To the Savage Killers, Ethiopians Blood is Not Cheaper.

By Gatweach Naath.

Gambella Regional President H.E. Mr. Gatluak Tut Khot welcoming the released children in Gamebella, Ethiopia(Photo credits: UU Dialy)

Gambella Regional President H.E. Mr. Gatluak Tut Khot welcoming the released children in Gamebella, Ethiopia(Photo credits: UU Dialy)

May 10, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— The question of wagging a collective war of Dinka, Murle and Anuak against Ethiopian who are mistakenly considered by the above mentioned criminals to be equal to their brothers in south Sudan because they all Nuer, is a fatal mistake.

As Usual in south Sudan these criminals can kill many innocent Nuer as they can and nobody can bring them to any form of punishment. In many occasions they can awarded for doing this fatal crime against Nuer tribe. In fact they are facilitated with weapons and paid money to go and kill these innocent in Gambella Region of Ethiopia. Traveling or airlifting by night from the failed south Sudan new nation and look for Nuer people in Ethiopia is a dangerous game because Nuer are citizens there and not visitors from south Sudan.

About the abduction of children, again which Nuer woman can bear a child for beastly and savage of the savages, who have only slight difference with animals, the Murle tribe? How can an animal take care and bring up a human child? The abduction of children is a bad thing by all means. For them it is a normal thing for them, because they don’t know the meaning and love of a Gog given child to his/her parents.

Frankly the government delegation which went to Ethiopia to cold down the tension, is told by the community in Gambella that the criminals are facilitated by an organized gang in south Sudan failed republic to do this crime against Nuer tribe in Ethiopia. The players are known to everybody. According an insider who revealed the names, he expressed openly in the media that, they are two Dinka ministers and Murle Boma governor. They were mentioned immediately after the incident. The official delegation, is told to do the following at least in order to avoid any drastic measures which may resulted from this foolish mistake :-

1-To bring back all the children who were abducted by Murle and their supporters in the crime.

2-To bring back the raided cows of about two 2000 thousand heads cattle.

3-To compensate the murdered innocent civilians about 200 plus.

The government delegation willingly or forcefully agreed and accepted all the three Gambella region’s conditions. This is to rescue the situation and cold down the Ethiopian government anger.

The enemies of Nuer tribe do not differentiate between their victims in south Sudan and those who are Ethiopians by nationality. According to their common rooted hatred of Nuer people, they savagely think that Nuer is the same whether in south Sudan or Ethiopia. Of course they are all Nuer and one big strong tribe which is found from Bentiu to Gambella.The only tribe in south Sudan and the former Sudan, which do not agree as a one community to do a collective work against an enemy. This is their main and only weakness which is badly utilized by their former ad new enemies. The enemies of Nuer tribe should that the nationalities of the south Sudan Nuer and Ethiopian Nuer are different, like the difference between the failed nation of south Sudan where Nuer life is very cheap and the powerful, peaceful, federal and democratic Ethiopia where the same life is very expensive.

If the intention of the criminals is to go to Pagak during the peace time to commit their crime, they should go together with their tribal or Dinka army the so called SPLA to kill the innocent civilians as usual, through Longashuk and Maiwut if they can be able to do so for the 5th time.

In conclusion one can say that anyone who is sponsoring these tribal criminals to kill Nuer people to do his ugly business inside south Sudan and not to extend it to the peaceful neighboring Ethiopia because Ethiopia is known friendly country to south Sudanese since liberation war. Also the Ethiopian leaders are kind to our people up to now the independent time. Again Ethiopian leaders are still wise and aware of anything. There is no Tegray governing tribal Council of Elders there in Ethiopian soil. The only new glimpse of hope good future nowadays in our country, is the wise leader Salva Kiir Mayardiit who understood the suffering of our people at last and now working for uniting the country again with his brother and his first vice Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

May the Almighty God bless them in their national faithful efforts as leaders of this country?

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