Are the South Sudanese Ready For A Folly Leadership? Will The SPLM/SPLA Condone The Genocidal Regime Because of Positions?

By Sam Simon Mayan Tut,


The SPLM/SPLA leaders rejoice in 20002 after the two factions accepted the call for self-determination. While Machar compromised on power-sharing, Dr. Garang compromise to Machar's self-determination....

The SPLM/SPLA leaders rejoice in 20002 after the two factions accepted the call for self-determination. While Machar compromised on power-sharing, Dr. Garang compromise to Machar’s self-determination….

July 09, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Firstly and autocrat, one of God messenger’s say that, listen while I state my case, why are you lying? Do you think your lie will benefit God? Are you trying to defend him? Are you going to argue his case in court? If God look at you closely, will he find any thing good? Do you think you can fool God as you fool others? Are you created by the creature to remain behind forever?

Today, by the grace of God and thanks to the million South Sudanese people whose supported and joined the December 2013 revolutionary struggle for change and reforms in the Republic of South Sudan after the 98% of South Sudanese people loosed hope about Salva Kiir ,the killer against his nation and we must continue to build the future of South Sudan to bring up the South Sudanese generations through love and national dignity, and I strongly advice any politician in the opposition movement who wish to go to Salva Kiir regime should normally go to Salva Kiir blood regime without causing any confusion in the movement and I also wish the generals in the SPLA opposition to remain unite not to be confuse by the politicians whose their aims is self interests and not the interest of the people. Concerning the speech of Salva Kiir in the parliament in Juba on 8th ,July 2015,comparing himself with Jesus Christ, I think if Salva Kiir is the real Christian, he would have to make apologize to the Christians in the world because Jesus Christ died for the sake of the people included Salva Kiir but Salva Kiir killed the children of God and forced those whose were still life’s to eat the meat of their dead bodies relatives in which the devil cannot do that but Kiir still seeing the killing of the Nuer innocent civilian in Juba is like a bottle wine or John walker but he will realize in a time come.

And I want to insured Salva Kiir and the Dinka and Nuer whose support Kiir behaviors will pay double consequences in a time and I believed that Kiir will face what happened to Libya former president before he could not go to grave and let the people whose supporting Kiir separate their SPLM internal problem with the killing against Nuer innocent civilian because the problem is not Dr.Machar Teny Dhuorgon to power but what kill Nuer innocent civilian? The international and regional bodies must investigate this otherwise there is no South.ٍ

So on behalf of many Nile rivers nation, I am happy to congratulate and salute all the Sudanese people and the government of Sudan for the great honor and remarkable receptions that the government of Sudan and the citizen of Sudan welcome our refugees into their second home country Sudan whose came for protection and better life’s and I wish and believed that the relatively relationship which has been burned down and destroyed by Juba regime who’s have no international diplomatic experiences will be strongly rebuild again and the two sisters countries Sudan and South Sudan will rejoin their free movements in the end of this tribal war, that the war of change and beautiful reforms which will provide love, justice ,equality, country of law and freedom life, democratic leadership, implementation of real federalism under 21st federal states, building of national unity, respect among the tribes, respect of widows and orphans children whose their fathers killed, free education, high wage agricultural agenda that will make the weak families better lives, to supports youth activities, including sports that will allow South Sudan to joint and win the world cup championship in 2026 world cup completion, the reforms that will kills corruptions ,tribalism ,selfishness, ignorance ,disunity and to make the South Sudan a better place for the whole world but the tribe will be only the nationality of South Sudan and burn all the SPLM tribal constitution 2005 and establish a new nation constitution through experiences lawmakers personnel , in which we must respect one another and individuality be consider to rule the South Sudan in the first chair of the country, whether from small tribe or big tribe because I think, God is not wrong to created small and big tribes as he created Elephant and rat but there all animals or bird, same thing whether big tribe or small tribe, we are all Southerners whose belong to South Sudan and every tribe have a full right to rule the South.

So I wish, the Southerners should recruit themselves behind change and struggle reforms to build consensus an a sustainable wages and united structure for the country by not opening any chance to who want to destroy or looted the properties of South Sudan which is now sell out by Juba tribal regime to defend their food but South Sudan belong to next generation of this beloved country and not these corruptists leaders.

However, in a second paragraph, it was eight years Nuer world war one before 21st century against the colony who tried to attempted to conquer Nuer historical land in 1932 to 1940s but never succeed to defeated Nuer nation while in that century, the Nuer fought the colonialism with spears and sticks without military equipments but they were not defeated. So today, it had been repeatedly repeated by Salva Kiir and his Boss Yowere Museveni of Uganda caused dangerous cholera disease relationship between Nuer and Dinka whose were brothers –Monynuer and monyjieny which will not be soon dry until the year 3876 A.D .because what Salva Kiir did is beyond the distance between moon and the ground but the South Sudan Dinka national young leaders Dr.Dhiew Mathuok,Comrade Mabior John Garang De Mabior ,general Mabor Mariel, general Khamis ,general Dau Aturjuong ,comrade Alier, the governor of Jungle state, the deputy governor of Sobat state and others comrades reduced the pain into 68% and the tears may dry’s in 3480 A.D. if we shall work hard to make the tears dry’s but I do not know if the Dinka will leave the disunity languages against Nuer.

However, Salva Kiir already cultivated a disunity disease among the Southerners whether politically and socially between Nuer and Dinka ,because the innocent Nuer civilian whose have been killed by Salva Kiir have nothing with the SPLM party political misunderstanding and their not a members of the SPLM party and their names were not found in the list of the lair coup and they were not yet votes for Dr.Machar and they couldn’t demonstrated against the government when the President Kiir dismissal his Vice president Dr.Machar in his two political posts as Vice President and as 1st deputy Chairman of the party.

Therefore, Mr.Bona Malual must not forgotten that the animal Hyena in the bush can never become a king of the animals and all animals in the forestry can never commit any mistake to elect the Hyena as their king or president, the two animals, the bird (Khat and Hyena ) cannot rule the animals or birds and lucky enough, if God created Hyena to eat the grains or Dura, people can suffered a lot. Same thing, human being in the South Sudan doesn’t know that there is dangerous human Hyena than the animal Hyena in the bush. So it will never in the history of South Sudan that there will be a country to be call a country of tribe, that will never happy but a country of all united one nation which is South Sudan which was liberated by all people of South Sudan.

Furthermore, I would like to give few information to the young generation whose are not aware about Dinka misbehaviors against Nuer since 1957 as follow:-

1/ In 1957,late Dak Dieh tried to take the hospital to Akobo which was donated to Akobo citizen by the first Prime Minister of Sudan but Bullen Alier accused Dak Dieh to the Sudanese security who’s prevented the hospital to be built in Akobo than was built in Bor town.

2 / In 1975,Col.Abel Acol was send from Khartoum to go and arrested the former Anya Nya one officers,Benson Kuany Latjor,(Wad Mak) James Bol Kur and general Gordon Koang Chuol Kulang that caused his death when those officers refused to be transferred to Khartoum.

3/ In 1980/1982, The president of the High Executive (HEC) Moslana Abel Alier who was closed friend to hero Peter Gatkuoth Gual as his vice in the (HEC) decided to dismissed Peter Gatkuoth as Salva Kiir did to his head master Dr.Machar in a reason that ,Peter Gatkuoth promoted three Nuer government officials to group Seven (7) while 75% of Director generals of the importance ministries were all Dinka but the Nuer national leaders whose Bona Malual known them very well that, if hero Joshua Dei Wal would have been a life,Bona Malual cannot open his mouth today against Nuer,than those leaders forced Peter Gatkuoth to resigned from Dinka dominated government but I am happy with Dinka Bor because their not thieves in the government but they wants only to rule people which is good, that caused Maslana Abel Alier to be dismissed by President Jaafar Mohamed Nimeri from (HEC) because Peter Gatkuoth was well known internationally, regionally and internally as Sudanese national leader of value and dignity in the whole Sudan.

4/ In 1983/1984,Dr.John Garang De Mabior and Salva kiir killed Samuel Gai Tut while he was supported Garang uncle Kuot Atem.

5/ In 1985,Dr.John Garang and Salva Kiir ordered SPLA troops to attacked Nuer Gajaak civilian population ,than the SPLA killed more than 500 innocent Nuer civilian, women and children without reason but comrade Mabior washed the wounds pain.

6/ In 1989,Kuol Manyang Juuk killed many Lou Nuer intellectuals and civilian and qualified officers but no body from Lou Nuer leaders made any reaction against Kuol Manyang humanity crimes against Lou Nuer area.

7/ In 1994, Salva Kiir killed 450 Nuer SPLA qualified officers whose remained under Torit faction after 1991 coup and nailed some of them on the trees like Jesus Christ which is another unforgettable history.

8/ In 2006, the SPLA commander In Chief and President of South Sudan Salva Kiir ordered SPLA commanded by general Peter Bol Koang to carried out unlawful disarmaments in Lou Nuer area that ended of killing more than 650 Lou Nuer innocent civilian ,women, children and old ages while the disarmaments never take place in Dinka land until the time of Juba Genocidal against Nuer in 2013 but the Nuer leaders just look at the SPLM/SPLA as their community and not ask any questions about the SPLM/SPLA human mismanagement against Nuer alone.

9/ In 2009, the SPLA killed hundreds of Nuer civilian in Bentiu as a result of unlawful disarmaments against Nuer population while the Nuer leaders whose were in the government and MPS in the parliaments never asks any question about why.

10/ In 2009, the SPLA killed 7 Lou Nuer Wildlife officers included baby and his mother who’s were taken Nyirol County salaries of workers in Duk County but after few days, Salva Kiir promoted the Commissioner of Duk County for the great achievement.

11/ In 1986,Dinka security under Salva Kiir in Bilpam planed to killed hero William Chuol Deng and they succeed through John Kulang Puot which is Nuer leaders to kills themselves through instructions of Dinka leaders, as their plans to finish the best Nuer leaders and leave Nuer wew leaders a lives whose will see themselves like a messengers under Dinka leadership that ended into Genocide against Nuer innocent people whose have nothing with SPLM political conflicts.

12/ In those years between 2010 to 2011, commander Gatluak Gai was killed by the SPLA/SPLM in Bentiu with many civilian after he signed peace with Juba government but to finish the important military leaders whose cannot invested the blood of their beloved relatives to Dinka leadership because of food as it happened on 16/12/2013 and no Nuer leader open his mouth about that.

13/ In 2011, George Athor attacked Nuer Fangak civil population and killed more than 500 innocent civilian, women and children whose came from Khartoum to vote for the Independence of South Sudan leaving the relatives of Kuol Manyang Juuk who looted or steals his votes during South Sudan general election 2010 just an implementation of Dinka 39 laws against Nuer.

14/ On 24/ 04/2011,the SPLM/SPLA leadership in presence of Nuer leaders in the government and military leaders ordered commando senior officers,Gatwech Gai and Yoanes Yoal Bath to kill general Gabriel Tang and general Thomas Mabor Dhoal in Kaldak after they signed peace and declared their integration to SPLA in present of Upper Nile government delegation in Kaldak on 23/04/2011, killing more than 1830 innocent civilian women, children, pastors, traders and old ages that kept general Tang and Mabor in prison for the last 3 years with a supports of Nuer leaders whose fear to ask the reason of arrest.

15/ In same year of 2011,150 Nuer recruits SPLA soldiers whose were under military training in Bor were poisoning with snake meat and other whose have been taken to Wau hospital for treatment, many of them died there and no any Nuer leader requested any investigation because of fear.

16/ Between 2011 to 2012, many Nuer important personnel’s, officers, Universities students, civilian, police soldiers were murdered in different places in Juba,Yei distict,Wau and Bor but no body ask about why.

17/ In 2012/2013, 16 persons-included police soldiers, civilian and government officials were killed during Mayendit County attacked by Dinka through former (GIPSOSS) plans.

18/ On 16/12/2013,Salva Kiir fully endorsed his 39 laws implementation against Nuer Killing more than 47000 Nuer innocent civilian in Juba as Genocide included MPS, Lawyers, Judges, women, children ,unborn babies, young boys and girls, old ages, businessmen ,traders, teachers, Universities students, government officials while such innocent Nuer people are not members of SPLM party and their names were not found in the lair coup and they couldn’t also votes for Dr.Machar yet, than what killed them is the implementation of 39 laws that cannot end empty.

19/ In may 2014, Pual Malong Awan say that he will not see any Nuer person in South Sudan until the 30th of may 2014 unless he marriage a Nuer man to see Nuer as his in-law but Awan forgotten that his military masters, general Simon Gatwech, general Gabriel Tang, general Gathoth Gatkuoth, general James Chayuot Manyang (Saadam),general Thomas Mabor, general Peter Gatdet Yaka and general James Koang Chuol and others generals are still a life whose will never sell the blood of their relatives to Pual Malong and Salva Kiir and Pual Malong must know that Kiir Genocide against innocent Nuer civilian is beyond 1991 and 1983.

20/ In April 2014,278 Nuer SPLA recruits soldiers under training in Mapel were killed by Dinka with their families.

21/ on 17/04/2014, 148 Nuer civilian were killed by Bor youth gunmen inside UNMISS IDPS camp whose could not even votes for Dr.Machar yet.

22/ In 2013,Salva Kiir finally repeatedly did what has had been done to Peter Gatkuoth Gual by Abel Alier and Dr.John Garang against Samuel Gai Tut and than finally, has been finalized by Salva Kiir against his head master Dr.Riek Machar Teny Dhuorgon in 2013 but that will be the last political history misbehaviors between Nuer and Dinka in the leadership of South Sudan or against any other community leaders any who wish to lead the South Sudan will feel free without any selfishness behaviors because South Sudan is for Southerners and belong to all whether small tribe or big tribe but we must establish respect of one another in the end of this tribal war because the African Allies and Sudan Darfurian Allies will not be in South Sudan until 2020 .But congratulation to all South Sudanese communities members whose decided to joined the revolutionary struggle for change and reforms, especially general Johnson Olony and Collo Kingdom community, general Martin Kenyi and his community which is known in the Torit history 1955, and general Khamis and his all supporters and we must make change in South Sudan under democratic federal system which will relax every citizen in South Sudan.

Finally, I wish to ask some few questions as follow:-

a/ Is it an implementation of 39 laws against Nuer which was endorsed by Salva Kiir himself in Yei on 23/12/2003 that was prepared by the Dinka leaders under the chairmanship of Justice Daniel Awet Akot ?

b/ Is it Dinka reaction on 1991 coup which Salva Kiir and Marial Benjamin Bil always talks about it in the SSTV ?

c/ Does Salva Kiir and Jieny council of elders wanted South Sudan to be Jieny Kingdom state ?

d/ What the innocent Nuer civilian did against Dinka community during those ten (10) years of Salva Kiir leadership while they all voted for Kiir and they victory also voted for the Independence of South Sudan ?

e/ Who want South Sudan to be his/her own dinning hall?

f/ What is the mistake of Dr.Machar Teny Dhuorgon to say, he wanted to compete his student Salva Kiir as citizen of South Sudan in 2015 election who have a right to contest for presidency as a citizen of South Sudan ?

g/ Is SPLM party leadership put a law in their party constitution that no other community leaders or South Sudanese leader within SPLM should not compete Salva Kiir ?

h/ Are we under SPLM communist system dictatorial ideology system or under democratic system in South Sudan ?

i/ Are the Southerners ready for that poison ideologies leadership ?

j/ 42 years of Dinka tribal leadership, 21 years of Dr. John, 11 years of Abel Alier and the most dangerous 10 years of Salva Kiir leadership that poison the whole South nowadays, we have no objection as Southerners if the leadership is justice and democratic leadership but we must separate the behaviors of animal Hyena against other animals and human Hyena who can rule human being.

k/ Is the killing against Nuer in Juba is the solution for Dinka to own the South Sudan as their personal property without other Southerners as Bona Malual say in Washington DC that South Sudan is a country of Dinka ?

L/ Do the SPLM (IO) and SPLM in Juba and G6 SPLM group should assumed that the Reunification of SPLM party in Arusha and 1st Vice president instead of Prime Minister will make Nuer blood to be turn as cooking oil investment market, in which to forget Juba Genocidal because of SPLM reunification ?

m/ We must know what killed Nuer innocent civilian in Juba 2013.

n/ Hate Salva Kiir speech against Nuer on 2nd July 2015 in Intercontinental hotel in Nairobi-Kenya declaring that the Dinka must not allow their daughters to be marriage by Nuer,but what about Nuer WeW leaders who’s are supporting and defending Kiir community food, will they be preventing not to marriage Dinka daughters?

Concerning 1991 coup and 1879 Dinka attacked against Lou Nuer area in Panding,I would like to highlight the young people whose are not aware about those two years conflicts. In 1991/1992 Bor war, there is something that still make Dinka daily, monthly and yearly abuses Nuer ,the Nuer do not go to media ignoring Dinka moves but they just remained silence while the Dinka are running to media, started from the time of Peter Gatkuoth Gual the peaceful and democratic leader in the history of South Sudan who was keeping the unity of South Sudan like a egg or more than his own sons Gatwech Peter Gatkuoth Gual and Martin Peter Gatkuoth Gual during Gatkuoth peaceful leadership, that he do not wish the Southerners to have misunderstanding among them but was forced by Abel system to comment as the same road of democratic leadership been followed by Dr.Machar who do not want South Sudan to broke down because it is our dignity.

So as a community, our vision toward national unity of South Sudan will not be cut off by any body who just want to eat others rights until we reach into end of it. Therefore, as a astronomy leader, he cannot accepted to be behind atropine leadership but we must correct the tribal attitude in our beloved country for all.

So 1991/1992/ coup and Bor war was not a tribal war between Lou Nuer and Gawaar Nuer against Dinka Bor civilian but it was a war between SSIM/SSIA and SPLM/SPLA as it happened between Robert Mugabe and Joshua Arkoma of Zimbabwe during their country liberation, they killed themselves but at last they reform a national unity which is different from this Salva Kiir Genocide because they killed themselves when they were rebel whose have no government constitution but Kiir Genocidal against Nuer innocent civilian as a government under the law of principles and I wish, in the end of this tribal war, the next democratic federal government must allow the citizen of South Sudan to relax in all levels of livings, to provide free education from primary schools to Universities for a period of 20 years since we have 99% of oil income that will fill the gap of 30 years of those young people whose did not get education. And also allow the orphan children whose their fathers have been killed during liberation or in this tribal Salva Kiir war.For us to provide Justice, equality, betterment understanding among the citizen of South Sudan, to build highways roads, free ways that will connect all the South Sudan cities –counties-Payam and Boma and the government must respect her citizen in the Republic of South Sudan for them to feel free and the government must not and should not allow the foreigners to abuses the system in the country and we should also make the South Sudan passport to have a value and wage internationally and regionally. And lastly, the agricultural programs is important to allow the weak people to lives, specially the widows whose their husbands killed and died. We must make South Sudan to be paradise place for the whole world and beautiful place for all Southerners.

God bless you all but we must know what killed Nuer civilian in Juba and the Nuer elders must be careful not to turn the civil language into political interests between them with Dinka council of elders , especially their talks with Dinka council of elders whose are not far from Juba Kiir Genocide.

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  1. Luke Luate
    July 10, 2015 at 8:07 am

    You go back to school before writing any article again because all your writings are grammatically meaningless.


    • July 13, 2015 at 11:26 am



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