Defection Is Too Late; He Is Still Within The Circle of “Peace & Reconciliation”

“We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.” — Kofi Annan

By John Juan Dong,

Aguer Rual, the first Military Governor of Lol State, South Sudan(Photo: Profile)

Aguer Rual, the first Military Governor of Lol State, South Sudan(Photo: Profile)

March 12, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——  It’s no doubt Honorable Aguer decided to isolate himself from the SPLM/SPLA I.O to SPLM party. Whereas he has made this stunning decision, a lot is left to be desired.

Firstly, the virtuosity, mode and manner in which he left need to be evaluated for the sake of accurate history. In this attempt reality need to be observed that Aguer has not gone anywhere, but still moving around within the circle of peace and reconciliation. “The cat is chasing its own tail”.

Aguer being an advisor was not dismissed by the appointing authority, but deserted the SPLM I.O on his own after he had peacefully led the second round of advance team from Pagak to Juba on 31st of December 2015. In fact, I was puzzled to learn that the advisor in the office of the Chairman and Commander IN Chief of SPLM/A. I.O, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, has left Royal Prince Hotel quietly but secretly for good without giving any notification. Not even to one of his best friends in the I.O. Truly, entrusting some of his possession to be picked by young ones on his behalf fascinated many. Surely, is it rational for the advisor to the Chairman of I.O, to defect at this moment when the Chairman and Commander IN Chief of SPLM/SPLA I.O is impending to Juba to finally implement peace and reconciliation? Would one be wrong to attribute his act to being ignorant about the nature of the crisis and infamous 15th December 2013 events? Though he joined I.O in South Sudan from Australia, he ought to have shared the same or possibly some feeling with those who witnessed. In the same breadth, could the distribution of the constitutional seats in the absence of the chairman have a connotation to the abandonment of the I. O or can be traced in the political appointment of the Warab state government have inconvenienced and angered him when in fact the dispute over 28 created states after peace agreement was signed has not yet been resolved?

If it is true and resolved shall he maneuver for Warab alone or for all Greater Bhr Algazal states as he is the advisor in the office of the Chairman and Commander IN Chief of SPLM/SPLA I.O? When Hon. Aguer deserted SPLM/SPLA I.O, did he really consider the feeling of young Warab who joined the union (I.O) if there are or he joined alone?

If Aguer is a true relative to the president, it is time for him to be a patriotic honest mediator between the president and the 1st Vice President. Personal sentiments shouldn’t override his conscious and country. For the sake of the country his main task is supposed to maintain this reconciliation between the two political leaders to become a success and the credit goes to him.

Aguer being my head in the second round advance team cannot deny my continued advice in regard to the contentious issues. Aguer as a friend disclosed to me the long hours of potential advices honored to him by the Chairman that he should keep himself reserve and quite from any inconvenience when arriving Juba. I intellectually also suggested to him for the sake of these advices to keep silent and to respect his position as we wait for Dr. Riek to arrive in Juba so as to honorably lodge in his complaint before the Chairman. This is how we in the I.O advice our selves being a union of one blessed nation. Without due consideration however, it’s astonishing that it never took him long to extend his apology to president Kiir “blaming” himself why he joined I.O.

As a good friend and a responsible patriotic citizen, I feel obliged to speak out on these surprises. “That goes around comes around”.

Hon. Aguer did not go anywhere. He is in South Sudan. He should realize that I.O is a system of union his name and acts shall remain enshrined in memory where he served. The only challenge remains as to whether for good or bad? History will judge! Aguer Joined the I.O movement on his own mandate and has every right to return by the same door where he came from, and tomorrow he may be back safely. Aguer was appointed by the Chairman Dr. Riek Machar as Governor of Warab. Later on Aguer got promoted as an advisor in the office of the Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLM/SPLA I.O, a position that was not entrusted to a Nuer in tribe and even to a relative in blood of the Chairman Dr. Riek Machar, nor appointing Nuer elders’ Council to disturb his mind and change the political system of leaderships. So as Nuer tribal policies exist in the I.O, this is not accepted because the office of the I.O Chairman always discourages tribalism, But builds the strong pillar of union of all tribes as “one people one nation”. Therefore, Aguer enjoyed the position as well as the protocol wise of I.O leadership until the time when recently gave it up by himself in Juba last month. With my wealth experience in politics of over 52 years from charismatic leaders, William Deng Nhial, Both Diu Abel Alier Kuai, Agri Jaden, Lugi Aduok, Izboni Mundiri (since 1964) and during the first movement, reveals that political leaders do not just simply defect or desert positions, but they do officially resign to dignify their political career. Aguer has not yet submitted his resignation to the I.O Chairman who is now surprised by such news while he is in Pagak preparing to come soon to Juba. The Chairman and Commander IN Chief of SPLM/SPLA I.O does not know either why Aguer deserted the post and under what circumstances. Anyone would have died for Aguer while still with us, and then for him to just leave us like that, it tantamount to a very big betrayal. The question arises as to why did Aguer decide to leave I.O after his arrival in Juba safely with the second round of SPLM I.O personal team under his leadership? Does it mean his two years’ secret mission to I.O is over?

Through experience, when such odd event happens, Sin operates as an intangible entity whose movements we cannot literally see as human being. But as Sin uses the members of our body in exercising its dominion, we can recognize it at once and at work. For instance, while the political bureau was much engaged for October Conference 2015 under preparation for the advance team travel to Juba, the advisor made consecutive visits to Gambele town of Ethiopia where access of communication is available. Nobody attempted to question him as his respective position is being honored. Just on our arrival in Juba town he immediately started to complain on issues that have nothing to do with advance team who suffered the journey with him for peace and reconciliation. So was the case whenever I visited him in his first class room of Royal Prince Hotel. Surely, could the un answered or replied telephone calls by the chairman from far distant but remote area like Pagak be the cause of defection? Can free innocent hearts believe in such a complaint especially at a time when the country is celebrating peace and the world is observing us with pleasure? How would history describe the act and whole process as being a Hero or traitor? Is it bad omen? If true, who is betraying who, the one upgraded him, or the I.O advance team now in the national capital city with peace message on their foreheads? Psalm 41:9 “says even my close friend in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted his heel against me”.

Never, the nation is now at total peace for less than twenty eight weeks upon the arrival of the advance team. Upon the arrival of the first advance team on 21/12/2015, president Kiir’s government moved to rejuvenate the IGAD-PLUS Peace Agreement. The head leadership of the Advance Team Cde Taban Deng Gai visited the heads of the state’s government of Salva kiir on whom he would have to rely to make any peace implementation feasible. The advisor must understand that our president of today is not the other president during crisis of war of 15 December 2013 that has divided one nation into ethnicities and turned it to a state of “bandage”. He is now the president who is entirely bounded by the parameters of war. We know how President Omer Albishier has benefited from the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) 9th January 2005 which has made him safe and has made us to become an independent state. The United Nation and the Security Council as well as the AU appreciated Khartoum’s commitment to Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) with great preservation. The same as predicted, President Kiir would not miss this chance.

Upon the arrival of the 1st Vice President to Juba and then sworn in, that day will mark unity of the nation and a new white page is opened and be recognized with honor. Hence, and from this day, both the President Salva Kiir Mayardit and the 1st Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, would be called on by the “(IGAD-PLUS)” to handle both the political and military aspect of the war and their leadership is to be evaluated by world community to balance these inseparable parts of the Union’s efforts (TGoNU).

The bible says in Genesis 12:3 : “I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonor you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.

John Juan Dong

SPLM/I.O. Advance team, Juba.

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