Opinion: What The Nuer Tribe Must Learn From Lt. Gen. Buay Rolyang Shackled Up Like a Slave

By Dr. James Ruai Kuoth Chak,

June 01, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — To maintain Dinka Unity and to avoid bloodshed among the Jieng, the Dinka General Paul Malong Awan was welcomed on a red carpet in Juba after his defection. Malong was celebrated and decorated as if he was returning from a national mission. He was allowed to make a speech and escorted to his residence with all the respect a Dinka general deserves. Even though his freedom of movement were curtailed, Malong was not arrested. He had all his security forces, bodyguards and all normal privileges that any senior general had, except the freedom of movement. After he was peacefully disarmed, he was eventually allowed to rebel against the constitution as he wished. In this sense, a Dinka has a right to rebel against the State but a none-dinka is not. Malong was not tried in the SPLA Court Martial but Buay Rolyang will be tried and killed in a military parade or sentenced to many years in prison for attempting treason on the state.

Lt. Gen. Buay Rolyang Nyang shackled up in chains after trying to defect Salva Kiir's government(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)

Lt. Gen. Buay Rolyang Nyang shackled up in chains after trying to defect Salva Kiir’s government(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)

Before releasing him into rebellion, Malong was first blessed by the Dinka Councils of Elders and made to meet President Salva Kiir in his Palace, J1. Malong was given the highest respect he never deserve. He was officially escorted to Juba International Airport and waved goodbye like a hero. It was not a secret that General Malong was a rebel but a Dinka rebel. A few weeks later, Malong officially launched his rebel movement in Khartoum and returned to Kenya and Uganda where he was officially released to to be accommodated by the Kenyan government.  If Malong was a none-Dinka rebel leader, he would have been deported by the Kenyan or Ugandan government back to Juba but Kenya decided to keep him.

In comparison, Lt. Gen. Stephen Buay Rolyang, who sacrificed his life to defend Paloch Oilfields between 2013 and 2015, arrived in Juba today shackled up in chains like a slave or a thief and surely, he is. Buay was shackled on both ankles and wrists as if he would run away and publicly showcased on the national television to show his fellow Nuer and Equatorian slaves that they are not trusted and will never be accorded any respect when they go against the Dinka systems. The announcement was made by a fellow Nuerwew general Lul Ruai Koang who recently returned from rebellion and begged for forgiveness.

Buay is now in prison 15 feet underground together with thieves, rapists, civilians with mental disorders and prisoners of war.  For the first time, Buay will sleep in the same dirt with soldiers, some whom he wrongfully detained and sent to prison for minor mistakes.

Buay has met some prisoners of war whom he captured during his operation in Upper Nile and Unity States, and tomorrow afternoon at around 2pm he will eat his first breakfast, lunch and dinner – all at once at 2pm – together with people he once mistreated. Before he goes to bed, however, he will be gruesomely tortured, beaten, forced to drink his urines, bullied, he will be called all the bad names and reduced to nothing. He will be given maximum punishment to teach him a lesson that a Nuer general under a Dinka regime is nothing but a slave, a traitor and must account for all his mistakes. For the next few days, weeks or years, this routine will continue to cleanse all Nuer mentality in him and to prove to his fellow Nuerwew and Equatorians that they are nothing but slaves.

Why The Nuer Must Man-Up

Since 2013, the Nuer have been the ones fighting to keep Salva Kiir in power. They divided themselves in Juba and fought to death. Those who are on Kiir’s side, like Buay Rolnyang, have had military advantage ranging from ground supply of heavy and powerful weapons to military air supply in form of troops reinforcement, ammunitions and robotic surveillance. Because of this advantage, generals like Buay have killed their very own people in hundreds of thousands defending a cruel leadership that do not and will never acknowledge and accord them the respect they deserve, simply because they are not Jieng.

Buay was seen in videos in 2014 explaining a very complicated military strategy that he was using to defend oil fields. He sounded very sophisticated and that made him a golden child of J1 because he was defending Kiir’s ass and kept the oil flowing. He was shown on SSTV news very often because he was defending the kingdom but at the bottom of the Jieng’s hearts, Buay was just a condom and he could be discarded any time. He was used to the maximum to defend oilfields, killed his people, destroyed their properties and allowed their women and little girls raped and abused by the cowards Mathianganyoor. Buay was used to terrorize his people, and yesterday he was almost killed by his very own bul-Nuer brothers. This is how very senior Nuer generals like William Nyuon Bany and Manyal Kueth were killed defending one tribe’s interests. For how long will the Nuer continue to do this?

Using Nuer to Fight Nuer

Buay defected from the 5th Division headquarters in Wau where he was deployed but the Dinka Generals used their usual conspiracy to allow him to go to Nuer land where his very own people would be used to arrest or kill him. This is what exactly happened and this is not the first time. The Nuer must think and stop this behavior.

In both 2013 and 2016, many Nuer were dispatched to kill Dr. Riek Machar Teny just because a Nuer son challenged a Dinka led status government. If he was in Juba in 2013 or 2016, Buay Rolyang would have been among the ring leaders who would have been used to try to capture Dr. Riek Machar. In fact the battalion that almost captured Riek Machar in Western Equatoria in 2016 were all Nuer. Sadly, they were all killed by the SPLA[IO] and none of them returned to Juba. No body in Juba bothered to talk about it or mourned them. This was the only way Riek Machar and his top generals survived being captured (killing them) otherwise they would have captured Riek, Gatwech Dual, Koang Chuol Ranley and many other top leaders and handed them over to the Dinka regime to be slaughtered like goats.

Buay has been notoriously terrorizing his own people but now that it is his turn, who will defend him? The same system that used him against his very own people has used his own people to shackle him up and throw him in the garbage of history. The same strategy will be used tomorrow on Puljang, Taban Deng and any other senior Nuer general or politician who is being currently used against his people. This strategy will be recycled for many years until all Nuer become slaves and none-resistant to “Dinka Born to Rule” ideologies. Until the Nuer wake up and learn to love themselves and fight together, South Sudan will remain a garbage of the Jieng extremists like Salva Kiir and his Council of Elders.

The way Buay Rolyang was shown on television was used to create a metal image of inferiority in the minds of every Nuer child. This is how Samuel Gai Tut was also treated after he was killed in 1985. The corpse of Samuel Gai Tut was flogged in a parade for days. The purpose was to create mental trauma among the Nuer by writing a dirty story on their prominent son. This shows strong hatred. The same history would have been done to Dr. Riek Machar if he was captured or killed in 2016, his head was going to be cut off and taken to J1 for a big celebration. This was going to be done by a Nuer child and if it would have caused infighting among the Nuer, it would have still be what Salva Kiir and his extremist Jieng elders wanted to do.  The Nuer must wake up before they are marginalized and forced to extinct.

For more information you can reach Dr. James Ruai at rkuoth@yahoo.co.uk

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  5 comments for “Opinion: What The Nuer Tribe Must Learn From Lt. Gen. Buay Rolyang Shackled Up Like a Slave

  1. Mugisa
    June 2, 2018 at 3:35 am

    Nuer people for long do u want to be slaves in your own country? Taban Deng should get ready for persecution in the hands of salva kiir. U sign an agreement then bear in mind that u are dead.


  2. Lado Swaka
    June 3, 2018 at 4:49 am

    Dear brother Dr. James Ruai, i read your article about the predicament of the renegate General Buay. But the big question which many patriot South Sudanese in opposition are asking is; will our brothers Nuer learn something from this perpetual actions of betrayal and intriques aganist their very own suffering people? Indeed, it is very agonizing and equally disheartening to see that many prominent Nuer freedom fighters defecting daily back to the goverment just to dine and wine with the same murderers who forced some of them to drink the very blood of their innocent slain brothers and sisters!!! It is really a tragedy of a strong, braved and nationalistic community that must wake up before it is too late. Kiir regime which is highly infilterated by former NCP cadres is using the same infamous Jallaba’s policy of ” Kill a slave with a slave” used aganist the South Sudanese in 1960s and 70s. Most of our Nuer friends who escaped for their lives to refuge in East Africa returned back to Juba asking forgiveness from Kiir regime?!! So, it is up to us to pull our ears harder or we shall perish while the Jieng continue to dance in glory!! Lado Swaka


  3. Chol
    June 3, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    Nuer FIGHTING Nuer is not new


    • Mading
      September 4, 2018 at 12:50 pm

      Dinka look like they are more united than other tribes but it is not true. They are united because they have all the resources of the country. If you take away the resources from them you will see them doing what other people are doing


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