Cease Fire to Continue over Whole of Equatoria but no cantonment areas for IO.

By Charles Kisanga,

Charles Kisanga, the provisional chairman of arrows boys(Photo: profile)

Charles Kisanga, the provisional chairman of arrows boys(Photo: profile)

March 29, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— As Chairman and Commander Chief of South Sudan Peoples Patriotic Front (SSPPF)/Arrow Boys, I want to make it clear that Equatoria Forces are not part of SPLM-IO and Dr. Riek Machar insistence of trying to allocate his cantonment centres in Equatoria is just bringing us problems and extra fighting the people of Equatoria do not deserve. Hence I denounce his claim as inaccurate especially his meeting three days ago in Nairobi in which he continue to talk about cantonment areas in Equatoria for his SPLM-IO forces.

When crisis started in Juba in December 2013, it was centred around Dr. Riek Machar and some of those who were connected to him via their need of their positions even though there were root causes of crisis which was centred around power struggle in SPLM and his desire to become President quickly, it had nothing to do with Equatoria grievances. Regrettably it resulted in loss of lives of thousands upon thousands of his fellow tribesmen and also some other tribes including Equatorians. However conflict in Equatoria has its roots in Land grapping and Pastoralists cattle camps that had moved in to cause problems for predominately cultivators and then other issues of mistreatment and marginalization of Equatorians in Army and other Institutions and the need to share power via Federalism. We in Equatoria had Conferences to shade lights on our grievances and problems but Dr. Riek was only fighting for power then.

As such the war in Equatoria is not about SPLM-IO or Dr. Riek Machar ambition or use of International community for regime change in South Sudan. But now Dr. Riek Machar wants to make Equatoria desert their grievances and fight for his power base but this cannot happen and all Equatorians will come together under one leadership of SSPPF/Arrow Boys until we hold a big meeting soon in East Africa in which we plan to unite our people including those who went by mistake to IO and put together our steps of working for peace and on the issues of Equatoria. We shall also be ready for sake of peace to have our cantonment areas as independent Equatoria forces who took up Upper arms for their rights and not for the rights of Dr. Riek. There has been enough conflict and it is high time both Government of South Sudan and IGAD should accept the fact that there is a third front in South Sudan that is Equatoria in the current conflict and the peace process need to involve us independently under Equatoria leadership, and I’m acting as that leader for Equatoria for now.

Based on this I’m calling on all the fighting forces whether they call themselves Arrow Boys, SSNLM, Wonduruba Defence Forces, South Sudan Army, Nyarango Boys, REMINASA and Magwi Forces under Kenyi to come together under one movement and one ceasefire and join the Chairman soon for putting together our way forward as Equatorians which can get us to participate with dignity in our country rather than some being beggars who have no voice except Riek to talk on their behalf for his own interest rather than their interest which led them to take up rms.. SSPPF have Nuer and other tribes in it but in Equatoria; likewise anybody who wants to join Dr. Riek can go to Upper Nile and our Cease Fire in Equatoria has to come from Equatoria initiative to give peace a chance and engage in dialogue and discussions for way forward , no matter how challenging.

I’m appealing also to the Government of South Sudan to reciprocate and tell Government Forces/ SPLA to observe Cease Fire with us Equatoria Forces and give right of passage to all the commanders to join me soon for a meeting and peace initiate for solving our conflict and embarking on the road to peace for the future of our nation, our people and our children.

Hence Today, March 28th 2016, 6 am, I have declared a complete Cease Fire in Equatoria to continue and I ask all the Forces in Equatoria not to attack any Government SPLA positions or convoys and restrain from aggressive behaviours and concentrate on preparing for unity of Equatoria with full participation in peace talks initiative in East Africa. We hope Government to do the same also and please if you want to be IO just ask for safe passage rather than confusing our struggle in Equatoria.

Lt Gen Eng. Charles Barnaba Kisanga
Chairman and commander In Chief of SSPPF-Arrow Boys.
E-mail : cbkisanga@yahoo.co.uk

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