Peace With M7 As The Role Model In IGAD Is a Pain In The Butt

By Yien Lam


Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, the president who dominate South Sudan politics and conflict for his personal gain..

August 14, 2015(Nyamilepedia)As we speak, my ambiguity for the peace in south Sudan is certain. It is so, because kiir and his kith Mr.M7 are being allowed to make south Sudan a killing spree by the IGAD in which both of them are members off to kill as much as they wanted in the nation we all call home.  This game has been blindly seen by anyone in the world. If the new IGAD plus need peace in south Sudan, they should first eliminate Yorweri Museveni from IGAD as mediator rather than a negotiator because you cannot be a judge of your own. This is ridiculous and that is the only reason that prevent the peace to go forward then and would likely be the case on August the 172015.

Believe it or not, this man is the key of everything in South Sudan. He has been the one who ignited  all of these mess in the country and has been known as the east Africans destructor of the twenty first century. That is why , his attitudes toward the south Sudan peace are bewildering as we all seen.

As the matter of fact, anyone who is talking peace while Yoweri Museveni and kiir are inseparable must not even bother to see physician because s/he may already retarded. If the international community needs a tangible peace in south Sudan, This two entity must be separated not only by words but also deeds. If not so, I don’t think a sincere person rather than the insane should hope for peace. To me, I totally disagree with anyone who may be yearning for such a thing to happen out of blue without good reasoning. The simple golden rules is this, hope for the peace and prepare for the worse. This is the only option for anyone of that kind.

In this regard, I could only give thanks to the people whose judgments are being impaired in some sort because kiir and his kith will continue to cheat the organization that the M7 hold as his own. As the matter of fact, this problem is no longer a Nuer case as his concerns initially were.It is now evolve to the larger scale as we speak. Now as we all know, it include everybody in south Sudan regardless of your tribe. Is this so, if not, Prove me wrong if you have anything in mind. I believe this is beyond the reasonable doubt only those who are goofy enough to follow him sightlessly may be an ambivalence about this point.

To be sincere, however, if you’re still juggling out there brothers, fathers doubting kiir’s failure, evaluate yourself clearly as south Sudanese and watch the dying situation we are in now with an eyes without glasses on and think deeply about our nation’s future. This country is yours and only yours alone. If you think you can have a saying in it as I know, what are you waiting for?  Do you think this country is belong to kiir and Yoweri Museveni without you? My answer to this is Big No.This country cannot and will never be owned by anyone in it. It is belong to all 64 tribes of its nature. If that is so, well, you have inalienable rights to say enough is enough to the killings of innocents’ lives in this great nation. To be certain though, kiir will not be removed by peace rather the  bullets.  Believe it or not, kiir and his Dinka Council of Elders are the huge threat to the well being of anyone in the future of our country.

Nonetheless, as the recent killings of the Mr. Yak Gatdet, how anyone among us could believe in peace while the regime is planning to kill the very kids of the future. Do the regime thinks its kids are immune to such a thing? Could you talk peace while assassinating the children of the people to whom you are preparing to make peace with? People, we have to think like human. Peace with Yoweri Museni as the mediator rather than the negotiator will never work in my view unless what so call “plus” in which he already shown disrespect to do something about this African Beast.

 Furthermore,by any means, many will doubt myself included if not most until the “Plus” words are proven by deeds. The reason for this matter is simple. It should not be the case because the killers are still sharping their horns everyday as we speak. For that matter, you cannot control cobra without having its venom being removed. Kiir has no teeth of his own. His teeth comes from Yoweri Museveni. If the international wants to stop the bloodshed in south Sudan, the international must inject that cobra with the mention medication in order not to poison anyone  around. If everybody in the world is relenting as it has been the case for the last 20 months, what should that poisonous snake do with his failure alliance? Be the judge not me!

Lastly, if international community  is eager to safe lives in south Sudan civil war, it must mediate peace with Yoweri Museni as negotiator rather than the mediator because there is no viable reason for him to be a mediator while his troops are killings innocents South Sudanese daily.If that is not the case, Kiir could have signed the peace long ago.In this case, however,if the world really wants peace in southsudan, M7 needs to be removed from the IGAD Mediating team as the  mediator in order to bring  a viable peace in south sudan. Otherwise, South Sudan peace will  remain as a business  as usual.

The author is concerned south Sudan that can be reached at

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