Bul Intellectual Forum in SPLM/A in opposition Denounce the Defected Generals.

General Peter Gatdet Yaka...

General Peter Gatdet Yaka…

August 18, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Bul community in Sudan has conducted a fruitful meeting under the theme Unity among Bul in SPLM in opposition. The meeting attendee was 327 participants. The Community has condemned and disowned the coup announced against the Chairman and commander in chief Dr. Riak Machar by the Generals namely Peter Gatdet Yaka and Gathoth Gatkuoth.

Bul Community calls upon all the Naath/Nuer community and other South Sudanese to ignore the baseless announcement in a strong possible term as false allegations for over throwing the Chairman. Therefore, Bul community in Sudan under the SPLM/A –IO condemn the coup attempted by the two Generals. How can these two Generals disowned their Leader while they were already relieved by the Chairman. We assure to all South Sudanese that Bul community have agreed not to support their son Gen.Peter Gatdet Yaka on the decision he has made to illegally Oust the leader of people’s movement. We are urging all the Nuer communities and other South Sudanese who are now suffering in neighboring countries and inside South Sudan not supporting the announced coup attempt.

Bul community would like to remind other Nuer community to remember our beloved fathers ,mothers, brothers and sisters and children who were massacred by Salva Kiir and his militias and not to forget them and not allowed such idea of division among the Nuer in opposition under the leadership of Dr.Riek Machar.

Bul community strongly rejected or condemned the call for politicians who gave some baseless and unfounded reasons which they claimed that Bul call those politicians as a traumatized of hunger for positions and need of getting money.

Dr.Riek Machar delegated them as a Nuer elders to negotiated some matters with Jieng Councils of elders, there most of them betrayed us, these politicians were the one who incited the above Generals to over throw the Chairman Dr.Riek Machar.

The leadership of the SPLM/A IO has already rejected the Aruasha reunification of the SPLM and called it as it is a road map to Addis Ababa peace talk because this crisis in South Sudan is beyond SPLM and that is why the first Pagak Conference resolution called for the root cause of our conflict in which killed thousands of thousands of Nuer innocent civilians according to ethnic line in Juba on 15th December 2013 by the President’s special troops Mathiang Anyoor.

In reference to the reason raised by the two generals for removing Dr. Riek Machar are vague in comparison to the injustice face by the people of South Sudan in general and Nuer community in particular in the hands of the government in Juba under Salva Kiir.

The coup plotters forgot what made them to be in the bush for almost 20th months now.

Bul community is fully standing behind the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar and will work hand in hand with other community members of Nuer and South Sudanese as whole to ensure that sustainable peace is attained.

The two generals forgot that tens of thousands of Nuer were massacres in Juba in Dec 2013 and more than two million South Sudanese and mainly Nuer are living in very harsh conditions in UNMISS camps around the country or in the refugee camps in neighboring countries, while hundreds of thousands are living in bushes or swamps of the Greater Upper Nile whom their homes are burned to ashes, their sources of livelihood mainly livestock are looted by the government.

General Peter Gatdet and General Gathoth Gatkuoth are trying to mislead Nuer by propagating contradicting reasons as bases for their theorical coup. In public SPLM Reunification is the reason for them to remove Dr. Riek, while when Peter Gatdet comes to Bul, he claims that Bul are being mistreated by Dok clan whom Dr. Riek is a member, but Bul are not aware of the mistreatment by Dok clan as claimed by Peter Gatdet and is not able to elaborate the kind of mistreatment he is talking about when asked.

Bul community is fate up from supporting Peter Gatdet who defected several times from different leaders including the respected Bul leader Late Gen. Paulino Matip. Gatdet is claiming that Bul is being mistreated by Dok clan while forgetting that he is the one mistreating them by murdering many community members in cold blood and looting their properties.

One unfortunate example is when Peter Gatdet defected from Paulino Matip in 1999, when senior officers and elders namely; commander Francise Nyier Gatluak, Commander Charles Gatcham Duop, and Commander Samuel Magai Kharaj took the initiative to mediate between him and Late Paulino, unfortunately he arrested and killed these imminent members of Bul community in cold blood.

After few months he falsely accused Commander Jeremiah Malith Koang of planning to defect, he arrested him and killed him in cold blood. He killed many elders such as spiritual leader Riak Thoan Jaak, Madut Koang Kueth, Koang Madut Nhial and many other junior and senior officers included one of the young graduates from University of Omdurman Haileyia late Mr.Ran Panom Wany killed in cold blood from Bul community.

In the same year Peter Gatdet announced confistication of livestock belonging to Paulino Matip or anybody who was accused of supporting Paulino Matip and forcefully displaced their families and sent them to Mayom and Bentiu towns.

However, the same case scenario was about to happen to the Bul Comrades who were delegated by our community as follow; Brig-Gen Peter Lim Bol, Col. James Makauar Gatluak and their delegation that were delegated by above community to find out the problem and mediate between Peter Gatdet Yaka and Dr. Machar. Unfortunately Peter Gatdet in meeting with the delegate he bribed some people to kill all the comrades in cold blood.

Despite these bad practice by Peter Gatdet, Bul community always forgive and work together with him, but this time around Bul community will not stand by Peter Gatdet since his move is clearly made to divide Nuer ethnic group, the people’s movement and it is influence by the failed government in Juba that killed tens of thousands of Nuer members in cold blood.

We Bul community has acknowledged the vital role and the responsibility taken by Sudan government and its people under the leadership of H.E President Field Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed AL Beshir by not granting the confused group any privileges and activities in Sudan soil. Because if that happened, it would be a serious challenge, confusion and setback to the ongoing IGAD-Plus led peace process in the Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa.

Bul Intellectual Forum in SPLM Opposition

In respond to the dismissal of Mr. James Makuar Gatluak as a chairperson of Bul Intellectual Forum which claimed to have been dismissed by the Bul Intellectual Forum Executive committee and members of council, I strongly denied the action that has been taken by the individuals element led by the deputy chairperson James Rab Golong as illegal procedure with the following reasons

1-The principle or BIF constitution, the draft is yet to be passed by the Executives committee and the Council members.

2-The deputy chairperson have no right to dismiss the chairperson but only BIF Legislative council have right to summon the chairperson and inquire if there is anything wrong.

3- Unless the action taken by group is to illegally over throw the chairperson.

4-The above mentioned Executive members are not longer members of Bul intellectual forum in SPLM IO since their membership dropped on the very day they joined the failed Coup attempt against the leadership of SPLM IO.

5-In accordance to the executive committee and the members who claimed to dismiss the chairperson without names and signatories being shown on the dismissal letter.

6-Yes I was delegated by Bul intellectual forum to find out what make differences between the C-in-C and Gen.Peter Gatdet. My question is to whom do you think I can report the result of our mission to Addis? While you selected us to mediate the issue.

However, It is clear some of members named in the petition are denying their participation for this dismissal that show on the fake post

Signed by Col. James Makuar Gatluak

Chairman of Bul Intellectual Forum in SPLM IO

Cc: Bul community in diaspora

Cc: Bul community in UNMISS.

  8 comments for “Bul Intellectual Forum in SPLM/A in opposition Denounce the Defected Generals.

  1. August 18, 2015 at 4:40 am

    Those pretained individuals who call themselve as Bul are not longer within the forum. Gen. Gatdet is our sin but we are not against individuals interest that is why we dennounce him. Nuer is meserably massacres we are not their victim as Bul community in SPLM opposition


  2. August 18, 2015 at 4:50 am

    If General Peter Gatdet Yak was been deny by Bul who are with him in Khartoum we Bul who are in Mayom County we are still behind General Peter Gatdet Yak defection
    we are lack because General Peter Gatdet Yak still alive
    Thank God for that
    our message will be directed to General Peter Gatdet Yak and is brother General Gathoth Gatkuoth , let them come home to Mayom , we are still in love with our sons, if Riek Machar deny them to struggle fighting with dinka regime, there are many way to skin the goats than Riek Machar to kill those prominent sons of Nuer


  3. August 18, 2015 at 9:55 pm

    Look at that picture. A Guy who shot himself in the foot,difficulties are the part of DEFECTED back again and empty STOMACH can also play the role.


  4. August 20, 2015 at 7:26 am

    Dear all Bul community


  5. August 20, 2015 at 7:46 am

    own behave of unity of Nuer and on my own behave i do apology those two Generals who split a way from the movement of (SPLA/SPLM IO) if it is like our unity will get valueless if we do like yang nyayuoya. there was Avery great story man called Chiol Geah he was gave the ritual bull some years back about unity of Nuer people he said there must be no community among Nuer people will kidnap the Nuer the child and betraying the secrecy that one is impossible.

    thank once again

    Gai Chuol Kuon
    Fangakarew commuinty


  6. GatNor
    August 23, 2015 at 12:43 am

    Gadet is a heroe. If it was not for his quick and decisive action against government sponsored terrorism targeted at Nuers there would be no single Nuer living in South Sudan free today that Jaang plant against you did not start with Dec 15 nor Gadeet. Always remeber that a slave’s rise to power alway crushes his master in the process.


  7. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa
    August 24, 2015 at 8:48 am


    This fool is no hero. He might be hero to you, but not to Nuer. Know this from today, the rescuer of Nuer is not him; the first guy who shot the bullet against Kiir regime is not him. He took the credit because he was in charge of the first shooter. Huge credit goes to Luo Nuer white and Leek of Bentiu.


  8. November 8, 2015 at 4:55 am

    Dear Nuers
    I have disappointed when I have learn the Defection of Gathoth Gatkuoth and Gatdet Yaka.The reasons wasn’t because they were strong enough and popular,but it seems the Nuers History of division repeat itself. We had fought these wars in 1991 we experience many division no Unity as Nuers why?
    We always acts quickly to kill ourselves while not do it to other people. I am really disappointed and discourage with these mentally we are having, we can not support those guys because theirs agendas is painful to Nuers unity though they may have some point to blame on chairman. We can be good people with strong unity when we Leave (Kach Lora, kie Nga Che ngu kon lee) any organizations there may be different styles of leaderships but you should’ve sticks on your unity and common goals.


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