Dinkastlations vs Legislations- The root cause of suffering in Ma’di Land

By Mr. Oja Silasio


The Dinka culuture show in Juba South Sudan .....

The Dinka culture show in Juba South Sudan …..

July 08, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — In the 21st century, every nation is advocating for a system of governance in which the citizens freely make political decisions by majority rule, and those minority groups are still being guaranteed of individual human rights irrespective of their ethnicity, religions, or political affiliations.

The rights of minorities are not solely dependent on majority population or ruling tribe, and cannot as well be determined by majority vote. Their rights are protected simply because laws and institutions are to safeguard the rights of all citizens.

That being said, I am wondering if the laws in our country, are meant to protect the rights of every citizens or just to serve the interest of the Jiengs?

In South Sudan one doesn’t need to hold a PhD in History or Political Science, in order to comprehend the entire genesis or evolution of our new nation. At least every South Sudanese family, in one way or the other, contributed either to its conception or birth, except nurturing as this role has now been assumed by a de facto Head of State, Uganda’s Museveni, who administers the country remotely from his cattle camp in Mbarara, Western Uganda.

By some reports, he does this through WhatsApp, Skypes and E-mails. That’s why Salva Kiir is sighted with 16GB iPad 2 wherever he goes and he updates his offline dictionary app from time so that he doesn’t miss any of Museveni’s vocabularies.

What is undisputable however that is occasionally he Museveni jets into the country to inspect the activities of his Suicide squadron aka UPDF and to deliver lectures on our internal political matters.

On every trip he, Museveni brings with him some complicated contract forms for Kiir to sign. This Makes Southern Sudan, the only country in the world which outsources its presidency.

Majority of those who watched Kiir’s announcement during the infamous Dec 15th 2013-bloodbath in Juba concluded that the de facto Head of State, Uganda’s Museveni, must have authored the speech as the message contained all the three noticeable characteristics of Kampala-style of propaganda;

  1. Simplicity of the message– The message was simple and didn’t require any reasoning. No wonder it is said that simple lie always conquers the complex truth, more especially in a dinkocratic settings.
  1. Imagery– Kampala’s propagandists’ boss, M7 is known for embedding his message within appealing imagery. Whenever Ugandans are about to head off to the poll, he regularly appears on national TV while dressed in full military fatigue. This is to assure voters of protection if only they keep “the man-in-uniform” on to power. His little counterpart, Kiir xeroxed this technique when explaining the casus belli of the Dec. 2013 bloodbath on SSTV.
  1. Sentiment – The message also contained little details so that it could appeal to some strong feelings. You would realise that Kiir’s speech can only be summarised into three words (Coup d’état-Criminals-and Justice). The entire world had no choice but to believe his version of the story. Only those conversant with Kampala-Styles of propaganda remained unconverted.

“I will not allow or tolerate such incidents once again in our new nation. I strongly condemn these criminal actions in the strongest terms possible,” he said, vowing those responsible would have to stand “before the appropriate law institution.”

And when he vowed to bring those responsible to face the appropriate laws, he failed to elucidate the laws and the institutions that shall handle the matter.

In South Sudan now we have diverse laws some of which are unknown even to the academics from the legal fields;

Not because they didn’t read enough books but rather admission into this program is by virtue of birth. You MUST hail from cattle camp and speak Dinka as first language. The Graduates are awarded informal Bachelor Degree in AK-47 Mishandling, and most of them can hardly write their own names.

The Ma’di land is being governed by Dinkastlations, not legislations.

In essence Dinkastlation is an exclusive informal laws formulated by the illiterate Jiengs in Ma’di land. Dinkastlations are not only superior to all formal laws but are also superior to the TEN COMMANDMENTS of THE SOVEREIGN LORD.

Dinkastlations permits the Jiengs to grab any piece of land from the Ma’di people without any preconditions. The charges for resisting their demand can be upgraded to anything worse,

The native chiefs are required to sign any documents presented to them irrespective of the contents. The terms of the documents are in most cases to legitimise the stay of the armed cowboys in Ma’di land since the Jieng’s law considers such individual as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

And refusal to append signatures accordingly, would earn you a conviction of being SPLM/IO and thence;

You are imprisoned and subjected to various forms of tortures, which among others may include;

Baptism by immersion into the pit latrine, removal of the fingernails and heathy teeth of the victims, yet without any anaesthetics. -These methods are preferred because they make the alleged victims to admit every accusations brought against them.

In the Holy Bible, Jesus instructs his Apostles;

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…..” Matthews 28:19.

Jesus never instituted baptism as interrogation technique but it is to serve as public confession of one’s acceptance to follow Christ, and vividly this is to be conducted in fresh water, not pit latrine as is the case in Ma’di land.

Such barbarism not only appals the Ma’di people but it also DISGRACES our sovereign LORD, THE GOD OF THE OPPRESSED AND THEIR OPPRESSORS and therefore must stop!!!

We all deserve humanely treatment from those we put in the positions of authority. We are happy to obey laws that work for the good of our society, both written and unwritten as long as they are consistent with the golden rules; Do unto others as you would have them do it to you,

And deject those dinkal-laws/dinkastlations which are so primitive, devilish, and are totally against our own peace.

The author can be reached at ojasilasio@activist.co

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