Stop Attacking Us Please!

By Pal Chol Nyan

Members of Murle ethnic groups celebrating the independent of South Sudan in 2011(Photo: Nyamilepedia/Compassmedia)

Members of Murle ethnic groups celebrating the independent of South Sudan in 2011(Photo: Nyamilepedia/Compassmedia)

Feb 07, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The call is for peace and stability in our country but our neighbors, the Murle youths, keep on launching deadly attacks on our areas with no any sign of remorse.They conduct themselves like the Boko Haram who gruesomely and brutally attack people in the churches and schools in West Africa.

These terrorists have abducted the school girls and made them their wives.This is unislamic and against the Hadith of the prophet.In the same vein, the Murle are killing the people,looting cattle and abducting the children.They attacked Bukteng and Makak of Ulang County where they,performed a well coordinated carnage, looted cattle and abducted children.

The people of Bor are also complaining of a series of attacks by the Murle.They attacked Pamai,Patuet,Dhorganwel and Powbor villages of Uror County but they were given a bloody nose.They attacked Padoi,Tangyang and Buong villages of Akobo county.They were repulsed with a lightening speed and force.Many lives were lost in these incidents. The ruthless armed Murle youths are accustomed to plundering cattle and child abductions.

The cattle they stole from Makak were retrieved with just a stroke by the Lou Nuer Youth. One of the children abducted was rescued. All and sundry are busy disseminating peace.The pastors and Imams are preaching about peace in the churches and mosques.

Our dear brothers, the Murle,drunken with greed, have opted to go on the rampage killing and looting their neighbours.It is worth mentioning that when the Lou Nuer white army organised to launch a campaign against the Murle in 2011;It was Dr Riek Machar Teny,the former VP, who saved them.He dissuaded the Lou Nuer youth from advancing on to Murle land.The perspective was that the international community would condemn and accuse the White Army of unleashing an ethnic cleansing.

His advice and call were heeded;only some indisciplined boys invaded the outskirts of Pibor.The campaign was subsequent to the litany of grievances against the Murle as a result of repeated cold-blooded killings and cattle rustlings.The Lou Nuer White army are known for being slow off the mark.There have been serial attacks on our areas and many brotherly calls to the Murle to halt such attacks have been ignored.The Murle Youths are still commiting heinous crimes with impunity.Nobody knows actually what they want to achieve in their wicked missions.

My message to the Murle leaders headed by the Governor or whoever he is being listened to by these youths, my due respect to him,is that please, rein in on your unruly youths.Teach them manners.Let them not wreak havoc in other peoples’land.Tell them the victims may turn to be perpetrators one day.They are playing with fire which we will not be able to extinguish if it gets out of control.The patience of the victims is running out.We are not cowards.It is this peace that is pinning us down.

We are working with our youths to foster peaceful coexistence with the neighbouring tribes including the Murle.Our self-control and love of brotherhood should not be taken for weakness and cowardice.We disavow voilence with anybody including the Murle.We consider them as our brothers and sisters.We love them like ourselves.We will not be the first to break the ten commandments.It is our habit to inform our opponents or aggressors before hand.Our tradition dictates that we shall not murder in cold blood.If there is any confusion in your state,it is your own making and design.

You cannot turn your wrath against people who have no problem with you.If you have scores to settle among yourselves because your expectations might have not been met, what is our concern then? There is no reason at all to victimise your neighbours who chose to stay peaceful and coexist with you.Why are you forcing others to think of doing evil? Believe it or not, it could be a cataclysmic war.We do not want what happened in 2013 to repeat itself.We want to let bygones be byegones.But don’t be a cluster headache to others.What did you find good in causing instability and mayhem to others?There is no reason why should one try to enrich or assuage his/her material egos in a very risky way? We don’t want to be held accountable and penalised by God for harming a fellow human beings created in the same image like us.

Remember,the souls of our innocent people,which were dear to us and whom we will not see again, that you decided to end prematurely will one day force us to react very aggressively with a mighty force.This scenario is avoidable and must not be allowed to happen. Together with you,we must pre-empt this looming disaster.Decide now whether we live in peace or engage in wars.We shall never be made to suffer intentionally by people like us on this planet earth.It is noted with a deep concern that there are always denials from the authority in Pibor that they are not aware whether the attackers are from their state.The victims know their killers.Spilling somebody’s blood is unpardonable sin before Him,the creator.

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  1. February 8, 2016 at 6:28 am

    Money leading the Gordon buy into deep ocean even for get his family , not called Ambassador any more better to say Salva kiir movies star b/s if he didn’t make such fake kiir may make decree on him , now is south Sudan government who arms anyak against Ethiopia national not against nuer


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