The War Must Stop Now To Give Peace a Chance In the Republic of South Sudan!

Proverb 29: 4: “By justice a king gives a country stability, but those who are greedy for bribes tear it down” A just king gives stability to his nation, but one who demands brides destroys it. You can contemplate well about these proverbs.

By Daniel Kai Tudel, Sweden.

SPLA soldiers in the first phase of 2013-2014 South Sudan civil war in Malakal, Upper Nile(Photo: files)

SPLA soldiers in the first phase of 2013-2014 South Sudan civil war in Malakal, Upper Nile(Photo: files)

July 9, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The sole aim of this article is to encourage and persuade the South Sudan’s warring parties including other political leaders to participate in ongoing peace process in Addissa baba to end the suffering of our people.

The people of South Sudan have suffered so much now, and the country has been unrest in 19- consecutive months, following the massive displacement of civilians from their homes, killing, and rape of women and young girls and castration of small boys including looting of the civilians’ properties carried out systematically by the government forces in Bentiu. Almost every day, someone got kill in South Sudan‘s capital Juba and its ten states. The general security situation in the country is deteriorated enough and the economic is already collapsed, our nation is exposing too much hardship which will make it difficult for it to recover and return to normalcy in the near future once the peace is signed.

There is no sign for the development program and everything is investing in the military actives. The country is at brink of famine and thousands of children are suffered from malnourishment and the poor health. The people of South Sudan have lost almost everything they own due to current crisis in the country. Many have lost their love ones and the relatives in the current conflict violent which doesn’t take a consideration of civilians. People have lost hope and trust of the government in Juba because it massacres and mistreated them. “The damages the government forces caused in Unity state alone is beyond repaired” There is no hope of a better future in South Sudan right now because the children are not attending the school in daily regular basis in the war-torn greater Upper Nile. The security situation is also volatile in Bahr El Gazel and the Equatoria regions.

The people of South Sudan are not happy for the ongoing development in the country, if you can ask the individual person now regarding the situation there, I belief majority will say they want to leave the country because of maltreatment, degrading and the threat against civilians by government forces. Some of them may reply perhaps Kirr must resign to give peace a chance. As the result of war, everyone is thinking to migrate out of the country in search for a better future and hope for a better place to live in. Many think that Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Sudan are save heaven for them because they can live as the refugees under the protection of the UN without being disturbed of war or being treated bad as they have experienced back home from their fellow countrymen. But, there is nothing better than being to live in peace in your own country than to live in another country as a refugee.

For these reasons, there is a great need of peace and change ever in South Sudan. And it is a high time now to give peace a chance entering into South Sudan communities. It is a time to swallow bitterness and to put aside all differences, misunderstanding and hatred which are the roots causes of division between South Sudanese Leaders. It is a time now to allow God’s peace to come upon South Sudan and it also a time to defeat the dark forces involving are obstacle to peace in South Sudan. As you know very well that the SPLM party is the one which is responsible of the current war, so it must be responsible too to bring back peace to the people of South Sudan in due time. The party members have a great role to play in bringing peace to the country. They have to compromise and must be reunited for the sack of peace. The SPLM-political bureau has an important role to play when it comes to solve the problem through peaceful negotiation within the SPLM -party.

Thus, the SPLA-faction in Juba and the SPLM in opposition must come together to make the reflection over the damages that the Party has caused to our people and the country as a whole. They have to negotiate in good faith to reach the permanent peace agreement to end the current civil war in the country. They have to show to the people of South Sudan that they are on their side and caring about them. We are therefore encouraging South Sudan leaders to take full responsibility to make peace and return the country into the path of stability and prosperity so that our people will come back home from the Refugees Camp in the neighboring countries. And our people will be able to come together again and forgive one another for wrongdoer. The people of South Sudan need real peace ever in the country. The peace of God is a great gift that actually can put to an end the civil war along the brutality against the civilians in South Sudan. Peace would also make it easy for South Sudan communities to conducting reconciliation and the national healing in the young nation.

We are therefore, arguing you South Sudan leaders to sign the permanent peace deal in Addis Ababa before the end of July 2015 to restore the nation. Please, South Sudanese leaders think big about how to end the crisis and the suffering of our people in South Sudan. Think also about those children and their families who go to beds hungry! Think about those elderly people who are crying all the time with pain in their hearts due to the current conflict that affecting them. Please think about the situation of vulnerable ones who have nowhere to go in South Sudan. Think about orphans and widows of South Sudanese martyrs who were killed during the national struggle. Please, think about the future of our country, the current and the next generation. Think about the life situation of those who are on the run due to displacement in Upper Nile in General. Think about the situation of IDPS who live in POCs under the protection of UNMISS.

Please, be a good example for the people of South Sudan; avoid hiding agenda that can destroy the people of South Sudan. If you fail to sign peace this time, the people of South Sudan will disown you and the country will go to bankrupt. Even Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan will laugh at and will insult you guys because you are incapable to take a good care of your people and the country. Let give place for peace and justice to rule so that the Almighty God will bless our country, our country will flourish and we all can enjoy life and the vast natural resources in the land of south Sudan. Please remember also without peace no justice, and be reminded also about the quotations of Proverbs.

May the Almighty God bless the people of South Sudan!

A concern South Sudanese living in Sweden and he can be reached by this email:

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  1. Thomas Kimalel Chepkwony
    August 17, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    Im a Kenyan and South Sudan people are my brothers and sisters. Im interested in knowing what is happening to them. let us be our brothers keeper


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