Appeal to South Sudanese to end rebellion in their new Country

By Deng Kuer Tuil,

Members of South Sudan's SPLA forces in Upper Nile State(Photo: file)

Members of South Sudan’s SPLA forces in Upper Nile State fighting Salva Kiir’s government after a split of South Sudan Army(Photo: file)

Dec 10, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The question of continuous uprising has become unreasonable at this moment in our new country, every states has its own armed groups who are targeting civilian based on ethnicity. The missions, vision of these rebellions are not well defined for very body in the country to know the reasons as to why there are these endless rebellions in South Sudan. What I know as a result of these rebellions is only death of innocent citizens especially the children, elderly and women.

Other people have suggested that to rebel against your government is not only to kill but it is the short cut to richness; however, the aim of this peace is to advise our people to stop rebellion. I would also appeal to the decision-makers in South Sudan to work on this matter so that we enjoy the fruits of our independence from Sudan on 9th July, 2015. The South Sudanese vote for separation not to rebel against our selves but to unit ourselves and work for the development of our new nation to show the Sudan and the world that we can do everything on our own.

With the continuous rebellion, it will take time for the people of South Sudan to realize development. This is simply because our leaders would always be busy thinking of how to overpower the emerging rebels in corners of the country.

As I am writing now my views on the recurring rebellions, I am asking our people to renounce taking arms against the innocent community and let us focus on development as a collective responsibility.

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  1 comment for “Appeal to South Sudanese to end rebellion in their new Country

  1. December 10, 2015 at 3:59 pm

    I believe everyone wants peace,according to Ben Franklin there is no good war and there is no bad peace therefore we need peace in south Sudan real bad right now, but you know it very well what cause us to be rebel and fight the government who kill its citizens for false allegations.


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