Observations on the Current Mediation Status and the Position of the People’s Defense Forces (White Army) In the Peace Deal

Kuei Ruach Tel | Eastern Jikany White Army Mobilizer,


August 6, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan was presumed a depending source of resource grasp by the surrounding avarices and power greed since its independence in 2005, as well as after the SPLM apparently started ceasing from its vision and purpose of struggle at which, the SPLM leaders usually refer to the lost of Dr. John Garang, is the overall cause of reaching to negligence of the purpose of struggle that is deliberately crippling down the newly born Nation. I reserved in expecting such ideology, because, is implausible to hear the leaders of the ruling SPLM party being impartial to the extent of only believing in invisible person who perished with all of his conscious deliberations. Currently the country is dreadfully in an utter Anguish, searching for a rescue that it never sees.

Cause of war intensification:       

IGAD implicated the country of South Sudan as its component, because South Sudan is in east Africa. Right after the war IGAD, claimed to handle its crisis through peaceful process. Numeral proposals on the mediated peace process by the Inter Governmental Authority for Peace and Development IGAD failed to meet the demands of the two rival factions as well as the people of South Sudan. This is because, the very enemies of the people of South Sudan whose interest is to invest money, cannot make peace for the people of South Sudan. The Ugandan president Museveni is the key person that usually proposes the peace drafts while his forces are fighting alongside Kiir’s forces. When the so called IGAD plus was formed after the two principles of the rival factions disagreed on the previous proposal draft by the IGAD, it was optimistically anticipated that this body will make a difference to unveil a very lasting an unavoidable peace proposal.

The current peace proposal has reflected the same items which the two principle leaders disagreed upon, with exception of the newly introduced demilitarization in the capital Juba which is cheerfully welcomed by the innocent miserable people of South Sudan. These two factions are the parties that the negotiation always concern because they fight. In this proposal, the foretold items proposed in the beginning of the negotiation in January 2014, such as the root cause of the crisis, the cause of the ethnic massacre in Juba, Bor, Bentiu and Upper Nile States, the federalism and the withdrawal of Ugandan and Sudanese JEM and SPLA North mercenaries are not mentioned. It’s never known whether IGAD means Ugandan forces will just take over to protecting the national capital – Juba as IGAD force or when will its destiny be defined?

Despite the pressures from the international community upon the so called IGAD, the peace mediating body, and multi-sanctions imposed upon the warring factions to bring about the peace needed by the people, the international communities never find a room to ultimately fit in, because this war is meant to happen and continues only for the purpose of gaining an investments (Museveni does this).

Currently the position of Kiir’s government is negatively unveiled – which is not very new, but is their usual responses to all peace proposals.

In the proposal, four parties are involved to take part in the power sharing in only government of National unity and greater upper Nile states. Government of Salva Kiir with 53% in the government of National Unity and 33% in greater Upper Nile States where SPLM/A – IO to take 33% in government of National Unity and 53% in the greater Upper Nile States with 14% divided among the opposition parties and former detainees, leaving the other seven states unjustifiable.

The Bahr – elgazalians and Equotrians who are taking part in the movement and who are now fighting in their states are excluded in the draft. Should this mean that war is to be stopped in Upper Nile and Juba where it intensified more often and allows it continue in the seven states of greater Bahr elgazal and Equateria?

In the draft, the positions of two vice presidents are provided. This provision of the two vice presidents was the pressure imposed by Kiir upon the equaterians to complain for their share in the transitional government to IGAD, for protection of James Wani Igga’s position as the vice president. If Nuer, Shiluk Equaterians are with government, what does Salva mean again to classify them separate to have their separate share in the government? Is this what let IGAD ignore the position of the rebelled people of Bahr elgazal and Equateria? Or does this mean that the white army under the opposition can demand its independent share in the transitional government and in peace process. It is not too late for that right of involving the white army to claim it.


The reform let crisis was an internal SPLM leadership political concern; The Machar’s group that included the former detainees and Kiir’s group. But the initiated start among the presidential guards and the December 16th ethnic cleansing diverted it to the national and international concerns, and this let to the involvement of the Nuer youth in battles as to protect themselves and their people whom Salva Kiir imposed killing upon them through the declaration of curfew on the 16th December and the declaration of states of emergencies in the three states of Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile. The former detainees refrained from both sides but were pushing to grasp the government through hinting accusations against the two rival leaders that they have killed people, while they were part of the crisis. If the root cause ought to be addressed, than the former detainees should be part of the negotiation. If the root cause of the crisis is ignored, than the former detainees should have no any share in the peace deal. They in the same time joined the government of Salva Kiir and Pagan is already restored back to his position. What else do IGAD wants to favor from the detainees? In other ward, I don’t see any reason why the opposition parties who are not taking part in any negotiation and in crisis be included in the power sharing.

There must be rectifications on this deal so as to bring the actual peace needed by the people. It should be the deal that will include the total protection of the people of South Sudan in their respective ten states. Such that deal must include the federalism, the consideration of fighting groups in Bahr elgazal and Equateria as well as the compensation of the innocent Nuer people killed and their properties.

The position of White Army in the deal:

Barring the inclusion of the former detainees and other political parties by IGAD in the peace deal, DEC IN BOR (white army) will demand the inclusion to take part in any deal as it has it in its position. Dec in Bor will otherwise be included in the security arrangement while the following claims must be considered in the deal.

  1. The regime of Salva Kiir has committed genocide against the Nuer people. From the death of the first civilian, his government became illegitimate. Dech In Bor, therefore, will no longer recognize Salva Kiir’s regime as the legitimate government of South Sudan in general and the Nuer people in particular. Since it was the Nuer people who were the victims of the victims of perversion of state power, the Nuer people as represented by Dech in Bor have a right to play a part in bringing the Kiir regime to justice.
  2. Upon Kiir’s resignation, Kiir and all members of his government or appended agencies must be tried either by a tribunal of the South Sudanese people or an international body such as the ICC. Dech in Bor prefers the former. A short list of specific individuals that Dech in Bor insists must be tried along with Salva Kiir is: General Malong and General Garhoth Mai, Brigadier general Marial Cinuor, plus the rest to be identified.
  3. A full compensation must be made to Nuer people who have lost family members or have had their property seized as a result of Kiir’s genocide and attempted ethnic cleansing.
  4. Unless points 1 to 3 are implemented, Dech in Bor will launch an offensive on Bhar El Ghazal.
  5. Dech In Bor sends an advice to Dr. Riek Machar and the leadership of the SPLM not to sign any peace deal that will lead Nuer to massacre again. That peace must include the interest of the Nuer people as outlined in this declaration being addressed. Any party that does not regard these interests will be taken by Dech in Bor as favoring political interests over the rights and needs of our wronged people.
  6. Dech In Bor recognizes that because of the rampant corruption that has gripped South Sudan, morally justified loyalty to one’s ethnic group is trumped by the desire for personal gain among many, including Nuer. It is this phenomenon that has led to participation of and the continued presence of Nuer people who have taken sides with a government that sponsors the death of their own people. Such persons have betrayed not only the Nuer people but the core principles upon which any properly functioning state is built. Dech in Bor, therefore, considers such Nuer people enemies.
  7. DEC IN BOR will not be reintegrated into the Kiir’s regimes forces, should efforts to remove his government fail.
  8. If the points of this declaration are not respected, Dech in Bor will seek the formation of an independent Nuer state that includes only the ancestral land holdings of the Nuer people.

In the failure of the current deal, the people of the republic of South Sudan will denounce IGAD as the failed bloc and lacking capacity to handle this big issue. Our people will seek different source internationally to mediate the peace neutrally and bring the peace needed by the people of South Sudan.

Kuei Ruach Tel Eastern Jikany White Army Mobilizer can be contact via rueitel@gmail.com

  2 comments for “Observations on the Current Mediation Status and the Position of the People’s Defense Forces (White Army) In the Peace Deal

  1. August 9, 2015 at 10:50 am

    I will be very happy if the two party accept each others to work together.
    But if there is not accountability about those innocent people who lost their lives for nothings, then another bigger war will happen again.
    Nuer will never forget their people who got killed.


  2. Tito
    August 9, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    Let us sign this peace, while waiting for another war, South Sudan under leadership of uneducated person like Kiir, will not go further.


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