Dr. Joseph Nguen Politics of The Belly:

By Mr. James Pui Yak Yiel,

Former members of Sudan's ruling party, NCP, who are currently holding top positions in Salva Kiir's government, Dr. Riek Gai (MD), Dr. Nguen Monytuel(MD), Tutkew Gatluak who advises president Salva Kiir standing with Kuol Manyang welcoming a militia general who is returning to Salva Kiir's regime(Photo: file)

Former members of Sudan’s ruling party, NCP, who are currently holding top positions in Salva Kiir’s government, Dr. Riek Gai (MD), Dr. Nguen Monytuel(MD), Tutkew Gatluak who advises president Salva Kiir standing with Kuol Manyang welcoming a militia general who is returning to Salva Kiir’s regime(Photo: file)

July 07, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Mr. Joseph Nguen Manytuil Wicjang the current caretaker governor for unity state is a medical doctor by profession who graduated from the Cairo University in the 1990s. Subsequently, he began his internship with the Khartoum north teaching hospital following his graduation from the medical school. In 1996 he was employed by late Paulino Matip Nhial as his personal doctor and serves in that position till his appointment to the post of Governorship in 2003 by his mentor and architect Dr. Riek Gai Kok the chairman of the then coordination council for southern Sudan.

Although Joseph Nguen is believed to have climbed the political ladder through the help of Paulino Matip, his initial appointment though was vehemently opposed by the latter. Ignorant of the facts, many observers slammed Paulino Matip opposition to his appointment to the state top job citing the later lack of sympathy for a man they believed had enormously contributed to his personal wellbeing. Moreover, some speculators who rushed into conclusions thought the matter has something to do with the political rivalry between Gok and Kuac sections of Bul community. While, others suspected the rejection was due to a fall out between Matip and Bapiny Manytuil – Joseph Nguen brother and later with Peter Gatdet as the trio flexes their muscles as to who should wield the ultimate influence within the community. Alas, as time goes by and the dusts settled some facts about Joseph Nguen personality which had prompted Matip opposition to his leadership begin to emerge.

Having briefly narrated the personal as well as political history of Mr. Joseph Nguen Manytuil, it is necessary therefore to explain why the caretaker governor divorced with the Nuer cause and chose to pay allegiance to a government that had murdered two of his bodyguards and a driver. Shamelessly, the caretaker governor is quoted on several occasions telling his constituency (Bul community) that the war is about him being refused the gubernatorial position by his political rivals and that this rejection is not only meant for him as an individual but the entire Bul community. On the other hand, he would also argue the war is between the government and the rebels and that he is defending the country constitution as well as the integrity of the nation–the two most widely used slogans these days.

Surely, Joseph Nguen and his henchmen knew from the bottom of their hearts as various evidences clearly indicate that this conflict is ethnic in nature and has nothing political about it. But, if this is how things stand today, then why on earth the young doctor ignited a fraternal war between supposedly brothers of the same family notably the people of great western Nuer disrupting the tight knit social bonds that Bind these communities since time immemorial. Traditionally, Nuer nation war concept prohibits fighting a fellow tribe man when a deadly threat comes from outside Nuer land. But, what has changed this social norm, and what are the pros and cons of this radical departure from the social behavior of the Nuer society?

Apparently, the answers to the questions posed above could be traced back to why Matip refused Joseph Nguen leadership in the first place. The truth of the matter is that Matip has discovered a leadership style in Joseph Nguen which is deeply characterize by an excessive quest for personal aggrandizement and voracious love for material wealth in total disregard of his personal dignity and the community social values.

His latest alignment with the Dinka at the expense of his native Nuer tribe is a case in point, this treacherous act which even a Nuer child couldn’t contemplate doing was primarily motivated by the desire for material wealth at the expense of the Nuer social cohesion. His quest for economic affluence as well as social status occupied his mind to the point where he has little regards to the repercussions of his actions, whether they takes lives or not so long as there is nothing that hurt him personally in the process he seems not to care anyway.

If one follow closely the steps taken by Mr. Joseph Nguen Manytuil in his political marathon one thing that clearly come to mind is that the young doctor do not have a guiding principle shaping his political direction, but always look into avenues where his material interests could be fulfils hence throwing his whole lots on the golden opportunity. If altruism is anything to go by the caretaker governor would have ask himself this serious but a fundamental question why the Dinka he is supporting against the Nuer seldom have any Clan, section or sub tribe that shifted allegiance to Nuer side similar to what he did to Bul community if the war seriously is about political differences and not about ethnic rivalry as they often claimed.

The Nuer as a community has social bonds that couldn’t be broken by any of its members under any circumstances whatsoever because it is these social bonds that keep the social fabrics of this society. Any attempt to temper with these social fabrics not only destroys the social cohesion of the Nuer as a nation but is also detrimental to the very existence of the Nuer community itself and Mr. Joseph Nguen connived to plays the role of a centrifugal agent by implementing the Dinka deadly scheme of debilitating Nuer strength through the divide and rule policy. The latest development culminating to a full scale destruction in unity state where citizens from Mayom county accompanied by their counterpart from the Neighboring Warrap state went on rampage throughout Unity state heartland Pillaging, raping, killing and committing the most despicable atrocities against their fellow tribe men and women clearly illustrates the magnitude of the conspiracy that was in the pipeline to disintegrate this community.

Frankly speaking, President Salva Kiir would have not made these sycophants and traitors his right hand men if it weren’t for the grand strategy to advance the cause of Dinka domination which ultimately necessitates exploiting their energies if this tribal goal is to be achieved. Obviously, Joseph is aware of the Dinka strategy but, his love for food compels him to deceive his own section to die in a war of his own whims. Doesn’t Joseph Nguen have other schemes to pursue in order to enrich himself apart from subjecting an entire community to a costly war that claims innocence lives and valuable properties every single day.

It is a complete surprise when somebody like Joseph Nguen and the likes of Tut Gatluak (aka Tutkiaw) could claim they are the true nationalists in south Sudan when they were totally opposed to the idea of separation from the north during the referendum exercise that brought the independent south Sudan whose integrity they falsely claimed to preserve and protect today. Not to mention their lifelong collaboration with the Arabs north during the protracted south Sudan liberation struggle. The staunch supporters both from within and outside unity state who were blindly supporting Dr. Joseph Nguen and who also in the past went as far as putting a blame on late Paulino Matip for attempting to deny the young doctor the state governorship would finally realize the wisdom of Matip reservation when he opposed his gubernatorial appointment in 2003 preferring him to serve in a different role instead.

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