Kiir Killed It All

‘‘I wish my enemy a long life so that he can see my success’’ Unknown

By Dak Buoth

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir (R) addresses a news conference at the Presidential Palace in capital Juba December 16, 2013.

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir (R) addresses a news conference at the Presidential Palace in capital Juba December 16, 2013.

Thursday, 27th August, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — At least the long-suffering South Sudanese can now breathe in a fresh air after President General Salva Kiir adhered and signed the widely demanded peace in Juba, South Sudan yesterday. Indeed, it is wave and smile deserving act, I must say. Let it be known clearly to the region and the world that it wasn’t a surprise for President General Salva Kiir to seal the deal. Not at all, we knew it at the back of our minds that it was just a matter of time before he eventually raise to the podium to ink unto the compromised document, and signing he did, congratulations.

It would be very unfortunate for one to conceive or imagine that this man General Salva Kiir who was once an ardent stalwart of liberation for south Sudanese populace can easily let go so quickly the ideals he filthy fought for; the ideals of making south Sudan become peaceful environment where vibrant economic growth can take root; where justice and equality, rule of law, and political pluralism can be inclined by its people and largely become the country’s dominant traits;

‘‘Slow but sure’, is a very noble notion, and for this case, it has worked better for Salva Kiir. Who knows, perhaps he was trying to taste the water; to see into it whether his opponents or proponents are really for the deal or not. Remember he was not leading himself but some people, and as you may very well know, leading the people is such complex and complicated phenomenon ever. Human beings are diverse by nature, and as such, it requires flexible, diverse and progressive minds; they needed to be persuaded first and foremost on any arising issue with view to make them understand the idea so that they can own and become a custodian of what you want them to believe. Therefore, now that he realized that quite numbers of people he lead are for it, he demonstrated to you on broad day light that he is also for it as well.

President Kiir has proved wrong those who think he wouldn’t sign the peace deal, those who think he was anti-peace but pro-war; those who think he was too naïve to an extent that he doesn’t know what is good for him and the country at large, those who think he was such an inept leader who doesn’t have an independent decision.

Initially, It was rumored that the reasons why he decline to append his signature to the document in Addis Ababa on 17t August, 2015 was simply because there were internal and external forces that were operating behind the doors who were telling him not to sign the deal for one reason or the others. I would say, those are just elements who haven’t acquainted themselves with his past peace-loving behaviors. The narrative later change, and it was said that certain individuals in the military rank and file may decide to stage a coup should he sign the peace, than i ask myself, if those were the facts of the matter, then it is reasonable for him not to sign the deal on the aforesaid date; he got to reengage his group on the merits and demerit of the deal which to me is very important more than anything else.

As matter of fact, Salva Kiir has finally killed it all, he signed the deal altogether and also managed to contain and keep his house in order; that to me is mastery and a manifest of political maturity which is root in democracy; unlike the drama recently witnessed in the SPLM-01 where the leadership top brass heard hurling insults on each other in public. Ashamedly, the center of power in the rebels’ leadership is currently not holding but a shaking center waiting to detonate.

An ordinary mind would argue, what is the meaning and purpose of rushing to execute a deal before or without seeking or garnering the consent of your comrades? Usually, the governor has primary duty over the governed to educate and sensitized them on particular deal before hand, Even if it brings death, you must never attempt to compromise the interest of your comrades who stood beside you in the deep and dark tunnels of your life. In any case, where such behaviors is seen or done, it doesn’t fall short of betrayal. Those of you who have ears for hearing would know that ‘‘A king who betray his comrades does not deserve to be crown’’ To maintain your comrades is number one priority that binds all struggles of humanity; even in armed sects or gang groups that partake robbery deals, they are down to the earth with everlasting principles such as trust, consistency, transparency.

Contrarily, seeing the SPLM 01 big wigs throwing their dirty linens on each other is not inspiring at all, it only inspired a few who are treading nowhere; The writing are on the walls and it’s up to those who see to visualized and ask with a lot of curiosity , when will this conventional rhetoric take them.

Nonetheless, at this juncture, we need to recollects our thoughts with view to reconcile our deeply divided society, lets us poised and forge forward to rebuild our country for our betterment and that of the next generation. Chinese believe that a journey of thousands miles begins with one step. Can this peace deal be our stepping stone to reach where we are destined to reach, so that our unity of purpose can redevelop; the unity against our common enemies such as diseases, illiteracy, hunger and ignorant.

Here forth, let’s work and supports all parties to peace alike for we must respect the fundamental principle of law that says, an accused person remains innocent until proven guilty.

At the moment, all of us including the leaders of the warring parties are deemed innocent in the eye of the international and domestic criminal laws, until later when the African Union commission of Inquiry finally unravel names of some individuals for having committed crimes, that is when we shall regroup and rally together to condemn and publicly call for their restitution because nobody is above the law.

The Writer is south Sudanse living in Exile; he can be reach for comments via

  2 comments for “Kiir Killed It All

  1. August 31, 2015 at 2:38 am

    Brother Dak Buoth, you are either just “politiking” for “politikal” survival and accommodation or you are completely removed from and not in touch with the realities. But I think you are just politiking, because that is all what our South Sudan politics is all about – maintaining or seeking accommodation and position. Journalists are being killed – did you hear of any arrest made? leave alone the civilians who are killed almost every day and those who were killed during the Dec 2013 violence in Juba. Why should we wait for the African Union Commission of Inquiry to be the one to do that for us? Innocent people including journalists are being killed by a deliberate, pre-meditated choice, not by mistake. Look at the composition of the national security and the presidential guard. Do they look like national institutions. The stupid composition of such institutions is to ensure “safe” extra-judiciary procedures including extra-judiciary executions. It is just to smoothen the Government patronized lawlessness. Then who is to blame? we? the citizens who express our disapproval?

    All the praises you label on Salva Kiir sound so awkward and make your personal integrity questionable. I am not saying Riek Machar is any better. If anything, he is far worse than Salva Kiir. Riek had same stupid composition of his (vice) presidential guards. I understand it was the same case when he was the head of South Sudan coordination council in Khartoum when he joined the Sudan Government late last century. From the cleaner to second man after him were all from his ethnic group. What is that?

    In addition, Riek Machar is never able to control his savage and marauding followers not to kill innocent civilians – all the time – when ever he is in political disagreement with another leader. So he is a wrong man too.

    Brother Dak we need to be speaking the truth if we are to be of any value to South Sudan in this difficult times. South Sudan does not belong to Dinkas or to Nuer or to Riek Machar or Salva Kiir. These two guys have just planch South Sudan into a stinking long dark tunnel and we are not seeing any glimpse of light to denote an end to this dark path. Avoiding to speak truth is gross short-sightedness and serve only narrow selfish gains. Salva Kiir kiir has failed to unite the people of South Sudan. He always took narrow ethnic sides, he always entertained wrong advisers and I do not think he is about to change. Riek Machar is worst.

    Peace, though not guaranteed, is good for us all. In peace, if killing squads of the two men mentioned above are kept at bay (e.g. if Juba is demilitarized), leaders who may be able to unite the embattled people of South Sudan may emerge.


  2. August 31, 2015 at 2:48 am

    As of now, still no one is safe in Juba. How can anybody be safe when we stiil have tinted wind screen numberless vehicles screeching around on our roads in Juba, terrorizing every civilian. Specially if you are suspected to be critical of Salva Kiir’s ability to continue ruling the country.


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