The So Called Compromised Peace Agreement Is A wake Up Call: Message To All Units Of SPLM/A-IO And Its Leadership

From:       Jupiter (Director for SPLA Inspectorate)

To:               All units

Subject:     The So-Called Compromised Peace Agreement- AWAKE UP CALL!

Revolutionary Greetings!

South Sudanese president Salva Kiir (L) shakes hands with rebel leader and former vice-president Riek Machar after signing an agreement at the end of talks ...(file by Nyamilepedia)

South Sudanese president Salva Kiir (L) shakes hands with rebel leader and former vice-president Riek Machar after signing an agreement at the end of talks …(file by Nyamilepedia)

March 12, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Since the eruption of war in Juba on December 15th, 2013, our people were subjected to inhumane treatment by Salva and his likeness in Juba town. Unfortunate enough the differences which emerged from the SPLM Leadership following their disappointment resulting from their failure to rule South Sudan peacefully ended up in killing innocent Nuer people.

Surprisingly, the conflict is imagined to end up with the so called compromised peace agreement, which was hurriedly signed first by our chairman Dr Riek Machar. The question traces itself rationally as to why did Riek sign the compromised peace agreement even when the government is averse? What are we compromising at? Are we compromising the blood of our people whom were killed by Salva Kiir or what? Can we ethically really compromise the death of our people, because we are given few drops of positions, such as the first Vice President? What would Riek do in three years as the first vice president and under Salva, when in fact; the two gentlemen worked to gather for a good eight years and achieved none but blood-shed? What was the end result of their working to gather? Has not the result of their rule brought to South Sudanese death, agony, poverty, diseases and ignorance? So now, after Riek and Salva both have killed our people Dinka, Nuer and others the time has come for them to rule again what has remained alive from their hands, what a ruling that IGAD has made!

THIS IS AWAKE UP CALL TO OUR NUER PEOPLE: Do you really think that the agreement worth the lives of our people who died? Moreover, Riek said several times that he cannot work with Salva again what so ever, because Salva according to him is just a bull dog! So what has now changed the bull dog into a president over night my dear doctor?! If you could recalled Riek said in USA, in his last visit that I quote “I agreed with my president Salva that the cease-fire is not respected”. If they both agreed that the agreement which they signed is not being respected by their subordinates, what does that entails to an observer? It does explain their failure of course, because they cannot control their followers and yet they claimed to be their leaders! The question is what they could not do in eight years would they do it in three years, I think IGAD will try to help us in that; because they are the one who came with such a dead idea. Hence, I would like somebody to tell me why Riek refused to sign the first proposed agreement? And why did he sign the second? The argument that the peace is being imposed by IGAD or the International Community does not hold any water, because if it did why would Riek refused to sign the first agreement. Riek did not sign the first agreement simply, because he did not see himself in the mirror of that agreement.

The moment the IGAD realized what Riek and Salva wanted and they put it in the agreement, Riek signed blindly and immediately without even waiting for Salva to sign. So one would understand that the whole problem was the removal of Riek and Taban from their positions respectively; and once they are going to be re-instated to their positions the war is over, although Taban is jogging over the docket of petroleum; Was that the real cause of the war?! May be it was to them, but to me it was not the issue, so what about you the Nuer people, this was all about you and not Riek and Taban; unless you said otherwise. Now Riek and Taban are telling us that the IGAD and International community are saying that if we do not signed the agreement we are going to be given sanctions. What kinds of sanctions that could be given to people whose children mothers, fathers and relatives have been killed, while leaving the very person who committed those atrocities and not only that, he has even been rewarded to be a president again despites the fact that his term of office is expired! Unless, the IGAD is telling us as the saying goes that a person can kill your father then takes your mother as his wife. Is this what IGAD is trying to introduce in South Sudan? The African head of states or the IGAD member states could agree to that episode that amounted to the fact that those head of states were just covering their colleague’s Salva back in the expense of the people of South Sudan why my dear beloved presidents!

Because that agreement even an African headmen leave alone head chiefs cannot agree that the killers would be given another chance so that they can go and killed more again that is only done in an Ethiopian court or ruling! Why did I say that? I said that because, bribery in Ethiopia in early 60s was an accepted fact! For example, a court was convened where a judge presided over a case between a woman and another man; in that court the woman bribed the judge with a jar, who complained when the judgment was given against her, however; the other party made a present of a donkey to the judge. The woman reacted angrily saying to the effect that why would she be wronged. The Ethiopian judge shamelessly said, “Woman” a donkey has passed by and kicked your jar into pieces! So do I understand that the court of General Mesfin and his other two Generals; one wonders if a donkey had passed by them while they were preparing for the draft agreement! The donkey in this case would be Salva and his government which has got money of course not DONKEYS. I thought that the bribery was in the kings era and not in the generals era in twenty first century, so what a shame. Those are our leaders who were supposed to give us guidance and direction. Where are they directing us including Dr. Riek himself of course to our doom! If that is the state of affairs in our African leaderships, that they care only for their interests then we are in trouble! What would be the way forwards, since this could even entail that this agreement may not be implemented considering the example of the judge mentioned above (Richard Greenfield, 284)?

TO OTHER NON-NUER WITHIN THE MOVEMENT: Now you have seen with your own eyes what is happening in Leer County the birth place of our chairman Dr. Riek, where Salva is killing our people daily even elderly and children are not spared. This is an indication that war crimes and genocide are being committed in Leer. Genocide by definition refers to acts aimed at physical and intentional destructions of whole or in parts of ethnic, racial, national or religious groups. And that is exactly what is going on in Leer the destruction of an ethnic community called DOK. This is done through Salva’s stooges who happened to be Nuer unfortunately plus his tribe men! Yet we are made to believe that those who are doing the killing are Nuer. But if they are Nuer why would they kill their own tribe men, women and children. Those who were doing the killing are mercenaries paid, armed and sent there by Salva Kiir period. So dear, comrades do not deceived yourselves that when you go inside Riek will protect you, if he could not be able to protect his own next of kens in Leer, do you think he will care for you? No he will not, because if he tried to talk about them now he will not get the first vice president position that is why he cannot even say anything about those atrocities being committed by Salva and his likeness in Unity State.

I remembered in a public rally conducted by Riek in Pagak county on may8th, 2014, a Nuer old man said that “Gaatmachar I know that you are a party to what is killing our people ,because if you did not know our people cannot be killed by Dinka the way they are doing it now”. The old man was referring to Dr. Riek that was wisdom; because the old man knew very well that Dr. Riek was actually fighting for his own interests just to go back to his old position as a vice president and the moment Riek got that opportunity he could not even wait for Salva to sign first! This is unusual though that the rebel leader could signed an agreement before his opponent! After having said this, iam calling upon all the members of the opposition not to accept this compromised peace agreement, we cannot compromised the blood of our people, because of positions. Even if we could argue that going inside is good. How is it good? Let me tell you why it is not good. For example, the members of the parliament are Four hundreds (400) and we are given Fifty members (50) only.

Again the Executive composed of Thirty (30) ministers and we are given Ten (10) ministers only, and above all we are claiming for impacting reforms. The question is how fifty MPs can make a reform out of four hundreds (400)? At least I need someone to educate me on this issue, although our PHD holder thinks that it can happen, unless through miracle! Which I doubt very much, where would we get miracle in that lunatic world of Salva and his Dinka council of idiots, oh sorry council of elders. If they are the council of elders as they claimed let me give them this small piece of advice that they must ask Salva to step down, because the more the war continued it will eventually reach Dinka land considering what you and your sons did in Nuer land it would not be good.

I know very well that the council will not do that, because some elements within it are spoiled since they were in Sudan before the independence. They turned themselves from Christians to become Muslim in order for them to get positions and money and now in the South Sudan again they made themselves to be the Dinka council of elders such that they can exploit and manipulate the poor and tipsy Dr Salva kiir whom they have made their council head in order to grab the land of none Dinka under the pretext of 28 states! You see how far these kinds of elders could go? As a result iam advising that the Dinka council of elders could be very dangerous for Dinka in future if nothing is done about it know, so be ware! Therefore; the issue of reforms that the IO is talking about is a big lie. We cannot reform Salva’s regime, because it is too deformed to be reformed, as said once by our late leader Dr John Garang! What is needed is a complete change of the regime and its leadership. Therefore, if Riek has decided in his sound mind to go back and worked with Salva that means he has betrayed all our people who died during this war and beyond. That was why Riek has hijacked and spoiled the revolution and turned it into an orphanage project being managed by himself as the gatekeeper, Taban the storekeeper and finally Angelina as the godmother of the whole project.

And as such they turned their compound either in Addis or Pagak as feeding centers for the members of the IO whereby no one has a right to say anything regarding IO business since an orphan cannot say anything to his masters and that is the state of affairs in IO! What the IO project owners did not know is that for a project to be sustainable it needs brains which they are opposed to. In the feeding center they are eating beans, the same beans Riek was eating in Juba when he was chased away by Salva, where he could not even stand a one day fight. And now he is going back to the same man Salva who chased him away like a rat what a man! Come on Gatbounydeing who said that Riek is a man the guy is just a big boy oh! Have you ever seen a Nuer man running away from another man, never? For instance, GUEK NGUONDEANG who represents the Nuer manhood and worrier could not run away from the British Soldiers, instead he preferred to die a heroic death leave alone to run away from a Dinka or for that matter a villager like Salva Kiir! Hahaha!

Now I want somebody to tell me, if Riek could not protect his own people of IO while he was a leader of his own, will he do something while serving under Salva? Please do not make me laugh you those people who think that Dr. Riek will offer you something. But am quite sure of one thing that he will offer those who will go with him inside. What is that Gatbounydeing? Are you really serious you wanted me to tell that yes. That thing is very simple it is death and destruction only, since you wanted me to tell you so I said it period! The guy is taking you to your doom marked my words.

In conclusion, let me give you a piece of advice and it could be a warning at the same time, that the compromised peace agreement which I have inspected thoroughly in my capacity as the Director for SPLA Inspectorate, it appeared to me that it does not worth the lives of our people, it is just a sellout no more no less. So as I said earlier on that if Riek wanted to go inside in order to serve Salva’s needs, so be it with his family members and in-laws and the jobs seekers let them go peacefully. The rest should joint me such that we can continue with the struggle, because if the wrongs which were done to our people are not redressed then no one should go inside to joint those who massacred our people in cool blood. Remember it is not those who started the struggle that take it to its final completion.

Another, advice goes to our Chief of General Staffs and his D/COGS for operations because the two gentlemen are the ones with their other colleagues, which the fate of our people depended upon them. So please do not allow our people to be made vulnerable by fools; because they do not deserve that, especially when you are still alive and kicking! Keep the unity and the spirit of our people to gather, Iam saying this from the bottom of my heart. Remember that you have made a vow to protect our people so be up to the task, since they have put their trust in you too. Do not hand them over like what Riek and Taban used to do just to get what they wanted and they do not care about the Nuer, although they have been deceiving them all a long for a time that they do care for them. This time around Dr. Riek has shown his real color to Nuer that all this time he was just using them as a stepping stones to get back to his old position wow! Now he could not even care for the security arrangements, because he sows only the position of the vice president no more any less. Bravo! Bravo Dr. Machar! So you made it back again by blind folding and deceiving your poor and innocent Nuer people what a Guinness!

For those who do not know, Riek knows very well that even if he goes to Juba without anybody guards, that the body guards of Salva are his, after all, he will be the first vice president of the Republic of South Sudan who is by law entitled for state protection like the other Nuer who are inside are being protected by the state. Or can anyone tell me that something happened to any Nuer who is inside holding any ministerial position no of course. That was why Riek did not bother himself for the things you people talked about because what he sees is not what others see that is the different between us and our PHD! Although Dr Riek has been referring to the people inside as traitors who betrayed the Nuer cause (as Nuer wuew so now would he become one of them or not).

Now he Dr. Riek is going inside joining those who have been inside, so the question is to what degree would Dr.Riek measure his traitor ship against the Nuer who were inside before him? First class, second class or third class, one would like to know this interesting phenomenon! Considering, that according to Dr. Riek, anyone who goes inside he would say that that person could not control his or her heart, so to what extend did the doctor control his heart then? Again iam urging all our people especially those who hold the Nuer and the South in their hearts to join me in disowning Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, since he has already abundance us and as such he is no longer our leader; he is just a Salva’s vice president. Since he has decided to go inside forgetting what had happened to our people even his own six points which he had raised against Salva; hence let him go in peace and we remain in peace too!!

Since I said that we have to disown Riek as well as the SPLM that killed our people and we created a new name under which we will wage the struggle. The new name for the movement is NATIONAL RESISTANCE MOVEMENT/ARMY. NRM/NRA



Long live the NRM/A struggle

Long live the Nuer struggle

Long live the struggle of the people of South Sudan


So please turn back from the wrong path that Dr Riek is taking you to. So wake up and stand up for your rights and not for positions as we are made to believe by the project owners!!


General Makuac Teny, Chairman and C-in-C of NRM/A, former Director for SPLA Inspectorate of IO and former Cabinet Minister for Youth, Sports and Recreation in the government of the republic of South Sudan.,tel,+256704959242,+254737728112,+251949646585,+249917937870.

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  1 comment for “The So Called Compromised Peace Agreement Is A wake Up Call: Message To All Units Of SPLM/A-IO And Its Leadership

  1. March 14, 2016 at 11:10 am

    Am pleased to hear Makuach Teny again crying over the media using (if3)”I wish I knew ” This is too late Gen.- compromise Agreement wasn’t signed recently, as we speak now, it has taken a dimension of global standard to get comprehended,in which this small piece of writing of yours, after disagreement with our movement leader would never and ever distort it. Where were you then?, ooh! you was about to control the affairs of our movement, because you believe that you are “gatdoak”, a move that am sure our chairman rejected. That’s the cause dispute right? Please, Keep in mind that Nuer Community knows you to the best extend, that you don’t sit upright. And that is why Riek Machar himself nicknamed you “amjad” ( a type of motor vehicle that moves faster, and it’s preferable to the passengers for being speedy on urgent mission). Join Kiir government, don’t west time, we Nuer will come after.


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