Son of Late William Deng Nhial Among the Fallen Officers in Juba Shooting

William Deng Nhial, a former Sudanese politician who fought hard for equality in Sudan before he was killed in late 1960s(Photo: file)

William Deng Nhial, a former Sudanese politician who fought hard for equality in Sudan before he was killed in late 1960s(Photo: file)

July 09, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– A son of a former politician, Ngor William Deng Nhial, is among the officer who died in the last two days shooting in Juba.

A wild speculation trending on social media alleged that it is Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial who was killed in Juba or a son of late William Nyuon Bany, however, a report extended to Nyamilepedia to diffuse the speculations confirmed that it is Lt. Ngor William Deng Nhial that was killed in Gudele shooting.

Ngor served in SPLA as a Lieutenant until he succumbed to gun confrontation along with his four other colleagues on July 7th, 2016.

His father, William Deng Nhial, was a renown politician from Tonj Dinka Community in the Sudanese politics. He died during Anyanya movement in Khartoum at around 1968.


  • William Deng did not die in Khartoum but along Rumbek Cuibet road near a village called Abirieu. He was buried just neat a big at the point of his death.
    I sternly disagree when people called him a hero. He returned from exile to cloud with the Arabs against the Anyanya since he wanted to head it. But when all his efforts were frustrated he returned to Avance for that unfortunately he lost his life.
    The J1 is not an official meeting place. I refused to imagine that Government businesses are done in such provate residences. Dr. Riek should now learn to be careful of being lured to the same avenue again. I didn’t like that arrangement even at the time of his return from. Ethiopia.
    Malong planned this attack judged by the way he dressed himself in the atire of the IO. He is said to have returned from Kampala lobbying for UPDF support He should be investigated for that.


    • Thanks for that info on Nhial’s death. Some of us were not born when he died but that is the history we are fed with. The author of this report watched a video where Nhial Deng spoke but from his tone he was not a big believer of separation like many anyanya. His vision aligns more with that of Dr. John Garang of fighting for a new Sudan or the idea of equality.

      The rest of the report was supplied and we had no control on but good catch!


  • Please be informed that the above photo is not that of late William Deng but of my father former Anya Nya leader Gen Joseph Lagu. Try to verify when in doubt.


  • never lie to the public, that photo isn’t the man you meant,


  • Thank u for ur information,may God forgive him with innocent south Sudanese from different tribes because their families are poor they do not afford to put in media.


  • Rest in Peace


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