Juba Massacre is a Mutual Responsibility of Jieng Council of Elders and Nuer Wew!

By Koang B. Chol,

Members of loyal Nuer officials decrorating themselves in Juba in anticipation of Nuer led Pagak SPLM-IO conference when some of their seats in Upper Nile are in great danger(Photo Credits: Nuer Wew)

Members of loyal Nuer officials decrorating themselves in Juba in anticipation of Nuer led Pagak SPLM-IO conference when some of their seats in Upper Nile are in great danger(Photo Credits: Nuer Wew)

July 27, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — A term of Nuer Wew is recently invented by none other than Dinka people and it means (Nuer of money).

With countless evidence, there was no doubt that Juba massacre deliberately planned with knowledge of two “axes of evil”. Those two axes of evil Nuer Wew and Jieng Council of Elders were both explicitly settled to eliminated the former vice president Dr. Machar, but Jieng Council of Elders at the same time, had a second top-secret agenda to exterminate innocent of Nuer civilians as many as possible whether its cousin in crime like it not. As it was planned, sisterly evil vigorously executed the mission by slaughtering 20,000 plus innocent souls of olds, young children, women, and disables. Even with that scale of killings, nothing anticipated from Nuer Wew because money was much significant than their relatives blood—not only that, but door to door was evidently recoded or witnessed by Untied Notion Peace keeping mission, diplomatic embassies, and international media houses.

Surprisingly a lone wolf Gen. Peter Gatdet forcefully responded with the same scale of attack but to the men in uniform with no civilians been targeted which was generally seen as a careful attack to compare with Juba’s massacre of which indiscriminately targeting civilians mainly children and women. Two days later, another powerful Gen. from Nuermother’s land Unity State Gen. James Koang Chuol Ranley professionally responded by carrying out what a competent Gen. would have done to stabilize a chaotic situation as it was in Juba.

Prior to execution of the plan, fifteen thousand militants were trained particularly in one region of Bahr el Ghazal, namely Warrap and Northern Bahr el Ghazal states. Those trained militants speak no other languages but Dinka’s dialect, and were instructed to kill any Nuer regardless their affliction to which group of two SPLM party factions, they are belong to. As a result, a war quickly spread its way out to entire Greater Upper Nile Region while Gen Peter Gatdet along with mighty Lou Nuer Youth known as “White Army” marching toward the nation capital city of Juba. Similarly, Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth with his mighty Jikany’s White Army overrun Malakal town multiple times the capital city of Upper Nile State. Upon hearing of Whit Army entering Malakal town with speed of rainbow, a fear struck Dinka intellectual community and began blaming Salve Kiir’s regime until Uganda military came to their rescue by using internationally banned weaponry known as clustered bombs. If it was not because of Uganda’s military intervention, the war would have been over by now, and Kiir would have been captured a live or dead.

However, the international community’s invisible hand on this war particularly United State served as a lifeline for Kiir’s regime. For that matter, the Jieng Council of Elders came back on spotlight to backup their son while they were completely disarrayed when mighty White Army was about to overrun Juba town their capital of death.

What Jieng Council of Elders and Dinka intellectuals should have done prior to the war began? Before the war broke out, the Dinka intellectuals and Jieng Council of Elders had an opportunity to prevent this destructive war to happen in first place either by giving healthy advice or distinguishing themselves. They should have known better a significant of having a country with its all resources being dominating by their fellow men and women well as a head of state. Besides, ninety percent of ministerial positions and ninety percent of ambassadorial positions—and not to mention all civil service as well as judicial system. With all these privileges, the Jieng Council of Elders should prevent the war from happening because of enormous benefits that they attained on a top of pyramid. These uncountable gains have now completely destroyed as a result of the war. Yet, they did not see the country is belonging to them despite of ninety percent of everything but wanted 100 % of anything. In real sense, the Dinka communities led by Jieng Council of Elder failed to distinguish itself from Juba’s massacre that should have been a Kiir regime’s crime. Instead of working as peace brokers between a community and government but imprudently dragged a larger of community of Dinka into the war of individuals’ interest. For that matter, Salve Kiir was not particularly alone in crimes committed in capital Juba, but Jieng Council of Elders is mutually responsible for the Juba crimes as well.

In fact, I wanted to be explicitly fair enough on this point in particular—not all Dinka community members agreed on what happened in Juba on December 15, 2013. But few individuals who have deepest hatred against Nuer have committed crimes of humanity on the name of majority of Dinkas who didn’t share a desirable hostility just few people have enormous animosity. As a result, many members of Dinka communities felt victims of undesirable circumstance. When Nuer children burned a live in their homes, it was a widow of the nation’s hero the late Dr. John Nyadeng De Mabior who held from the Dinka community told the world that Kiir’s government had committed a genocidal act against innocent Nuer civilians while farther of Nuer’s Wew James Kok Ruei shamelessly roaming around Juba and on SSTV telling the world there was no massacre; even though the international community didn’t need further explanation or evidence. But disgusting son of Nuer was overseeing telling fault statements on genesis of the war. So, Nuer in the government have a big hand on the crimes.

Although this paper places a substantial amount of blame on Jieng Council of Elder, Nuer Wew have a lion share of responsibility on killings and sufferings of innocent civilians. They could have averted the killings of children, women, and elders because they were a part of the government. If they are sincerely genuine members of the government or knowing their role, they should do what real members of government do on behalf of their constituencies. First, what is a role of government? The role of any government in this context is simply to protect its citizens from external harm. The government should protect a little guy the one who was overrun by military tank while sleeping. Contrary to what the government usually known for as a guardian of citizens. And so called Juba government was killing Nuer Wew mothers, fathers, and children with impunity while were serving as top generals in the army. In this case, one can question what is a benefit of bearing a child if a child doesn’t protect his/her parents? While a significant of having children is to protect parents, brothers, relatives, resources, properties, and the nation. In this context I failed to understand why they couldn’t act if really the role of child is protection the love ones.

So, what happened then? Can we say Nuer Wew don’t have love ones or something more significant than their patents occupied their hearts? Of course it does, the Wew which is money in Dinka dialect has taken their hearts away and replaced by a new parent which is Wew and they became Nuer Wew. These people who chosen that path are completely out of Nuer mainstream. So to say, the Nuer’s mainstream perceived them as most wanted enemy not because they killed their fellow brothers, but also traded their identity. Losing identity is equally essential as losing a country because the country is a priceless treasure. Therefore, many people Nuer included have died to liberate this country in order to have a place for their children that to be called home! Now, the home became a hell due to negative role of two axes.

To justify my point against two axes, imagine during the war of liberation if the government of Sudan killed half of Dinka tribe in the capital of Sudan Khartoum because Dr. John Garang held from the same tribe? I think all Dinkas would defend their love ones. Then, if Dinka would do it alone to protect and defend their fellows, I think Nuer has an indisputable right to defend their 20,000 innocent souls whom have categorically murdered by visible enemy. Because of undisputable evidences discussed above, the two “axes of evil” are mutually responsible for Juba massacre.

The author of this article, Koang B. Chol, lives in U.S and can reach him by e-mail: koangchol@yahoo.com

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