced to G4. The defection of Pagan Amum has caused a greater internal turmoil in the group of former political detainees. The rest of the formally G10 has initially reputed Pagan his rationale decision of rushing back to Juba reasonably because of his unbelievable individual interest. Very interestingly; like I made it clear to all readers in Part one that the so called G-10 is sick and almost dying at any time due to their individual interests which destroyed their camp and political vision.

In regards to popular political consultations carried out by the leaders of two warring parties of SPLM/A Juba – IO Pagak in all levels regardless of G-10 neutrality, It was officially pointed out in all talks that the group of former political detainees headed by Pagan Amum the newly reinstated SPLM-Juba secretary general should either decide to die with no side or they must choose to join any of the party nor to remained G10. I think by tomorrow or in 2 days’ time Pagan and his G-6 members will either join government completely or else they may declare another faction with no forces. They call it a senseless war by then but now in the shoe of Kiir and Macahr, what next after the death of G-10 and have finally broken up into pieces with many (Gs), the time of telling lies and propagandas is over and we need truth and truth shall always set us free.

Pagan Amum and G-6 delegations had been sent away from the on-going Arusha SPLM (s) reunification meeting situated in Tanzania (2nd July 2015 Reuters); this has gave a chance to Dr. Machar and Mr. President Kiir to politically concentrate on unresolved pending issues which need their concerns in order to end this second longest conflict in the country. The question is how smart is Pagan Amum to be consider in national affairs as a good leader when he was among the top 15 politicians who were identified in grafts of south Sudan’s corruption.

What are the new developments or changes that will he bring again in SPLM, message to all typical supporters of the two SPLM (s) is that let them come out in a large number to protest against the reinstated failed SPLM secretary general if they really ought for a stable SPLM in South Sudan. The cheapest politician PAGAN and another 5 members of G-6 are truly becoming invisible human virus that needs laboratory technicians and physiologists to reexamine their (IQs) and normality to prove what caused their minds unstable in any political situation, Pagan does not deserve such a bigger position again in South Sudan.

Nowadays according to street voice; majority of South Sudanese people are just waiting for Dr. Machar and Mr. President Kiir to address the root causes of the current conflict so that peace does return back to the people of South Sudan. It is left to their Excellencies; to sideline G-10 in all processes of SPLM reunification, Pagan and his colleagues in G-6 cannot be the subject matter of sabotaging any negotiations which could address SPLM internal issues.

The isolated G-4 members can come out to address the general public and to confess publicly for all they have done because this is the only opportunity for the two SPLM (s) to forgive them, no one will condemn their neutrality but they may die innocently without single political achievement. The so called G-4 members are yet to confirm as named in part one; Dr. Majak De Agot, former Ministers, Oyai Deng Ajak, Guier Chuang Aluong and Mama Rebecca Nyadeng De Mabior, I guess South Sudanese citizens will still respects you for your political stands in any political turnover. This camp is in another struggle to liberate itself from internal traitors, G-10 masterminded by Pagan and John Luk the most power greediest leaders with no choices but act cheaply like brokers.

I know the team of G-6 is just in the waiting hall at Kenyatta International Airport-KIA returning back to SPLM juba because things have finally changed from bitter to sewages. Pagan has wasted his personal energy trying to confuse himself by declaring it to the whole world that before 9th July, 2015 they will end south Sudan’s conflict whether on the side of SPLM as a party or Militarily. It was just a mere political self-actualization to uphold his individual interest, the success of born-again SPLM cannot be oversees by someone who initially failed to managed what we called SPLM secretariats before the country went into what we are now facing.

It was just a head speech of reaching Juba before he was reinstated but I do not think if Pagan Amum could now again repeat all he said in the past. It is in its nature that the two SPLM (s) Juba and Pagak have been existing since the war subsided in all parts of the country and around the region without the role being played by the formally G-10 that have finally broken up into unbelievable (Gs) G-6 and G-4 of Nairobi in June 2015. Those who are impressed by the recent moves between the two major SPLM (s) should therefore real behind their leaders so that they can reach solution to south Sudan’s sickness and to bring a long lasting peace to the suffering civil populations of South Sudan.

Am very sure SPLA (S) Juba-IO chief of general staffs are still maintaining their positions; Gen: Malong Awan Anei and Gen: Gatwech Dual, there is no way where G-6 and G-4 will escape time around if they dare miscalculate the game. Mr. President Kiir and Dr. Machar have their own independent forces and no single soldiers have ever defected in the name of G-10 since the war broke out in December 2013 until to-date.

Now the only remaining better option for the two (Gs) is to join juba government, SPLM-IO or to maintain the position of failed group G-10 because they earlier said that they are not going to join neither Juba government nor SPLM-IO but wanting to be part of SPLM. But where on earth will G-10 get SPLM party without Dr. Machar and President Kiir, in wise man’s understanding no one cheat his/herself to death accept traitors without ideology in politic, a case study of G-10 manipulated by Pagan Amum, Deng Alor and John Luk.

Apparently; the two leaders of SPLM must make sure that; this is the right time to raise issues concerning dictatorship and democracy and those initially contributed to the root causes of the SPLM downfall in 2013. We really need a long lasting peace in south Sudan and by doing so we should therefore figure out all burning issues while addressing the internal root causes and pertaining dual challenges in SPLM party before the peace is given a chance.

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  3 comments for “Has the G-10 Broken up into G-6 and G-4, (PART-TWO)

  1. July 4, 2015 at 2:02 am

    it is really very good that those of G10 are break up let those of G6 come to this failure government of kiir


  2. July 4, 2015 at 2:54 am

    Thanks God if Oyai Deng Ajak be left +3 out by G10 among the G10 he innocent. my opinion to Dr. Gatmachar never giveup with G3 + prisoners incl. Malaak Ayuen of Jebel Boma who leaded by Kerbino Kwachnyini Bol and G10 lead by Pagan Amum. Give the World the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is btw you and God. ,.It was never between you and them anyway…


  3. Gatkuoth Lulhok
    July 4, 2015 at 5:58 am

    its really a rediculous and political accident that Pagan has again form a G-6 which i can correctly call GREEDY SIX.


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