The Failures Of South Sudanese People To Lead Reflect Their Behaviors

By Baki Wilson Patrick,

Zee and Sirir led Red Card Rally in Cairo Egypt(Photo: file)

Zee and Sirir led Red Card Rally in Cairo Egypt(Photo: file)

Jan 20, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- South Sudan is a beautiful country, good for tourist, good for businesses, good for sport, music, cultural art, design, agriculture, industry for manufacturing quality goods more than any east African country, a country of good natural resources, oil, diamond, gas, gold, and animals like elephants, hippopotamus, tigers in the zoo which are the things which should bring more tourist to the young nation more than any African country and rise the economics of the nation, yet to my surprise the richest country with all the necessary items for development has turned in to a country of poverty, suffering, killings, tribalism, total chaos among many hostile behaviors. One may ask himself or herself: why things are happening in unfavorable condition in such a beautiful country? A country which its citizens are capable to sit down and settle things and have ability to conduct themselves in a maturely manner. Why can’t the South Sudanese people stop fighting and stay in peace?

The reason why South Sudan has no peace is because the South Sudanese people have no capacity of reasoning, they think for themselves, they have enslaved themselves to other countries next to them, the leader work for their best selfish interest, and as yes men at times, they are guided by emotions, they are not guided by reasons, they are characterized with all kinds of vices, we South Sudanese are the same, no South Sudanese is a good person all of us are bad people.

The world knows South Sudan people because of two things. One, chaos, war and people who don’t understand at all. The second one only few people knows, which it is one of the richest country in Africa, looking at the structure of south Sudan, it is a contradiction. I failed to understand my country I came to Nairobi in 2013 before the war began in juba at the university where I am there are many south Sudanese students there not only that in Uganda, Kenya, and many countries across the world are full of South Sudanese students studying and graduating and going back to South Sudan with full knowledge and experience, I wonder to see people with Diplomas, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Degrees and yet behave like the generation of my great grandfather in the village those days. One would never stop wondering why South Sudanese people both educated and uneducated are hard to be understood.

Second, the South Sudanese people have no interest of building South Sudan, the money meant for development is redirected to foreign accounts as a loot. Big people from the government send their children and relatives abroad for studies; not valuing our education system which they should be proud to improve and uphold. We send people for study outside instead of employing more teachers, these characterize our lack reasoning capability

Even our leader, how can somebody who wants to rule a nation ordered his soldiers to bomb hospitals, schools, and other building? South Sudanese are black as emotions. Even it has reached the state that all South Sudanese students are not performing well again academically because we are all affected psychological even others are regretting why born in South Sudan because what is happening in the country. But what can be the solutions? The solutions: build more learning institutions, keep the youth busy in sports, games, and many kinds of arts , create technical schools, driving schools, teach people how to cultivate and plant using machines, allow the foreigners to come in south Sudan not to work alone but to teach our people if the government does this we shall have everything that we want , the war is because lack of reason, 90% of South Sudanese have not learned, make them understand that we are tired for war I always spend sleepless night when I am thinking of my country.

Baki Wilson Patrick a South Sudanese student in Nairobi Kentribe, he can be reached through

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