No Evil Force Will Wipe Us Out Of South Sudan

By Gatmai Machar,


South Sudan's army is building up its tank numbers at a time when tension is growing over a faltering peace deal with the north, the journal Jane's Defence ...

South Sudan’s army is building up its tank numbers at a time when tension is growing over a faltering peace deal with the north, the journal Jane’s Defence …

August 4, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Their intention was to wipe us out of that map; they try all they could to get rid of us. Unfortunately all has failed, we are not going anywhere, and we belong there and will always be there. Believe me this force within us is powerful than any force against us. This is a red line. We are not going anywhere and we shall remain on the map of south Sudan forever. The tribal regime fully equipped with countless mercenaries used banned clusters bomb against south Sudanese civilians in Jonglie, rape young girls and burnt alive. Castrating young boys and set them on pole and then shoot them on their foreheads. This is an attempt to wipe us out. We shall prevail.

We know we don’t have the power of wealth, military strength or technology to resist the united destructive forces against us. But we have the power of the spirit, the power of our great ancestors, the wills and determination to defend ourselves from this 21st century aggressiveness against the south Sudanese by Jieng Council of Elders. This power comes from the angered hearts, the power of being massacred in our own land. The power of resentment that comes from being insulted, the power of irritation of being treated inhumanely, the power that comes from the anger of being fought jointly by united forces of our own fellow citizens and bribed foreign mercenaries to cleanse us from the face of the earth, because of our strength and courage we prevailed and we will continues to do so. Our ancestors are known of saying no to any force against us, the force of oppression, the force slavery, we managed to defend our position in the history of south Sudan by 1834, the entire south Sudan was called Nuer Nation.

When what happened, happens, we were left with nothing than building on that spirit and fight back in full strength. We have the power of resilience, the power that derives from the anger of the attempt of being wiped off from the surface of the earth and we refuse to disappear. Salva Kiir and his good friends will never do us anything. We shall remain stronger and if provokes we shall retaliates with unbelievable mass mobilization that will see them wipe off instead.

They think by uniting against us, they will change history and put us down but we prove them wrong and show them that they will never take us out of where we belong. We are pure south Sudanese who will never be wiped out no matter the powerful forces that might unite against us. This is why today we still stronger. One day these evil forces will be wiped out and south Sudan will back to normal.

The motto that kept us strong and united for the last 19 months is simple “never give up” if the history has it that, there are people who don’t give up on fighting what they think is wrong, then we must be part of that history. We never gave up and we survived from the united forces. They will not gain another stronger momentum that will exceed their huge forces that we resist for the last 19months. The president of Zimbabwe Robert Gabriel Mugabe once said “we cannot stand in the face of injustices and refuse to fight because we are small and fearful, even when powerful forces threaten retribution, we must always stand for truth. Principles are by definition non-negotiatable. This is exactly what we are doing, refusing to stand in the face of injustices because the region unite against us. No justice no peace.

The recent sanctions imposed on our generals for daring to fight injustices and inequality is means to break our resolve. Instead we will emerge stronger with a greater conviction in our hearts as to the justice of our cause. We didn’t revolt to take power by force but we were forced to mobilize ourselves and defense ourselves from the ethnic cleansing, it was not a planned rebellion but an imposed one.

Our demand has always been clear; justice and accountability must be served for peace to prevail. South Sudan is our ancestral land no stronger force will ever wipe us off that map completely…. we will always be there……. no matter what. No one will ever take us out of that map, we belong there and we will forever prevail on it.

The writer is a south Sudanese student in Uganda; he can be reached on
this e-mail,

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