Mayiendit Students’ Association (MSA) Election Results


Members of Mayiendit students association in primary and secondary schools posting for the   new executive board for 2016 - 2017(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Members of Mayiendit students association in primary and secondary schools posting for the
new executive board for 2016 – 2017(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

July 4, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– On behalf of Mayiendit Students Association(MSA) ,I would like to congratulate and appreciate the first vice president and commander in charge Dr. Riak Machar Teny  for bringing peace in the country, governor of Unity State General Raui Kuol for winning the confident of citizens of Unity State and general Taban Deng Gai the former Chief Negotiator of peace process and Minister of mining and freedom fighters for their  tirelessly work toward the peace implementation in the country.

Once again congratulations to General Salva Kiir for forming Transitional government of national Unity  and with his two vices. Mayiendit Students Association is non political and non profitable organisation aiming to establish the peace and unity amongst students, support the vulnerable students and many other.

They therefore been waiting for Dr. Riak Machar to be in Juba so that things will be in right place. We surprised Nuer and South Sudanese at large by conducting successful election democratically in POC site without sign of violent through ballot papers not through guns.

The inauguration, opening campaigns and election were done where the inauguration was attended by Former commissioners of Mayiendit county Simon Gatdit Jiec,  Newly appointed MP Hon. Anna Nyarauch Samuel Pam,  the former MP Hon Nyalok Tiong Gatluak and  Kang Gattang Pur and Camps leaders at large and youth from different counties.

The successful candidates are as follows;
1- Kai Rout Gattang …Chairperson
2-Bol Kot Chan. ..vice chairperson
3-Lat Magueng Bong…secretary General
4- Nyabiel Riang Chan…Vice secretary general
5-Nyakuiy Toi Liep…minister of gender
6-Ruon Ruot Chuol…minister of external affairs
7 Kauch Gatluak Nyoap. ..minister of information
8-Nyaluide Tang Ngudeng. ….vice information
9..Chany Luony. ..Finance secretary
10. gatdet Guel Gatluak minster of education

They also called upon  south Sudanese and Nuer at POC to put peace and
unity as first priority and educate the girls for betterment of our
country forgiveness and reconciliation amongst ourselves

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  1 comment for “Mayiendit Students’ Association (MSA) Election Results

  1. July 4, 2016 at 11:24 pm

    Look, South Sudaneses tribes are united exccept Nuer tribe has been divided by lonely wolf.

    Therefore, nuer must identify prior to concern of other that have strong foundation.

    Nuer must put their act together before anything elese.


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