Church Radio journalist arrested for interviewing ex-Western Lakes governor

July 3rd 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – Authorities in South Sudan’s Western Lakes state on Wednesday arrested a journalist working for a local radio affiliated to the Juba-based Catholic Radio Network (CRN), the Director for the network said in a statement Wednesday.


Journalist Marial Deng (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

According to the statement extended to Nyamilepedia, journalist Marial Deng who is the Director of Good News Radio, an affiliate of the CRN was arrested this afternoon in Rumbek after state authorities summoned him to a security facility for questioning after he was accused of interviewing ex-governor of Western Lakes John Madeng Mamer.

“Marial Deng, was detained on Wednesday, after a summon by the authorities in Rumbek over accusations of interviewing the former Governor of Western Lakes State,” the statement partly read.

Although it did not confirm whether Deng had interviewed the ex-governor, the statement stressed the need to direct complaints by the authorities to the Juba-based Media Authority and said they would cooperate on measures to settle the matter.

“We appeal, to the government of Western Lakes State-Rumbek to immediately release Marial and if there are concerns over the interview conducted by the radio, they should be addressed to the right Media Authorities and CRN will cooperate in settling the matter in due course,” it said.

It further said “we condemn the demand by the authorities to screen all the radio programmes before going on-air.”

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