President Salva Kiir Must ‘not’ Go

By Dak Buoth,
27th October 2016 8:55pm EAT.

Dak Buoth speaking during an Interview with Standard Newspaper in Nairobi, 2015

Dak Buoth speaking during an Interview with Standard Newspaper in Nairobi, 2015….

Oct 31, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- People have been categorized into three; there are those who discussed ideas, events and others who talk about individuals’ personalities. And for our case, those who always look at us over the fence normally overheard what we say; and hence, they think we’re merely discussing other people when they see such aforementioned title. In contrast, we are not just talking about other people perse, ours is a quest for justice in our beloved country; in other words, we’re trying to excavate past abuses with view to create healing and reconciliation in South Sudan.

For half a decade now, there has been spirited and elaborated campaign on social media whose mantra being ‘Salva Kiir must go.’ Without being economical on truth, I must say, the comrade (s) who came up with this combative slogan really did us great services in our clamor for change. In fact, they have made Salva Kiir become a lightweight in his fight against the downtrodden; and therefore, it is irrefutable that we will soon romp into convincing victory.

As the struggle continuous, I hereby challenge the progressive forces in the trenches to complete this sentence once and for all. In your view, he must go where and when? Sir Voltaire told us, ‘judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers. For now, the question about ‘when’ is immaterial only time will tell. What matters most is ‘where’ subject.

Let us grapple with is this question and see whether we’re treading on the same path. You would recalled, In Thuok Naath we say ‘nyenye-keney ti kaa thuok maat’ which loosely means ‘fighting less organized group’. I’m of the opinion that when we conglomerate and bring our views together on the aforementioned, we can become a team rather than a group.

In my view, a Group and a Team are two different terms in both form and characters. Arguably, group comprises of disgruntle fellows who are brought together by circumstances against their wills. On the other hand, a Team is a bid narrower compare to group, but it consist of conscious individuals with shared values and objectives. From what I see, the South Sudanese forces that are seeking political change are operating as groups rather than a team, and I strongly supported the recent call by Dr. Lam Akol to form a military and political alliance to topple gun-class in Juba. I long for a day when the disenfranchised, disposes, discontented and disgruntled will converge to form team that will fast-track the final and long awaited march to the corridors of justice in our land, and everyone will shower in River Nile not in blood as its case today.

If I’m not wrong, the campaign dubbed ‘Salva Kiir Must go’’ was first peddled and parroted by the aggrieved nationalists the likes of Gar-kier Machar and Machamptionized alias Makolthilik right before, after and during four years of civil war in South Sudan.

It is common knowledge, and any digital South Sudanese on Facebook or Twitter must have had a glimpse of this phrase ‘Salva Kiir must go.’ It is often written on small piece of paper akin to soccer referees’ red-card which is issued to rogue player who commits offend against his opponent on the pitch.

More often than seldom, several opposition proponents have used this phrase as profile picture on their Face Book accounts. And those who are not yet on social media might have heard about it verbally on other social gatherings. Before I surpass this issue of online communication, lets me shed light on the significant of social media usage. I believed some folk owe me a duty of care to inform them on any matter that may be of paramount important, and I always feel oblige to do so. I subscribe to the view that we’re each other’s keeper.
I begs your indulgent, let me take this rare opportunity to reiterate my appeal to all compatriots and urge them to rethink or reconsider joining Face Book or Twitter. You can choose one of the two. I’m pretty concern about these guys who are yet on social media. I pity you so much because you’re missing crucial information that may help in your daily life.

In my efforts to persuade these folks, I always like paraphrasing an old adage which says ‘the modern way of being at front line is to be online. Be informed that the entire global community has evacuated online in large numbers; where there is light for everyone to see, so remain offline at your own peril. To be an outdated is choice. New ideas and fresh information are first hang online for public consumption before they cascade to the rest of society.

I urge you to wake up early tomorrow or the next day to shower in this large pool of information and creativity. Believe it or not, Information is power, what else would you complaint of and yet you have everything at your fingertips. If you have access to electricity please enjoy your right to information, My dear Sluggard lets pulls up our socks and rolls up our sleeve to do what we must. Stand tall, go and make use of this free technology that has made our world a global village.

Bear in mind, if you have not seen or heard rumors on social media, it is still private matter or secret, and hence, you have the reason to ignore and doubt it altogether. There are goodies than bad in social media. It gives you wide array of ideas and it improves your judgment as well as sharpening and enhancing your readership. Social media is there for people of all status and gender, rich, poor, educated and uneducated, young and old.

I challenge you to be an early bird that catches the worm. I have undertaken some professional training on this trending topic, and I was accredited as online societal informant by renowned Institutions which are charged with matters pertaining social media communication. We learned to speak to society not with anger that inflame their emotion but with firmness that open their eyes.

However, Facebook and social Media arena are not short of side effects. Should you join, I must warn you to tread carefully with your eyes and ears widely open. Instead of you becoming an earlier bird that catches the worm, you can become a worm itself, so don’t fall prey to wrong element therein. You should stay alert knowing that not all discussants are honest or informed folks.
Many social media users however comes from different backgrounds with varying traits, many have perfected the art of reaping where they have not sown. They include among others namely, evil genius, pathetic liars, educated fools, hired goon and hooligans, propagandists, false friends, backstabbers, thugs, con-men and convicted criminal, it is a large family of devil meeting together and discuss things on equal term.

Sorry for taking you through this long zigzag road, let’s get back to our topic beforehand. The nationalists who have initiated the slogan dubbed ‘Salva Kiir must go’’and those who have been sharing and disseminating it on social media deserve similar credits when the table is turn on our side. Later when the government for the people comes, you will have your place in history. You know very well that I’m a left wing officer in this struggle for change, and you know that I have never put this picture as my profile photo on Face book nor have I ever share it. I have a reason why.

The right Time to say Salva Kiir must go was four years ago, before the December 15th crisis occurred, it was then appropriate to send him home because he has terribly fail to govern the country since he was took reign in 2005. However, after the 2013 violence and the subsequent conflict of July 2016 which Salva Kiir created, and has led to the death of innocent civilians, we cannot just say Salva Kiir must go. If he just goes home or any place of his choice, who is going to answer for the atrocities he committed?

With the far we have reached plus the bruises and brutalities that we incurred in the hand of SPLA and his militia called Dut-kubeny, let us change our campaign slogan by completing the sentence. Let us stop doing things in rush. We should avoid speaking with emotion and anger. It is very unfortunate that many of you only want to replace Salva Kiir alone without laying emphases to the victims who suffered for so long. Moreover, I know you want him to be replaced with your cousins at throne. That is point we disagree on.

In April last year, while opening AU conference on truth and peace commission in Addis Ababa, Africa eminent personality, Mr. Kofi Annan said ‘‘don’t abandon justice for peace, that societies cannot build legitimate institutions grounded in the rule of law if latent conflicts and bitterness of the past are not addressed. I strongly believe when we abandon justice to secure peace, we are most likely to get neither. Impunity can, and has contributed to renewed conflict’’

Over times, you have heard people saying, silence or absence of war does not amount to peace. There got to be accountability and justice for peace to reign in our land.

In view of the foregoing, let us resolve that Salva Kiir and company must not go anywhere else except behind bars. He must be held accountable for what had happened in December 15th 2013 onward. Henceforth, let’s change our slogan to ‘Salva Kiir must go jail’. A few who think we are merely discussing people are not only puerile, but extremely illogical. They should go and peruse the latest Amnesty International report entitled ‘we did not believe we would survive; according to this report, Salva Kiir’s armed forces were ordered by their commanders to kill, rapes and loot in Juba during four days of fighting in July 2016, and they were specifically targeting Nuer civilians and their properties.

Those who are still dragging their feet can also relook at the report of Africa Union commission of inquiry on South Sudan. If they don’t believe what (we)the victims say, and they don’t believe what was documented by the International rights agencies (Amnesty International) plus the reports of Africa Union commission of Inquiry 2015, who else will they trust, I think none but themselves. And as such, we should just ignore them as misguide lots whose dislike for justice can be mourned.

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  3 comments for “President Salva Kiir Must ‘not’ Go

  1. Nathalina Layet
    October 31, 2016 at 4:36 am

    Dak Buoth, it’s Riek Machar whose hands are tainted with blood to go behind bar first for Bor massacre of 1991. Don’t bother to sway readers here and there as if you know more about the situation where RSS is in today. You are one of the supporters of the failed coup attempts of 1991, 2013, and 2016.


    • raminran
      February 7, 2017 at 4:14 am

      poor president killed civilian in the country


  2. MecCian
    August 21, 2017 at 4:00 am

    our country has collaplse we need change


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