Kenya government Should immediately free human rights activists

By Ngor Jameson panchol

Dong Samule Luak(R) and Aggrey Idri(L), South Sudanese Human Rights Activists who are being detained in Kenya…

Jan 27, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– As New society we are calling Kenya government to immediately free human rights activist(Lawyer Dong Samuel Luak ) and senior member  of  SPLM-IO / A  (PB)Aggrey Idris   to be release from illegal detention since there is no reasons for  their arrest  .
Inappropriate act by Kenya CID agents by arresting asylum seekers who are legally protected by Kenya law in accordance with 1951convention  of refugees status against refoulment  and advocate for non-refoulment  since asylum seekers is a person that left his own country of origin because of well-founded fear of persecution due to his or her political affiliation, ethicity, and  religious affiliation .
Universal declaration of human rights article 14 (1) everyone has the right to seek and to  enjoy  in other countries asylum from persecution.
(2).This right may not be invoked in the case of persecutions genuinely arising from non-political crimes or form acts  contrary to the purpose and principles of United nation.
With all mentioned above  ,we need a pressure   from  UNHCR, Amnesty international, human rights watchdog,  embassies accredited to Kenya,  law makers, civil societies, well wishers, and church society to denounce and condemn the arbitrary arrest and deportation of SPLM-IO/A  and civil  society members who are living in Kenya   legally as asylum seekers and  protected by international law under 1951 convention for refugees status, 1967 optional protocol and 1969 OAU  refugees status, this must be respected by Gok state to act in accordance with international norms.
Therefore New Society as one of civil society  legally operating in Africa as whole condemn the malicious tendencies by( CID) criminal investigation department officers  and Kenya security services, we condemn them  in strong term possible and order for immediately release of those held hostage by criminal investigation department.
We wanted all of you to attend tomorrow morning in the court  from  9: 00am at Mlimani law  court.
come one come all and all well wishers are invited.
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